DEMO: CallSpark gives salespeople data to make smarter phone calls

callspark-logoEver feel like you were making a sales call that you didn’t have enough information for? CallSpark says it can help, by integrating data from Facebook, Twitter,, Whitepages, and more. So before and during a sales call, you can see the latest social updates from your client, and then update their status in your customer relationship management (CRM) service afterwards.

This isn’t just for salespeople, though. Callspark also gives you a much wider selection of phone numbers at your fingertips. If you need to call a person or a business but their number isn’t in your on-phone address book, CallSpark might still find the number from your social networks or elsewhere on the web.

The startup company has an iPhone application and a mobile website accessible on other smartphones. It’s launching at this week’s DEMOfall 09, the technology conference co-produced by VentureBeat.

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