This could be the Google Home Mini

 There have been rumors for weeks about Google nearing the release of a smaller version of the Google Home. DroidLife just posted what it claims is the upcoming Google Home Mini. If true, the design speaks the same language of the Google Home. The little puck uses the same cloth covering found on larger version. Gone are the multi-colored lights, replaced by four soft-white lights on top of… Read More

Google’s search app now makes suggestions of other things to read

 Google’s search app for iOS is today introducing a feature that will keep users browsing the web, instead of exiting back to their homescreen to use other mobile application. The app is being updated to include a “related content” section that will appear at the bottom of the web pages you visit while using the Google app. That is, if you search for a topic on Google, then tap… Read More

Google’s Heather Adkins thinks everybody is going to get hacked and you need to be ready

 Google’s Information Security Manager Heather Adkins has a pretty good track record. The company was last hacked in 2009, that’s why Adkins had some good advice for startups in the audience at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. “At some point in the history of your company, you’re probably going to get hacked. The question is not whether or not you’re going to get hacked, but… Read More

Summer ’17 – A seismic shift for gender diversity in tech

 We may look back on the summer of 2017 as a watershed moment for gender diversity: the lava of simmering issues erupts, and once out, flows to reshape the landscape. However, what happened this summer to tech giants like Uber and Google is merely a symptom of a gradual change in a shifting landscape, that little-by-little has led to people taking notice of a personal blog from a female… Read More