Facebook’s Fake Account Problem Is Getting Bigger

The 37-page indictment by the U.S. special counsel Robert Mueller’s 37-page indictment against 13 Russian nationals makes one thing clear – the Russian Propaganda Machine (R.P.M.) was super efficient in using Facebook thanks to the use of a lot of fake accounts and smart targeting. And guess what, it is a growing problem for Facebook, as its most recent 10K filing reveals. Continue reading "Facebook’s Fake Account Problem Is Getting Bigger"

What’s Worth Reading Today

It was a hectic Monday, but I did manage to read some good stuff with my morning cup of tea and then later, over post-lunch espresso. I hope you get a chance to read these technology stories that will be worth your time.

Startups are a global opportunity!

Despite a boom in startup activity, more and more companies being formed, it doesn’t mean that more good companies are being created. I keep seeing the same names hit up investors again and again. A few successful ones are garnering a lion share of the total funding dollars, especially as they get more traction. Even those companies that have little traction are generating a lot of investor interest, while others who fall in the in-between range are getting less attention. I don’t know how to say this politely, but a lot of it has do with the sheer laziness of investors who view what are essentially opportunities as “deals” in their backyard, preferably over expensive coffee. The polarization of investor interest is exacerbated by long standing dogma in Silicon Valley: we will invest within drive able distance. Which is strange, because the same investors are the first ones to espouse Continue reading "Startups are a global opportunity!"

What to read this weekend

I might have been slow in re-starting my recommended reading list, but I promise you, these are worth reading over the weekend.