Evernote 3.5 Enters Public Beta — Looks and Works Better [jkOnTheRun]

Evernote 3.5 betaI’ve made it known how much I like using Evernote. It’s fitting that just a short while after showing why I like using Evernote the company let me know that a new version 3.5 has entered a public beta for Windows. It’s available today but they let me have access to it a couple of days early and I loaded it up on the ThinkPad x200. Let me tell you, I love this new version. It looks and works better, making using it more productive and dare I say it, fun. Rather than tell you the long list of improvements, here’s what the Evernote folks say about it:

Visible improvements

Three different ways to view your notes:

  • Thumbnail view: Rendered thumbnails showing the contents of your notes, images, and PDFs for easy browsing and filtering
    • Can zoom thumbnails to see more detail
  • List view: Multi-column “List View” with sorting on any column
  • Mixed view: Mixed thumbnail + detail view
    • Can display thumbnail or mixed views in visual groupings by date, size, source URL domain, and start of title
    • Auto-zoom feature for thumbnail view allows you to see more notes at once
    • Faster viewing of single notes

Note editing:

  • Auto-complete tagging and easier tag creation
  • Spell checking as you type
  • Better support for advanced markup
  • Can now create tables within notes
  • Can specify default font size for text in notes
  • Better handling of longer text notes
  • Creating ink notes in easier with new canvas-like layout
  • Find and Find next/find previous (both within and across notes)
  • Better consistency across the Mac and Windows versions of Evernote
  • New icons and buttons
  • More user-friendly “Folder Import” feature to automatically create notes from a watched folder–great for scanner and other integrations
  • More functions available in single-note editor window:
  • Detailed note information and attributes
  • Emailing notes
  • Printing notes
  • Editable description of the search filter
  • Ability to add or remove individual criteria from current search filter
  • Can save the current search for use later as a Saved Search
  • “View on Map” button opens geo-tagged notes in Google Maps
  • Evernote for Windows introduction video included on launch
  • Multi-lingual spell check included in application
  • Quick access to your online account information
  • Improved screen clipping requiring fewer steps, with on-screen explanations
  • Menu options for attaching files to notes without requiring drag-and-drop
  • Extend note search capabilities with ANY or ALL search criteria
  • Remove tags from notes with a single click

Under the hood

  • Advanced note text editor based on Google Chrome
  • Improved synchronization performance via networking optimizations
  • Improved database performance for faster searching and sorting of notes
  • Single binary for all supported languages

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