USB Car Adapter Charges Any USB Device On-the-Go [Stuff We Like]

The iLuv Micro USB Car adapter turns your car's cigarette outlet into a universal USB charger, so you don't have to buy specialized car chargers for all of your USB-chargeable gear.

The device is tiny (1.7-inches long), so once plugged in only have a small portion of the gadget will stick out from your dash, so it shouldn't be much of an eyesore. Then, rather than buying car chargers for your cellphone, your iPod, your camera, or whatever else you've got that can already charge via USB, you can just plug your cheap USB charging cable into the USB car adapter and call it good. The gadget will set you back $15, so it's probably just as cheap (if not cheaper) than dedicated chargers. It's currently not available from the iLuv store, but it's supposed to be sometime in September, meaning it should be available sometime in the next week.

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