Adobe acquires 3D graphics firm Mixamo, will integrate tech into Photoshop

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is acquiring Mixamo, a seven-year-old 3D graphics company, to bolster its 3D offerings in Photoshop and Creative Cloud.

This deal should not surprise: Adobe’s interest in 3D has steadily grown in the last five years, from explorations in three dimensional type to more recent 3D printing and modeling features. On top of all that, Adobe and Mixamo partnered back in October to develop new 3D workflows.

More on Adobe’s plans for Mixamo, via Adobe [emphasis ours]:

We plan to integrate Mixamo’s technology into Photoshop to empower designers to create, customize, manipulate, rig and animate 3D content, as well as to take advantage of tens of thousands of high quality, turnkey 3D models, starting with stock characters that can be easily pulled into projects…

From content through capabilities, integrating Mixamo into Creative Cloud provides an incredible platform for more 3D innovation in the future. With this acquisition, we are excited to

greater value to customers while introducing a new way of working to our design community that is looking to push the limits with 3D tools.

Last we heard, Mixamo had raised more than $11 million from Granite Ventures, AMD, and Keynote Ventures.

Reached by VentureBeat, Adobe declined to disclose how much it paid for Mixamo.

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