With $10M in new funding, Huddly launches its smart GO camera for video conferencing

 Huddly has built a smart camera that only has one mission: make your video meetings more productive. Now for the most part, you probably don’t think much about what camera you use for your video conferences. They are pretty much all the same, after all. But Norway-based Huddly thinks its smart wide-angle GO camera, which is now shipping for $499 through its resellers and which will be… Read More

Pinterest Lens now gives users a way to figure out their outfits with the clothes in their closet

 Looking for outfits and what to wear is one of the bigger use cases on Pinterest, but as the company looks to try to make the process of getting the right content to users more seamlessly it’s been increasingly focusing on its interface with the real world with the camera. Now the company is going a further step in tapping that big use cases by letting Pinterest users tap the… Read More

Google’s improved image blending means a more seamless Street View

 Google is hard at work behind the scenes improving one of its ambitious technical projects ever – Street View. The company previously revealed that its been rolling out improved camera cars with better photographic equipment to improve the quality and resolution of images that make up its street-level views in Google Maps, but it’s also fixing the sometimes messy stitching that… Read More

My Leica TL-2 (Mini) Review

It was about three years ago when I emailed designer Andrew Kim, the guy behind (the now retired) Minimally Minimal blog to ask about the Leica T camera, and his experience with the camera. He had written a couple of blog posts about the camera. It was one of the most iconic and ruthlessly minimal pieces of design — all aluminum and glass, polished to give it the feel of an iPhone, a device which had a massive influence on this new kind of camera. It skipped the usual buttons and knobs. A giant touch screen helped you manage the camera.  Continue reading "My Leica TL-2 (Mini) Review"

Facebook tests a GIF maker on iOS

 Facebook confirmed it has begun testing a new GIF maker in the camera feature of the main Facebook mobile application. The feature, which is available with the tap of a button at the top of the screen, lets you shoot footage that you can then save in GIF format to your device’s photo gallery, post to your Facebook profile, or add to your Facebook Story. The addition was first spotted… Read More