If I forgot your name, blame the Gmail outage

who-book-coverWell, that didn’t take long. Less than a month has passed since Gmail had its first big outage since leaving beta testing. This morning, it had its second.

The problems started sometime before 7:30am Pacific time, according to Google’s Apps Status Dashboard. Google says the problem affected a “small subset of users,” but that subset is apparently large enough to make Gmail one of the most popular topics in Twitter (where everyone goes to complain when Gmail isn’t working).

I was so beat from the DEMOfall 09 conference earlier this week that I slept in until around 8:30, and if my Gmail account went down, it was back up by the time I logged in. I did get an error message for about an hour saying that my contacts list was inaccessible, meaning that I actually had to remember people’s email addresses. Which was hard. (I saw the message in both my work and personal accounts, and other VentureBeat writers reported similar problems.)

This doesn’t look like a serious problem, especially since there was a workaround to access your email. But it’s awfully embarrassing coming so soon after Google’s apologies and promises to do better.


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