Video interview on the future of interactive marketing and online business

In the lead-up to my opening keynote at IPZ2009 Interactive Marketing Summit in Istanbul on 21 October, Turkish crowdsourced site Buzla did a video interview with me.

Click here to go the video interview in English, subtitled in Turkish.

As I explained earlier, the concept was that members of Buzla site spent two weeks submitting questions for me. The most popular questions as voted by the members were then posed to me in the video interview.

Click on the image to go to the video.

Again, I am preceded by the psychedelic teddy bears, which I am growing rather fond ot.

Here were the questions selected by the audience that I responded to in the interview:

1. You define yourself as "Futurist, entrepreneur, strategy consultant, best-seller writer" All these things somehow make you a fortune teller?

2. doesn't stock what it sells. It knows stock information of its providers and get products as it's sold. eBay is already a platform, it meets the customers and sellers. And we know that both companies are very profitable and successful. So, in the future what new e-commerce models do you expect? Will we get goods through social networks like facebook or by using our mobiles from people near us? What are your expectations?

3. In today's economy, companies which first use new business models gain huge profits. Then the others follow them. Which firms do you believe will be able to differentiate by establishing new models in the future?

4. Will "Digital marketing manager" position be in the top 3 position in business world?

With its non homogeneous and inconsistent economy Turkey is a tough place to establish an appropriate strategy. And here in Turkey there are 30 million Internet users. It's a vibrant but difficult area. What do you think about Turkish Internet market?

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