Inside Knowledge review of Implementing Enterprise 2.0

I just came across Inside Knowledge magazine's review of my most recent book, Implementing Enterprise 2.0.

Full details of the book including free chapters and the Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework mentioned in the review and pictured below are available on the Implementing Enterprise 2.0 website.


Enterprise 2.0 Implementation Framework

It's a useful review - here are a few excerpts:

There is a need to move beyond puppy-eyed enthusiasm on one hand and cynicism on the other, which is where Implementing Enterprise 2.0 comes in.

The real value in here is in the sensible framework used to describe Enterprise 2.0 implementation and some of the associated templates and case studies. At the framework’s core are the principles ‘iterate and refine’, and the need for technology evangelists to work very closely with those in their businesses. Any Enterprise 2.0 project that fails to do this risks suffering the fate of many KM projects – where bright and shiny tools were ignored by users who had not been involved sufficiently in their scoping and development.

Public debate about Enterprise 2.0 is now focused around return on investment. Can we demonstrate that these tools offer benefits to organisations? These discussions mark the maturing of social software use inside the enterprise, but they are not proving easy to resolve. The report tackles this issue in a number of places. Again it takes a pragmatic approach in outlining how to create a business case and discusses other techniques that help, such as balanced scorecard and social-network analysis.

I have to declare an interest here. I am one of many people who think that KM and social software tools are made for each other. However, we’re still working out how to use these tools in our organisations and what the implications will be for the future of work. The more resources we have to help us, the better.

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