Using Docker in production

Five questions for Laura Frank about orchestration, security, and beyond. I recently sat down with Laura Frank, Docker Captain and director of engineering at Codeship, to discuss the evolution of the Docker ecosystem and how it compares to other orchestration tools. Here are some highlights from our talk.

The Docker ecosystem has evolved rapidly over the past couple of years. How is using Docker now different than it was, say, two years ago?

Right now, Docker is an excellent tool to manage distributed applications. This is the result of quite a bit of evolution; in its earlier stages, Docker focused mainly on managing containers themselves. Thinking back to two or three years ago, getting started with Docker was a bit of a pain because there weren’t very mature developer tools in the ecosystem. Instead you were left with documentation and really long “docker run” commands, and you really had to
what was happening at the container level. Now Docker has grown and evolved a bit to where the container is just an implementation detail, allowing you as an engineer to focus on what’s really important: the services themselves. Orchestration tools like Docker (in Swarm Mode), Kubernetes, and Mesosphere allow you to declare your services once and then run them anywhere using containers. The focus now is more on running highly-available applications and less on the inner workings of the container itself, so you interact with Docker on a different level. Continue reading Using Docker in production.

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