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PostRank logoGoogle Analytics is a great tool for tracking who’s visiting your site and when, but how do you track things like the number of people discussing your content? PostRank (a company that we’ve covered previously) aims to provide that capability with its new PostRank Analytics service, which launches in public beta today. I was lucky enough to have access to the private beta over that last couple of weeks, and it looks to be a useful service, particularly for bloggers.

If you’ve used Google Analytics, PostRank Analytics will feel familiar, although it has a nicer-looking design. Once you’ve logged into the service, you get an overview of your site’s stats via a Flash-based chart (you can select to view last week, last month, last three months, or a custom period). PostRank Overview

One thing that is different from Google Analytics, though, is the metrics you can track using the app. Not only do you get to keep an eye on your page views and visitors (PostRank Analytics will pull this data from your Google Analytics account, if you have one, for increased accuracy), you can also track “Engagement,” which is an aggregate score based on many times your content is commented on, how often it’s mentioned on Twitter, how many comments it has on FriendFeed, how many people bookmarked it using Delicious, etc.

Hit the “Analyze” tab to see a list of recently published posts, together with traffic and engagement stats for each of them, and individual scores based on number of Twitter mentions, bookmarks, etc:

PostRank Analyze

Drill down further by clicking on a post title to bring up the “Analyze Story” page, which features traffic and engagement charts for that particular post. You can also get to these pages from the timeline on the Overview page.

PostRank drill-down

Usefully, the “Analyze Story” pages also contain a “conversation feed,” which brings together tweets, comments, blog posts and bookmarks related to that content, so that you can see — at a glance — what people are saying about your content.

PostRank conversation feed

You can also choose to receive a daily “Concierge Report” in your email. In its current iteration, I don’t find this to be that useful, as it just contains basic page view and engagement stats — it would be better if it was customizable, like the reports that Google Analytics can generate.

While I’d like to see more detail on how the “Engagement” score is actually calculated, and think it would be useful to be able to get separate charts for stats like Twitter mentions and Delicious bookmarks, I’m adding PostRank Analytics to my toolbox, because it provides data that’s not available elsewhere. If you’re interested in getting a better idea as to what’s being said about your content, and where, or if you’re just a stats geek, PostRank Analytics is definitely worth checking out. It’s free during the beta; sign up at

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