Twitter violates womens’ human rights, according to Amnesty International

Twitter has found itself under fire again. This time, it’s coming from Amnesty International, a non-governmental organization that focuses on human rights. Amnesty International’s new report, “#ToxicTwitter: Violence and abuse against women online,” details Twitter’s failures to ensure safety online and prevent violence and abuse toward women. What Amnesty International is trying to achieve with this report, the organization’s technology and human rights researcher Azmina Dhrodia told TechCrunch, is to look at why and how this is a human rights issue. By framing it as a human rights issue, Amnesty International says it hopes to be able to push Twitter to enforce its own policies consistently and be transparent about how it’s doing so. “Twitter’s failure to adequately and consistently enforce their own policies is leading women to either silence or censor themselves online,” Dhrodia told me. “So women are either leaving the platform, they’re thinking five
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Lyft hires ex-Googler as VP of talent and inclusion

Lyft has brought on Nilka Thomas to join the company as its new vice president of talent and inclusion . At Lyft, Thomas will be tasked with overseeing recruiting, inclusion, diversity and employee relations. Most importantly, in my eyes, is that Thomas will “Ensure that inclusion and diversity efforts are seamlessly integrated from the earliest candidate touch points,” Lyft wrote on its blog.

Nilka Thomas, Lyft VP of Talent and Inclusion

Prior to joining Lyft, Thomas spent more than ten years at Google, as part of the company’s recruitment and business growth teams. Thomas is now the highest-ranking member of the Lyft team that is focused on inclusion and diversity. In September 2016, Lyft brought on Tariq Meyers to serve as its first-ever head of inclusion and diversity. Within his first year on the job, Lyft released its first diversity report, which showed numbers that comparable to the likes of
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Government agencies react to Uber’s fatal self-driving car accident

Earlier today, news broke of a fatal crash involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona. In response, Uber halted its self-driving car programs where it currently operates, including in Pittsburgh, Toronto, San Francisco and Phoenix. The U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tempe Mayor Mark Mitchell and others have since released statements about the crash. In a statement to TechCrunch, the NHTSA said it has sent over its “Special Crash Investigation” team to Temple. This is “consistent with NHTSA’s vigilant oversight and authority over the safety of all motor vehicles and equipment, including automated technologies,” a spokesperson for the agency told TechCrunch. “NHTSA is also in contact with Uber, Volvo, Federal, State and local authorities regarding the incident,” the spokesperson said. “The agency will review the information and proceed as warranted.” Over in Tempe, Mitchell called the accident “tragic,” saying the city grieves
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Uber’s fatal self-driving car crash prompts NTSB investigation

The National Transportation Safety Board is opening an investigation into the fatal accident involving one of Uber’s self-driving cars in Tempe, Arizona.

Uber’s self-driving car accident that resulted in a woman’s death raises a number of questions about insurance and liability. Although the car was in self-driving mode, there was a safety driver behind the wheel who theoretically should have been able to intervene. Uber has since halted its self-driving car tests in Arizona, Pittsburgh and California. Last year, the NTSB looked into a 2016 accident involving Tesla’s Autopilot system in Florida. The NTSP partially faulted Tesla for the fatal crash, saying the system operated as intended but that the driver’s inattentiveness, due to over-reliance on the Autopilot system, resulted in the accident. In an earlier statement to TechCrunch, an Uber

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This 3D-printing startup helps orthodontists straighten your teeth

It’s time to welcome another startup to the clear teeth aligner market. Meet ArchForm, a Y Combinator-backed teeth aligner software startup that lets orthodontists create, design and 3D print aligners within their own offices. The idea is to provide orthodontists with a way to better compete against some direct-to-consumer teeth aligner startups and cut down on the cost of Invisalign. The cost of braces and invisible aligners — those clear, mouthguard-like pieces of plastic — varies, but treatments can range from $4,685 to $6,500 for adolescents, and adult treatments can cost up to $7,135, according to a 2013 American Dental Association survey. Last year, the orthodontics market saw $11 billion in revenue, according to market research company IBISWorld. ArchForm is trying to tap into the growing accessibility of the 3D printer market to enable orthodontists to 3D print their own clear aligners in-office. Orthodontists currently pay about $1,700 per
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Jay-Z’s Roc Nation and First Round Capital invest $3 million in bail reform startup Promise

Nationwide, 62 percent of the jail population accounts for people who can’t afford bail, according to the Vera Institute of Justice. A lot of these incarcerated individuals are behind bars because they committed crimes at the misdemeanor level or lower. This is a significant statistic from a human rights perspective, as well as an economic one. It costs about $38 million a day to keep these largely nonviolent people behind bars, according to the Pretrial Justice Institute. This is where Promise, a de-carceration startup that just raised a $3 million round led by First Round Capital with participation from Jay-Z’s Roc Nation, 8VC and Kapor Capital, comes in. Last Father’s Day, Jay-Z penned an op-ed about the bail industry and pre-trial incarceration. He noted how every year, $9 billion is wasted incarcerating people who have not been convicted of crimes. “We are increasingly alarmed by the injustice in our
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What it’s like using the Owl car security camera

When you get a new car, and you’re feeling like a star, the first thing you’re probably going to do is ghost ride it. This is where the Owl camera can come in. I’ve been testing Owl, an always-on, two-way camera that records everything that’s happening inside and outside of your car all day, every day for the last couple of weeks. The Owl camera is designed to monitor your car for break-ins, collisions and police stops. Owl can also be used to capture fun moments (see above) on the road or beautiful scenery, simply by saying, ‘Ok, presto.’ If Owl senses a car accident, it automatically saves the video to your phone, including the 10 seconds before and after the accident. Also, if someone is attracted to your car because of the camera and its blinking green light, and proceeds to steal it, Owl will give
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