Ad Blockers Will Change How Ads Are Sold


Thomas Schreiber at DNI’s conference 

Ad blocking keeps growing and widening the chasm between publishers and advertisers. Media executives no longer hold back, they now openly blame the advertising community  for being too slow to grasp the full extent of the digital advertising problem, they claim the ad industry badly needs a deep overhaul.

Last week, I was in Berlin for a presentation of the Digital News Initiative created by Google and a group of publishers (see a previous story on the Accelerated Mobile Pages program). Needless to say, ad blockers was the talk of the town.

In a detailed lecture, Dr. Thomas Schreiber, who works with European publishers, exposed the first step of Google’s approach. Unsurprisingly, the search giant will first collect facts. In a wide study to be conducted globally in the coming months, Google will try to ascertain what exactly motivates a web user to

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Killer Cultures

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The most important components of a company’s culture are its invisible, ineffable dicta. As we will see in today’s examples, they can lead competent, well-resourced companies astray.

In last week’s Monday Note I proposed that it’s not a technological misfit but a cultural chasm that separates Apple from the high-reliability “hard real-time” software that’s required for automotive applications. The post received a share of questioning commentary, both on the site and in private emails: Is a company’s culture really a limiting factor? Is it unmoved by the spirited words — and influx of industry veterans — that exhort and compel change? Does “corporate culture” even exist?

Today, I’ll follow up with a few examples that I have observed at close range over almost half a century in the tech world.

But first, let’s define our terms.

Culture is a set of tacit — and tacitly accepted — permissions to think,

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