Chop Your Chicken Salad With a Pastry Cutter

Poaching or roasting a whole chicken is basically Meal Prep 101. You can get a lot of meals out of one chicken, and at least one of those meals should be some form of chicken salad. Chopping chicken meat isn’t exactly difficult, but you can streamline the salad-making process by using a pastry cutter. Read more...

Waitrose switches up a gear to launch two-hour grocery deliveries in London

Up market UK supermarket chain Waitrose will start trialing two-hour or same day delivery options in certain London postcodes from tomorrow. It’s partnering with CitySprint Group courier delivery spin-out On the Dot for the deliveries which will be made by electric and hydrogen vans and push bikes and cargo bikes (billed as a zero-emission fleet). The supermarket says the service is being launched in response to customer demand for more ‘little and often’ shopping trips rather than the traditional weekly haul. Waitrose has long had its own online supermarket, Ocado, but the new on-demand delivery option (which it’s calling Waitrose Rapid Delivery) looks intended to supplement that and fill in any competitive gaps opened up as a result of young shoppers not being so keen to commit to a big weekly shop — with the supermarket flagging “flexibility and convenience” as the drivers. It cites research it commissioned which found two-thirds of
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Why Condiments Are an Important Part of Meal Planning

The success of a meal plan can only be judged by the percentage of it that’s consumed. It may sound obvious, but the execution of a good meal plan requires planning meals you are excited to eat. Picking the right proteins, vegetables, and sides are important, but picking the right condiments—I’m talking sauces,… Read more...

Fry Herbs and Seasonings Directly in the White of Your Egg

As a writer of food-things and lover of breakfast foods (at non-breakfast times), I have eaten many an egg. I don’t know that there is a preparation I don’t enjoy, but a sunny side up egg, fried in olive oil until the edges are crispy ranks very high on my list. I didn’t think there was much improving on the method,… Read more...

Impossible Foods is going to every White Castle

Five months after launching a pilot program with the iconic White Castle fast food chain, Impossible Foods is taking its meatless burger substitute to every one of the company’s restaurants.

With the rollout, White Castle becomes the largest fast food chain to include the Impossible Burger on its menu and the largest customer for the purveyor of beef-like meat substitutes.

< p style="font-weight: 400;">At a low, low cost of $1.99, the Impossible Slider does achieve the near impossible of bringing a processed vegan food option to consumers at a price point that everyone can afford.

The company first unveiled the Impossible Slider at 140 locations in New York, Chicago and New Jersey, and the burger is now available in 377 restaurants across 13 states.

“White Castle is teaching us how

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Amazon expands Whole Foods delivery to 10 more cities

Amazon announced today that it’s expanding Whole Foods Prime Delivery to 10 additional U.S. cities. The full list, which includes 38 cities all told, now includes Charlotte, Las Vegas, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Phoenix, Raleigh, Seattle and Tucson.

In addition to that, the retail giant has also expand coverage in three existing major markets: New York, L.A. and Dallas/Fort Worth. Those spots, along with Charlotte, Raleigh and Seattle, also have alcohol delivery courtesy of the service.

Delivery is one of a laundry list of services available to Amazon Prime users. Service is available between the hours of 8AM and 10PM and can be accessed via Echo with the “Alexa, shop Whole Foods” command.

Amazon acquired the high-end grocery chain last year for $13.7 billion. The deal helped Amazon control yet another retail vertical, taking on services like Fresh Direct with grocery delivery.

This unique vacuum-extraction coffee maker is Colombia’s own

If you had a cup of delicious coffee this morning, there’s a good chance those beans came from Colombia, which has famously been growing and selling them for centuries. But the country hasn’t produced any coffee makers — until now, anyway. The FrankOne is a clever device that puts a versatile vacuum-extraction technique in a compact, single-cup form factor. Of course, it’ll have to hit its Kickstarter goal first. Eduardo Umaña, the designer of the FrankOne, explained that he encountered the idea one day when chatting with a Colombian roaster. “He was making coffee then by using the ‘reverse french press’ method and I thought I could improve on that,” Umaña told me in an email. “Some time after, I got very curious to test what high vacuum brewed coffee would taste like. I did some simple experiments and was very surprised by the rich and sweet flavor. One thing
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Instacart brings on Mark Schaaf as Chief Technology Officer

