Share Emails With Moomeo [WebWorkerDaily]

Moomeo_logoHave an email that you want to share on the web or on a social network? Forward it to “” and you’ll receive a return email with a web link. Moomeo-emailThe email from Moomeo will also include links to share the original email on Facebook and Twitter. You don’t need to sign up. You don’t even need to visit the Moomeo web site.

That’s really all there is to Moomeo, although it does have some nice features. The posted email does not include the addresses of sender or recipient, and Moomeo provides a link that allows you to delete the post. Moomeo_postAnd people with whom you share emails can add comments.

Moomeo is about as simple a service as I’ve seen for a while. It reminds me of,, and the many other widely used URL shorteners. But as the folks behind found out, it’s been hard to monetize such services, and I wonder how those behind Moomeo will make a return on their investment.

Have you used Moomeo?

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