Special snowflakes in SEO

A story about SEO that wouldn't work and how social media saved the project.

    Once we worked with a client that had the opportunity to create a new name for their flagship product after an acquisition. The only stipulation they had was that they had to change their company name completely. They were allowed to use virtually any name they wanted. This meant we were working with a new website that stood alone. We needed this page to be able to stand and make sense on it's own, but also appear as part of a corporation (with their other brands). There were almost too many directives for us to parse, and lots of confusion at the top. So we were told by the company that the site simultaneously needed to stand apart, but be recognized as part of a bigger brand. An attitude of entitlement doesn't
winning results; it drains resources. This project was an interesting case of woeful ignorance, with many folks on the marketing team out of touch. Ambition is generally a positive force for a program, but not when the champagne wishes exceed SEO dreams. The client chose a single word for their new name, which was also being used by three other companies. When we were discussing domain names, I warned that the SERPs themselves were confused about what to serve up for this particular branded query. The SERPs showed all three of the aforementioned companies first. The name was also a common word used in normal day-to-day speech. Continue reading Special snowflakes in SEO.

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