The Party Line — Phone Buzz of the Day [jkOnTheRun]

Here are some of today’s phone conversations I enjoyed reading or viewing on the web, along with some brief thoughts:

bdm-macBlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac looks great (BlackBerry) — Got a BlackBerry and a Mac? You probably already know then that Research in Motion is just about ready to release software for you. But if you haven’t seen the app yet, you can get a solid walkthrough of it, so you know what to expect. All the screenshots and features look great and the app is due out this month, so why not have a look-see and get familiar with it now?

Waze crowdsourcing app expands to more platforms (Waze) — We mentioned Waze a few nights ago, saying that the app was in alpha for Windows Mobile. If you missed the alpha, don’t worry because the real deal is on WinMo already. Symbian devices also gain support, so the fun and useful location-based app is now on most of the major platforms, including iPhone and Android.

microsoft-pinkMicrosoft Pink phones caught in the wild (Gizmodo) — What would you get if you crossed a Palm Pre with a Danger Sidekick? One of the Pink devices that just surfaced. Sharp is making the devices, but there’s nothing sharp about them — they’re very well rounded. Although it’s far too early to judge, I’m hoping the keyboards on these get a little larger and less rounded. Pink isn’t really going after the Sidekick crowd, are they? Or are they? Looks like my son’s first smartphone just might a “Pink,” although I suspect he’ll tell his friends that is has a more manly name.

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