C++17 upgrades you should be using in your code

Structured bindings, new library types, and containers add efficiency and readability to your code. C++17 is a major release, with over 100 new features or significant changes. In terms of big new features, there's nothing as significant as the rvalue references we saw in C++11, but there are a lot of improvements and additions, such as structured bindings and new container types. What’s more, a lot has been done to make C++ more consistent and remove unhelpful and unnecessary behavior, such as support for trigraphs and std::auto_ptr.

This article discusses two significant C++17 upgrades that developers need to adopt when writing their own C++ code. I’ll explore structured bindings, which is a useful new way to work with structured types, and then some of the new types and containers that have been added to the Standard Library. Continue reading C++17 upgrades you should be using in your code.

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