Dubai residents could soon flag down a new autonomous bus

Dubai Marina from a high view showing the boats, sea, and the city scape.
The streets of Dubai are known for hosting some of the world’s most expensive sports cars. Brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari, and BMW are a common sight in the desert strip. However, a new type of vehicle is making its way through Dubai’s “Business Bay,” an autonomous bus. This bus, trialed in a coordinated effort between RTA and Dubai Properties, isn’t really a traditional bus at all. It has no driver, and can accommodate 10 passengers in six seats and four standing positions. It’s also totally electric, being able to travel for eight hours between recharging. This is the third vehicle of its kind to be tested on the streets of Dubai. The first two took place at Dubai World Trade Centre and Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. Business Bay visitors will be able to take advantage of the vehicle throughout its trial.

Dubai’s third autonomous vehicle deployment

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Just how to Compose a Graphic Analysis Report

How to Get Into Oxford University An important aspect to an article is really a conclusion. Ms. Kikibruce, don’t give them with the document if they don’t say thank you. These experts also offer faculty essay display. Split the primary body of your own essay into clear sentences. Both firms supply all you may want within an electronic photo publishing support. If you’re unsure, maintain a book available or perform a quick online search to ensure that you simply’re using the right punctuation for either dialect. Being between jobs isn’t ideal. Moreover, you will find several specialist associations and freelancing web sites enabling you to market your service and discover customers.

In research, it is the main mean square change of prices from the arithmetic mean.

They analyzed the prospects into a covariant fashion.

Small alterations should be explained, but may not have to be slow.

Apart from a self Continue reading "Just how to Compose a Graphic Analysis Report"

For real industrial internet insight: don’t just capture data, use it

Industrial Internet Research by McKinsey shows that IIoT will touch the 43% of global economy
Industrial operators already have mountains of data and its only getter bigger. A recent report by GE and Accenture found that for 80 to 90 percent of companies, Big Data analytics is among the top three priorities, and 76 percent expect their investment to increase over the next year. Data holds powerful answers for industries across the spectrum — from energy to health care to transportation and beyond — to increase productivity, improve the customer experience and open doors to new technologies and revenue streams. To get there, we need more than just data collection. Industry needs to be able to use data better and faster for smarter operating decisions, which is the promise of the Industrial Internet of Things. The pathway to this next stage of industrial productivity is through the individual machines from wind turbines to MRI machines to turbines, and more specifically through their control devices.

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Healing Of Cardiovascular Disease

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What cold chains can teach us about the dynamics of IoT power


Cold chains are the hidden lifeline of much of the modern world. A cold chain is the sequence of cooled storage and refrigerated transport which keep produce fresh, vaccines viable, and families fed. This often requires very precise controls. For vaccines, a sensitive product, the cold chain is carefully crafted to maintain temperatures typically between two and eight degrees Celsius. Such a tight temperature range mandates a stringent process and the necessarily tight-knit infrastructure to support it.

The consequences for insufficient infrastructure and inadequate processes are severe. For example, India loses nearly 40% of its produce as a result of poor cold chain infrastructure. In developing countries, where refrigerated trucking often isn’t available, keeping vaccines viable those last few miles to the people who need it is a grave challenge.

Fresh produce and meats require more than just refrigerated air on their long journey to our plates. Many products need

Michael Vedomske, PhD, Principal Data Scientist at Ingenu
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Will hybrid smartwatches prove a more tempting solution to consumers?

Could hybrid smartwatches bridge the gap between early adopters and regular people? That’s the hope of  Sonny Vu, CTO for connected devices at Fossil Group. Vu detailed a plan to create a new generation of smartwatches in a panel discussion at Web Summit 2016. These smartwatches are actually hybrids which are as technically sophisticated than the current generation of smartwatches, but with the look and feel of a more traditional watch. Hybrid smartwatches would become a new addition to the wrist-worn wearable market. Vu said, “Tracker wearables and display smartwatches are already known, but there’s a new category with hybrid smartwatches, which have a regular analogue display but do more than just tell the time.” There are some obvious setbacks with hybrid smartwatches to the tech enthusiastic. They don’t have the digital touchscreen or live interaction of a more full-featured smartwatch such as the Apple Watch, FitBit Blaze, Pebble Time, Continue reading "Will hybrid smartwatches prove a more tempting solution to consumers?"

