WorldMate 3.0 Gets Yelp Integration on BlackBerry First [jkOnTheRun]

WorldMate BBThe folks at WorldMate have told us that their top-selling travel app is getting integrated with the popular Yelp social networking service with the new version 3.0. This integration is hitting the BlackBerry platform first, and melds local Yelp reviews / recommendations with the travel benefits of WorldMate.

WorldMate subscribers can create travel itineraries via simple email, and get notifications to the BlackBerry of any delays or cancellations of flights. The new version 3.0 has tighter integration with the native BlackBerry applications like Maps and calendar syncing.

WorldMate is excited about this new BlackBerry version, and want to share the excitement with jkOnTheRun readers. The first 1,000 WorldMate Gold subscribers, normally $99.95, will get a $50 discount. That’s 50 percent by my book, a healthy discount for what looks to be a cool BlackBerry app. All you need to do to get the discount is hit the order page right here. To get the discounted Gold subscription, you will first need to download the free app so the upgrade can be applied. Note: we are not affiliated with WorldMate nor this offer in any way. We figured if they want to give you a discount, we are all for that.

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