Viliv Ups the Convertible Netbook Game With the Blade S10 [jkOnTheRun]

viliv-s10-4Those Viliv folks in Korea are producing UMPCs and notebooks at a mad pace. I’ve tried the S5, x70 and the S7 UMPCs they sell, and they all perform as advertised. The first two in the list are slate UMPCs, while the S7 is a convertible netbook, albeit a small 7-inch version. Viliv is going big with the Blade S10 they are showing at the IDF this week.

The S10 is a convertible notebook with a 10-inch touch screen. It appears to be very thin and light, and Viliv is claiming a 10-hour battery life. We’ll take that with a grain of salt until we can see it with our own eyes, but other Viliv devices get decent battery life.

Our friends at Laptop Magazine got to play with the Blade S10, and they seemed to like it.

We had a chance to go hands-on with the Viliv S10 at the Intel Developer’s Forum and were really impressed how light it was, how bright the screen was, and how attractive the Viliv Shuffle interface is for touch.

They have a brief video of the S10, and it does look like the 10-inch form makes for a productive size. The S10 has a high-res screen (1366×768) and will ship in Q4 starting at about $500. This makes it a little pricey for a netbook, but not so bad when you consider the swivel screen.

(Image courtesy Laptop Magazine)

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