My Location, Google Suggest Find Their Way to Windows Mobile [jkOnTheRun]

gma_italian_restaurantWindows Mobile handsets find new features today in Google Mobile. The free app adds three new functions to Microsoft-powered handhelds. First up is My Location, which shows your position as a little blue dot on the map. This should work even if your phone doesn’t have a GPS radio, although the precision may not be quite as good. Next is the addition of Google Suggest for searches. As you type your search query, the app will suggest what it thinks you’re looking for by keyword and URL. Last up is a Search with Maps feature that leverages your location and Google Maps. When searching locally on the map, you simply tap a red pin for more info, at which point you can search within the map. As always, you can grab the free installation by pointing your Windows Mobile device at

Some might wonder why Google keeps updating and adding features to their mobile apps on the various smartphone platforms. Although Google has their own operating system in Android, it’s smart business for the company to be on as many devices as possible — mobile or otherwise. It helps the advertising base while also providing valuable data on search queries and device usage patterns. Out of the all of the mobile players in this space, I can’t think of another one that robustly supports platforms outside of their own. Of course, Google started their mobile support long before Android came along, so maybe they’re the only ones that are equipped to do it.

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