DEMO: What everyone else is saying

office_gossipWe’ve bombarded you with our coverage of DEMOfall 09, the emerging technology conference that VentureBeat co-produces. But there were plenty of other reporters who watched the presentations and formed their own opinions. So I’ve pulled together some highlights from other publications.

First, some articles focusing on the individual companies that won the conference’s various awards, plus a cool DEMOlabs presentation:

Audio speakers get a new look and feel — “The idea behind the new speaker technology, known as Edge Motion, from Emo Labs is to jettison the traditional magnet-and-cone model in favor of something a lot more space-efficient, an innovation that is crucial in today’s environment of rapidly shrinking devices.” (Geek Gestalt)

Invisible: New technology turns TV screens into speakers — “One company making some big buzz at the DEMO 2009 conference is Emo Labs, which revealed their ‘invisible speakers’ to the applause of the audience.” (Mashable)

Liaise: Possibly the coolest email add-on ever — “I really hope that this product will support GMail sometime soon (perhaps with some Google Gears integration?) but for now this is the first software in a long time that’s made me give Windows a second look.” (ReadWriteWeb)

Eliminate the ’sleaze’ factor on your next date with Date Check — “Looking for someone to date — but want to eliminate losers, criminals and crackpots? There’s a new app for that.” (TechFlash)

Local Dirt aims to help focus on local food — “Ultimately, Local Dirt is meant as a way for every participant in the ecosystem — the farmers, the buyers and the sellers–to find the best way possible of getting what they need from the local food market” (Geek Gestalt)

Vitamin D brings smart searching to security footage — “Vitamin D’s first product allows users to search through surveillance camera videos without having to watch though hours of footage where nothing is happening.” (TechCrunch)

And here are some writers with thoughts on a number of companies, or on the conference itself.

DEMOfall’s two worthy winners– “I didn’t get to chime in, but if I had, I might have voted for the two products that won.” (Technologizer)

Six launching startups make use of Facebook — “Here’s a very brief look at six presenting companies that somehow made use of Facebook.” (Inside Facebook)

Time for Demo to change — a lot — “It’s been my favorite conference for years. But it’s an old structure and it’s time to give it a thorough inspection and probably change out some of the foundation.” (Rafe’s Radar)

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