Wearable innovation is coming to first responder technology

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate  has announced the selection of 10 start-up companies to be part of EMERGE 2016: Wearable Technology, an accelerator program designed to bring start-ups, accelerators, and other strategic partners together in a common research and development effort. The program operates in conjunction in conjunction with TechNexus and its partner CIT. First responders such as police, fire and emergency services  have a tremendous need for devices such as body-worn electronics, advanced sensors, and integrated voice and data communications embedded within their gear. Hands-free wearables can integrate multiple technologies and minimize additional equipment while maximizing effective response efforts. See also: U.S. research into smart shirts for emergency responder “This is an important step for science and technology to tap into the innovation ecosystem,” said DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology Dr. Reginald Brothers. “We need to find technologies for first responders
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What happens to transportation projects under President Trump?

Transportation has been vastly underfunded in the past two decades, according to most Democrats in the House and Senate. President Obama tried to raise taxes on oil imports and gas usage to fund transportation projects, but Congress has been a stone wall, refusing to raise taxes or spend more on infrastructure. You would think under Republican President-elect Donald Trump, things are about to get worse, but the billionaire businessman has advocated for more infrastructure spending throughout his campaign. See Also: Sustainability will be driving the smart city bus by 2020 In his announcement speech, Trump spoke about the need to spend more on our infrastructure: “We have to rebuild our infrastructure. Our bridges, our roadways, our airports.” Trump also lambasted Hillary Clinton’s infrastructure plans, which included $500 billion in spending and loans, saying more is needed. It sounds like Trump is willing to spend hundreds of billions, if not Continue reading "What happens to transportation projects under President Trump?"

Samsung wants you to say hello to Bixby

Samsung announced this week that it will be incorporating digital assistant technology, named Bixby, into its upcoming products. This AI assistant was trademarked by Samsung last month and is created to act as a digital assistant for managing personal information. Vice Chairman of Samsung electronics, Lee Jae-yong, explained the company’s goals of improving its position in the Internet of Things world by providing voice-assistant technologies in home appliances and wearable devices as well. See Also: Check out the most innovative projects from Samsung’s C-lab Last week, Jae-yong met with executives of Viv Labs.  He said the plan is to help consumers by providing ease with how they use Samsung’s products. However, it has not yet been announced what features will be added to the Galaxy S8. Also unclear is what name the personal assistant will officially go by, because it may be called, Viv, despite the trademark name. Rhee Continue reading "Samsung wants you to say hello to Bixby"

How IoT and citizen science can tackle urban disadvantage

The Centre for Urban Science and Progress at New York University has recently released the findings from a smart city pilot study. It’s the first in-depth analysis of a local New York Neighborhood intent on measuring the quantified community. They utilized IoT sensors to collect and analyze quality-of-life measurements at high spatial and temporal resolution in the neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn. Red Hook is an economically disadvantaged neighborhood. There is no subway service, only a few Internet hot spots and close to 70 percent of the population lives in New York City housing projects. Residents experience an asthma rate of more than 2.5 times that of the national average and more than a third live below the federal poverty line. The life expectancy of residents in Red Hook is 10 years lower than the national average. Red Hill was significantly affected by flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy in
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Hong Kong plans to roll out smart city trials in Kowloon East

hong kong skyline Flickr Ed Coyle 1600x1025.jpg
In Kowloon East, Hong Kong’s testing ground for smart city development, officials are asking for the public’s opinion on a suggested framework for the city. Four trials for smart city solutions will be conducted, beginning now through 2017 year’s end, in order to determine how practical they are and how well they work. See Also: Are smart city startups the 2.0 version of cleantech firms? Included in the solutions is a mobile app to help with walking in the area.  This app will eventually be integrated with pedestrian positioning and outdoor and indoor GPS.  A smart crowd management system is also scheduled for testing in January, at the Kowloon East Streetathon. Also being introduced in January will be a smart parking app that can assist drivers with locating empty parking spaces within the district.  In the later part of 2017, an energy efficiency data system and Continue reading "Hong Kong plans to roll out smart city trials in Kowloon East"