Instacart has brought on Mark Schaaf as Chief Technology Officer. Schaaf previously held positions at AdMob, which was acquired by Google in 2009 for $750 million. From there, he went on to build and lead a team at Google within the mobile display ad business. In 2015, Schaaf left Google to join Thumbtack as CTO. Schaaf has been working on marketplace businesses since 2006, and explained that Instacart represents a particularly interesting marketplace to continue scaling. “Thumbtack is a more consumer-focused marketplace with local service professionals and consumers, but Instacart gets even more complex,” said Schaaf. “It’s a four-sided marketplace, and then you overlay it with logistics. The goal is to make the physical world better with technology, and to build a tech core that solves a problem in the physical world.” Though the company wouldn’t disclose current numbers around engineers, Schaaf plans to double the size of the
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Instacart’s chief growth officer Elliot Shmukler is leaving

Elliot Shmukler, who joined Instacart in 2016 to lead product, is leaving the company to pursue early-stage investments, TechCrunch has learned — and confirmed with the grocery delivery service.  Shmukler was brought on as the company’s VP of product, but he’d recently transitioned into a new role, chief growth officer, before announcing his departure to staff.  A spokesperson from Instacart told TechCrunch that Shmukler confirmed his plans a month ago and outlined his second act as a private investor. Instacart did not say whether Shmukler was joining an investment firm in an official capacity or if he planned to make angel investments. Shmukler is still with the company today and will stick around to help with the transition. Instacart did not provide an official timeline of his departure. Moving forward, Shmukler’s employees will report to the company’s chief product officer David Hahn, who joined in May after serving as
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Not hog dog? PixFood lets you shoot and identify food

What happens when you add AI to food? Surprisingly, you don’t get a hungry robot. Instead you get something like PixFood. PixFood lets you take pictures of food, identify available ingredients, and, at this stage, find out recipes you can make from your larder. It is privately funded. “There are tons of recipe apps out there, but all they give you is, well, recipes,” said Tonnesson. “On the other hand, PixFood has the ability to help users get the right recipe for them at that particular moment. There are apps that cover some of the mentioned, but it’s still an exhausting process – since you have to fill in a 50-question quiz so it can understand what you like.” They launched in August and currently have 3,000 monthly active users from 10,000 downloads. They’re working on perfecting the system for their first users. “PixFood is AI-driven food app with
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How I Work: NYC’s Only Taffy Maker

“Ugh, saltwater taffy is kind of gross.” That’s what Marisa Wu thought years ago, when a colleague suggested she make some of her own. But then she investigated and figured out how to cook taffy flavored by real ingredients, not chemicals. Now Wu runs Salty Road Taffy, a popular high-end taffy brand where the banana… Read more...

Nima launches food sensor to detect peanuts

I’m deathly allergic to nuts, so I felt super excited when I heard about the Nima peanut sensor. I’ve ended up in the emergency room numerous times because there were nuts in something I thought did not contain nuts. With Nima, I could’ve tested those specific foods before consumption and probably avoided a trip to the ER. Nima, a TechCrunch Battlefield alum, is gearing up to launch a peanut sensor, its second product, on September 12. The sensor is able to detect even the tiniest trace (10 parts per million) of peanut protein. To use Nima, you insert the food into a disposable test capsule, which goes into the device to figure out if there’s any peanut protein in the food. In under five minutes, the Nima sensor will tell you if your food is peanut-free. The device connects to your phone via Bluetooth to enable the app to show
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JUST’s plant-based eggs are coming to a grocery store near you

Vegans, rejoice! JUST’s sustainable egg alternative is set to arrive in stores this fall. The vegan foods company, formerly known as Hampton Creek, will sell the egg-free and dairy-free “egg” in certain grocery store chains across the U.S.  JUST co-founder and CEO Josh Tetrick, whose company was valued at $1.1 billion last year, says fans of JUST have long-awaited this day. “Launching JUST Egg is a major milestone and we’re excited for it to become a favorite part of families’ meals far into the future,” Tetrick said in a statement. “Fans of JUST have been looking forward to this moment for some time and we’re eager to hear customers’ feedback when they try it at home or in their favorite restaurants.” JUST’s “egg” product is among its growing line of vegan foods. It also carries salad dressing, cookie dough and mayo, most of which you
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Add Pickle Juice to Your Sautéed Vegetables

Trendy faux-dive bars are all about the pickleback, but back in my day, I had to sneak sips of the salty brine because it was “weird” and “the pickles were starting to dry out.” But pickle juice is more than a cucumber-preserving liquid, and I’m glad the world is starting to appreciate its broader culinary uses. Read more...