The News Lens takes a big step for Asian indie media with its first acquisition

 Founded four years ago to reach millennials disenchanted with Taiwan’s scandal-obsessed media, The News Lens is growing up fast. The Taipei-based company announced it has agreed to buy Inside, one of Taiwan’s best-known technology news sites. Not only is this The News Lens’ (known as TNL) first acquisition, but founder and chief executive officer Joey Chung says it also makes… Read More

CNN is killing its Snapchat news show only four months after its debut

 CNN is giving up on its Snapchat news show, which launch only four months ago. “The Update,” as the program was called, had been designed for Snapchat’s vertical video format, but didn’t feature video produced only for Snapchat, nor did it have dedicated anchors. Instead, the news featured on “The Update” was a curated selection of CNN’s reporting from… Read More

Taiwanese media startup The News Lens lands deal with top video studio Dawin

 Taiwanese digital media startup The News Lens launched only four years ago, but it quickly became one of the country’s most prolific news sources by leveraging social media to reach younger viewers. Today it took another big step by announcing a strategic partnership with Dawin, one of Taiwan’s top video and film production companies, that will help it reach a wider audience. Read More

Meet “Genies”, the lifelike personalized avatars that reenact news

 “If god forbid Donald Trump bombs North Korea, you’ll see your Genie riding a nuke to North Korea” says Nigam. Whether that idea makes you giggle or roll your eyes, this is Genies’ plan “to be the next BuzzFeed”, the 24-year-old CEO tells me. “Your Genie is the star of the show. The script is whatever happens in the world that day.” It all… Read More