Apple’s autonomous vehicle fleet has nearly doubled in the last two months

Apple seems to be ramping up its autonomous vehicle efforts, nearing doubling the number of vehicles in its fleet since January. The company now has 45 autonomous vehicles in California registered with the DMV, according to the Financial Times. This makes Apple’s AV fleet the second largest in the state of California, outsized only by General Motors. In April 2017, Apple received its first permit to test three autonomous vehicles. By January of this year, the company was testing 27 autonomous vehicles, and in just two months the company has nearly doubled its efforts, with plans to start testing vehicles in Arizona. That said, regulatory hurdles may be rising. On Sunday night, one of Uber’s autonomous test vehicles was involved in an accident, fatally colliding with a pedestrian in Tempe Arizona. This is the first time an AV accident has resulted in a human death, and Uber has suspended
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Amazon adds fingerprint authentication to Key app for Android

Building technology is all about learning as you go. Amazon knows this, and has today added fingerprint ID to the new Amazon Key app, which enables in-home delivery of goods. The Key app was announced in October, alongside the Cloud Cam, which lets users watch goings on in their homes as delivery professionals come in and out of their space. Given that the app essentially controls who gets in and out of your home, it would be problematic if your phone got into the hands of someone malicious. So Amazon has added an additional layer of security, your fingerprint, to the Android version of the app. An Amazon spokesperson told TechCrunch that fingerprint authentication is coming soon to iOS. Amazon recently acquired smart doorbell maker Ring in a deal reportedly valued at $1.1 billion, which presumably furthers the mission of truly last mile deliveries. Late last year,
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HQ Trivia had a weird night

HQ Trivia was removed from the App Store following a controversial ending to a $25K game on Sunday night, according to Business Insider. HQ has introduced a new high-stakes version of the game where one winner takes home a larger prize. However, on Sunday night, no one won the $25K. The company posted on its Twitter account that moderators kick players who break the company’s TOS.

HQ would not be specific about what rules were broken, but BI reports that Twitter users had suggested it was due to jailbroken iPhones, which could be running software that gives users a leg up in the trivia competition. For those who missed the game last night, two players remained for

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My Tamagotchi Forever brings the 90s to your smartphone

We had all but forgotten about Tamagotchis. But those attention-starved little creatures are coming back. Today, My Tamagotchi Forever launches on Google Play and the App Store. For those of you who didn’t ride the wave of handheld digital pets in the late 90s and early aughts, or those of you who are too young to have participated, here’s the gist: Tamagotchis were little digital pets that lived inside a small handheld device. What made Tamagotchis interesting is that they were on a real schedule, needing food and attention on a daily basis. If you ignored your Tamagotchi for a few days, it would die. It was a high stakes game. Eventually, the fad died as did many a Tamagotchi. But today, Bandai Namco has tried to revive the trend with the launch of My Tamagotchi Forever. Within the game, each Tamagotchi has a sleep meter, a hunger meter, an
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ClassPass Live launches on-demand workouts from home

ClassPass has today announced the launch of ClassPass Live, an at-home workout platform that connects users with fitness teachers via live video. ClassPass Live was first announced in December of last year. The company purchased a studio in Industry City, along with hiring instructors to develop a proprietary ClassPass workout for users and run classes. Here’s what ClassPass CEO Fritz Lanman had to say at the time:
At ClassPass we’re flexing our technical capabilities to push the future of fitness, especially as it relates to interactive, immersive experiences – nowhere is that more evident than with ClassPass Live. We’ve leveraged our unparalleled data assets and reviews to create one-of-a-kind, live programming anchored in heart rate training that’s unlike anything else on the market. By expanding into an at-home digital product, we’re able to offer existing members more value and flexibility in how and when they work out while simultaneously
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LUS Brands, backed by Y Combinator, wants you to love your curls

Sahar Saidi has had curly hair her whole life, and spent most of that life straightening and treating her hair to try to conform to the media’s idea of beauty. But with the rise of social media, Saidi noticed a trend. People with curly hair were becoming more and more comfortable wearing their hair naturally […]

YC-backed DearBrightly makes Rx skin care more accessible

 Almost everybody wants better skin, but not everyone wants to put in all the heavy lifting required. But DearBrightly, a Y Combinator-backed company, wants to simplify the process of making Rx retinoids accessible to everyone. Retonoid is an umbrella term for both retinols and Rx retinoids, which are made from Vitamin A and promote rapid skin cell turnover, helping with skin issues from aging… Read More