Virgin Mobile goes iPhone-only, offers a year of service for $1

 In attempt to woo customers away from competitors, Virgin Mobile today announced a deal with Apple which will see it transitioning to become an iPhone-only carrier. To kick off this change, the company also introduced a limited time promotion that will see it giving away a year’s worth of unlimited talk, text and data for only a dollar. There are a few caveats to this deal, of course.… Read More

Leaked App Store entry suggests Apple will launch a file-management app for iOS

 A leak spotted on the eve of Apple’s WWDC event suggests that the company is preparing to revamp the way iPhone owners manage and store files on their phone. That’s according to a new app placeholder unearthed by developer Steve Stroughton Smith which hints at a new ‘Files’ app for iOS coming soon. A major feature would almost certainly ship within the iOS 11 software… Read More

Ditch Apple’s Generic Keyboard With These Apps

In terms of functionality, Apple’s generic, preloaded keyboard has certainly improved, but even after adding its own App Store, complete with stickers and apps, it’s still a little bland. What I do love about Apple is its support for third-party keyboards. You can ditch the generic offering and download enough… Read more...

Apple starts assembling iPhones in India in play for the world’s fastest growing smartphone market

 Apple has taken an important step in its longstanding goal of penetrating the world’s second largest smartphone market. The Wall Street Journal first reported that that the company has completed its first trial run assembly of the iPhone SE in India – a key step in gaining a foothold for a market that has thus far proven elusive for the smartphone maker. The company has since… Read More

On Apple’s Portrait Mode Ads

Apple’s latest ads for the iPhone 7+ are touting the “Portrait Mode.” As I have written in the past, I love the bokeh-like capabilities of this mode which blurs out the background elements. Sure it isn’t the same as the real lens on a real camera (like my old Leica Summicron 50mm on my Monochrome) but still not bad on a phone. I have argued that it’s like having a brand new camera.  That said, portrait mode is a hit-and-miss feature. It works about three out of five times. The distance from the subject and light requirements are not predictable, and as a photographer I am always searching for the sweet spot make the photo. If you try and let the phone take the photo, often the subject itself gets blurred out. In other words, the portrait mode is still work in progress.It needs more polishing. 
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iPhone sales numbers dip slightly, but iPhone revenue is slightly up in quarterly earnings

 Apple’s Q2 earnings report just dropped, and it’s a bit of a mixed big from the hardware perspective. iPhone sales numbers dropped one-percent year-over-over down to around 50.8 million units. That figure also failed to meet analyst expectations of 51.4 million for the quarter. Tim Cook told CNBC that rumors may be partially to blame for the dip in numbers. Of course, speculation… Read More