These magical (robotic) socks teach you to dance (robotically)

 As humans find themselves forced to mate with our robotic overlords I suspect there will be some dancing. And what better way to teach us how to dance than with motors tucked into our socks? Designer Pascal Ziegler built these wild wearables to teach “dancing pairs choreography.” They’re basically vibrating socks. There is an Instructable here so you can make a pair of your… Read More

Turn an Old Sweater into Pants for Your Toddler

Kids are messy, so shelling out for expensive clothes or replacement items can add up. If you make your kid’s clothes from old adult clothing, you can save money and not worry as much about them ruining their outfits when playing. Here’s how to turn an adult sweater or sweatshirt into pants for a toddler.

Double Your Trunk Space With This DIY Pop-Up Shelf

A pop-up trunks shelf is handy for increasing your storage space and separating delicate items (like eggs or chips) from heavy ones that could damage them when shifting in the trunk, but not every car comes with a shelf. Here’s how you can make your own with just a few supplies and a little effort.

Spruce Up Your Kitchen Cabinets With Some Colorful Gift Wrap

Open shelving in the kitchen can help you keep your dishes and appliances organized, but the bare, exposed back walls can be a little boring to look at. If you want to add a little visual interest without committing to a paint color or hassling with wallpaper, the blog Lulu & Georgia has an easy solution: gift wrap.