Rumor Has It: New iMacs Already in Production, Could Sport Blu-Ray [TheAppleBlog]

newimacsLately, rumors have been popping up that new iMacs could well be on the way. Well now AppleInsider is reporting that they’re not only real, but that they’re already here. Or, “here” in the sense that they exist in physical space, at least.

The Apple rumors site is reporting that according to reliable sources (in this case, “two people familiar with the matter”), new dual-core iMacs have been in production since early September, in preparation for an October launch. One of the two familiars cited also added that the new computers will sport new, slimmer aluminum enclosures, and that they will indeed be cheaper than their predecessors.

AppleInsider goes on to suggest that the revised all-in-one desktops will likely resemble the recently released LED Cinema Displays, although that doesn’t necessarily appear to be based on information from their sources. They also cite “people familiar with Apple’s thinking” as claiming it’s possible the new models could include Blu-ray, a technology Steve Jobs once referred to as a “bag of hurt,” and one which has yet to really catch on with the mainstream buying public.

The site also dangles the tantalizing possibility of an enhancement to something related to audio, and one other unspecified improvement, both of which are according to separate sources who didn’t go into further detail because they weren’t supposed to. Which suggests they were supposed to dangle a couple carrots, I guess.

There’s no doubt Apple will refresh its iMac line, which continues to be a strong seller. The only question is when. If AppleInsider’s information is correct, and if Apple intends to try and spoil Microsoft’s Windows 7 release party and bolster its holiday sales, we likely will see new machines sometime in October.

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