“Not hotdog” vs. mission-critical AI applications for the enterprise

Drawing parallels and distinctions around neural networks, data sets, and hardware. Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the concept was introduced in the 1950s. Until recently, the technology had an aura of intrigue, and many believed its place was strictly inside research labs and science fiction novels. Today, however, the technology has become very approachable. The popular TV show Silicon Valley recently featured an app called “Not Hotdog,” based on cutting-edge machine learning frameworks, showcasing how easy it is to create a deep learning application. Gartner has named applied AI and machine-learning-powered intelligent applications as the top strategic technology trend for 2017, and reports that by 2020, 20% of companies will dedicate resources to AI. CIOs are under serious pressure to commit resources to AI and machine learning. It is becoming easier to build an AI app like Not Hotdog for fun and experimentation, but what
not hotdog
Reference architecture for distributed deep learning
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