Sustainability will be driving the smart city bus by 2020

Green city concept
A new study predicts that smart cities will be going green in a big way over the next five years, driven by international efforts to reduce carbon emissions. A new report from research firm Gartner predicted smart cities will move the sustainability file forward in line with the carbon reducing Paris COP21 deal. COP21 was signed on by 195 countries and seeks to substantially curb greenhouse emissions by cities. In light of this, Gartner expects that at least half of global smart cities will use climate change, sustainability and resilience as key performance indicators by 2020. “With the Horizon 2020 goals of energy efficiency, carbon emission reductions and renewable energy in mind, many cities in Europe have launched energy sustainability, resource management, social inclusion and community prosperity initiatives,” said Gartner research vice president Bettina Tratz-Ryan. This report comes as industry pundits are suggesting that smart cities are inheriting the environmental Continue reading "Sustainability will be driving the smart city bus by 2020"

Huawei’s narrowband IoT network grabbing peers’ attention

In the rapidly evolving world of Internet of Things (IoT), Huawei’s narrowband technology is getting increased attention. The Chinese networking giant announced it won a gold medal at the recent World Internet of Things Exposition in Wuxi, China. The award recognized Huawei’s narrowband (NB) cellular IoT advancements, which the company says has helped boost industry confidence in the NB-IoT chain’s rapid development. In particular, Huawei has conducted several tests of its technology that have exceeded industry specifications in regards to Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN). Narrowband is a LPWAN technology that uses licensed spectrum to provide communications over long distance. “NB-IoT technologies fully meet the LPWA market requirements for deep coverage, mass connectivity, ultra-low power consumption, and ultra-low costs,” said Huawei IoT manager Zhu Cheng. “With this leading NB-IoT solution, Huawei will continue working together with carriers and vertical industries to promote the implementation of commercial NB-IoT applications. Huawei Continue reading "Huawei’s narrowband IoT network grabbing peers’ attention"

Emerson provides UAE workers with neck-cooling wearables

Emerson Electric will provide 1,100 workers in the UAE with neck-cooling wearables, intended to cool down body temperature during the hottest hours of the day. It is part of a pilot program with Majid Al Futtaim Properties on the Al Zahia project and World Security at Jebel Ali. Emerson MEA branch is responsible for the deployment, Freezermate will manufacture the wearable. See Also: Booming MEA wearable sales growth propelled by basic devices The neck cooler reduces body temperature to moderate levels, which is a necessity in the UAE where temperatures regularly exceed 35C. The UAE has a mandatory summer break between 12:30pm and 3:00pm, but afterwards temperatures still surpass workable levels, leading to exhaustion and illness. Emerson claims that the neck-cooler works in temperatures below 45C and is able to instantly reduce the body temperature of the wearer. The wearable also absorbs sweat from the neck. It lasts around an Continue reading "Emerson provides UAE workers with neck-cooling wearables"

Autonomous scooter software passes a critical driving test

A recent trial for a mobility scooter that is self-driving completes a lengthy process of testing the software designed by researchers from the National University of Singapore, the Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology and MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. The same sensor configuration and software has been used in trials of golf carts and self-driving vehicles too. Theoretically, an individual struggling with mobility could use this autonomous scooter to move through hallways and lobbies, or a self-driving golf cart to get across a parking lot and into an autonomous car. The new test runs of these vehicular machines prove that the research group’s control algorithms can work both indoors and outside, which is great news. See Also: Otto and Budweiser buys the world the first autonomous trucking round Scott Pendleton, a graduate student in mechanical engineering at the National University of Singapore, and a research fellow at Continue reading "Autonomous scooter software passes a critical driving test"

