Sony sells a million PS 3 Slim consoles in three weeks

ps-3-slimSony’s PlayStation 3 console is finally picking up steam. In the past three weeks, the new smaller and lighter PS 3 Slim has sold a million units worldwide.

Those are the best numbers the third-place console has had in a long time. The PS 3 has been in third place since its launch in 2006 because of its higher price. Sony has tried to argue that the Blu-ray movie player included in the console makes it a better deal.

But things are looking better now that Sony cut the price of its 120-gigabyte hard drive model of the PS 3 Slim to $299, which is $100 cheaper than the previous price. Microsoft followed suit with a $100 price cut on the Xbox 360. But Microsoft hasn’t yet crowed about a big increase in sales. Reports on online commerce sites suggests there is more demand for the PS 3 Slim now than the Xbox 360. But we’ll see how that holds up over time, particularly since Nintendo has just announced a $50 price cut for the Wii console, which is now $199.

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