Connected cars driving consolidation in chip sector

Technician plug in CPU microprocessor to motherboard socket. Workshop background
The world’s largest car chipmaker, NXP Semiconductor, expects self-driving cars and connected devices will drive a wave of consolidation in the microprocessor sector. Euronews recently discussed an accelerating consolidation trend currently underway in the chip manufacturing market. A pivotal tie-up in the sector was Qualcomm’s $38 billion acquisition of NXP last week. Much of the business case behind Qualcomm’s purchase was NXP’s position as the world’s largest chip maker for the automotive industry. And the NXP deal won’t likely be the last car-related merger in the near future. The chip sector consolidation is being fueled by the projected growth in autonomous vehicle technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). These technology darlings are replacing smartphones as drivers of growth, as phone sales growth continues to flatten. Automotive has been driving M&A and will be the force behind M&A in the chip sector for some time,” said NXP’s general manager, Automotive, Continue reading "Connected cars driving consolidation in chip sector"

How to use machine learning in today’s enterprise environment

use machine learning
One of the latest trends in the world of technology and engineering is “machine learning” — in fact, all of the big technology companies today have invested in artificial intelligence and machine learning projects. The term “machine learning” was first defined by Arthur Samuel, way back in 1959. He defined it as “the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed,” which basically means that a machine could learn from its own mistakes and reprogram itself to improve its performance over time. The idea gained popularity in the 90s when the concept of data mining came into existence. Data mining uses algorithms to look for patterns in a given set of information, which led to data-driven predictions and decision making. This encouraged engineers to develop complex machine learning algorithms by making use of data mining and predictive analytics.

Innovations that are driving business advantage

Today, machine learning algorithms are already being
Machine Learning use case across industries
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BMW Motorrad brings the connected future to motorbikes

The future of connected vehicles is gradually becoming reality. It’s an evolutionary process that relies on consumer support and legislative change as our populations must not just accommodate but transform their mindset to a new way of travel. Given these challenges, I was excited to speak with Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, Edgar Heinrich, following the release of the BMW Motorrad VISION NEXT 100. Unlike the gradual, cautious approach to connected vehicle designs of other companies, Heinrich and his team were given carte blanche to create a motorcycle for the future, specifically the 2040s, in honor of BMW’s 100th anniversary. It’s one in a series of BMW concepts that aim to anticipate where its future vision is going, and how incorporating new technologies and connectivity features will change the driving experience. p90238691_lowres_bmw-motorrad-vision The bike on first glance appears like something out of a manga television series or sci-fi program. The
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Uber works to build out smart cities ride-sharing infrastructure

On Friday, David Plouffe, chief strategic adviser of Uber Technologies Inc, announced intentions to create a new market and assist smart cities with developing better transportation systems, instead of generating competition. While at a technology forum in Taipei, Plouffe went on to explain that a lot of Uber clients aren’t taxi users, and that the company gives opportunities for drivers to create an extra income for themselves, outside of their main careers. See also: Uber self-driving fleet in Pittsburgh goes live Plouffe said that ride-sharing is similar to hiring a vehicle with a driver, yet it differs in many ways too. The legal rules that regulate markets are necessary, and Uber stated it would like to assist governments with changing the regulations for ride-sharing and lowering the entry barrier to the ride-sharing market. This response came after the Taiwanese government repeatedly fined Uber for violating regulations on running a transportation Continue reading "Uber works to build out smart cities ride-sharing infrastructure"

4 common mistakes customers make when transitioning to cloud hosting

Cloud Catastrophes- 4 Mistakes Business Owners Make When Transitioning to Cloud Hosting

If you use a computer to conduct business, then you’ve probably heard of cloud hosting. Also called “cloud computing,” cloud hosting is a digital network that lets business owners save their files, computer applications, and other resources on a remote server.

The most obvious advantage of cloud hosting is that you can access your data from any Internet-enabled device. Other benefits include:

  • Project teams can collaborate in real-time using the same files and computer applications;
  • Cloud storage tends to be cheaper than buying several high-end hard drives;
  • And if your computer or hard drive gets destroyed or stolen, you will still have access to the data you saved on the cloud.

Depending on how you intend to use the cloud, migrating to cloud hosting is relatively easy. However, some business owners make mistakes that cost money, prevent them from taking full advantage of the cloud, or worst of all, cause Continue reading "4 common mistakes customers make when transitioning to cloud hosting"