Meaningful Use: all three stages

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) established the Electronic Health Records Incentive Programs to promote meaningful use of certified EHR technology (CEHRT) among eligible professionals (EPs), eligible hospitals (EHs), and critical access hospitals (CEHRT).   To qualify for the EHR Incentive Programs, EPs has to achieve objectives of Meaningful Use. MU has three stages. Stage 1 outlined requirements for the electronic data capture. Stage 2 promoted the use of the CEHRT to continuously improve point of care and exchange structurally formatted information. CMS released Stage 3 as a final rule that modified Stage 2. This last one concentrated on CEHRT to improve health outcomes.   MU has five patient-drive objectives:
  • Improve quality, safety, and efficiency.
  • Engage patients and their families.
  • Improve care coordination.
  • Improve public and population health.
  • Ensure privacy and security for personal health information.
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Advanced Human Technologies is now part of marketing, innovation and ventures group Rh7thm

The Advanced Human Technologies Group of companies has been integrated into the newly launched marketing, innovation and ventures group Rh7thm. For background please read the post on my personal blog, Phase transition: I am launching a new group of companies. Please visit the Rh7thm website to find out about the new group. Get in touch with Rh7thm if you are interested in any of the services or activities that were previously part of Advanced Human Technologies.

But Why?

Being an investor and board member means that you are close to the companies you invest in but not “in them.”. This near and dear relationship creates some interesting challenges for both the management and the investors. One of them is understanding the difference between information/reporting and a real understanding of what is going on in the business. I often find myself saying “but why?” at board meetings:
  • “Revenues are soft this quarter” – but why?
  • “MAUs are up 150% over last quarter” – but why?
  • “We are going to miss our ship dates” – but why?
  • “We expect to decrease our hosting costs by 50% next quarter” – but why?
  • “We can’t seem to get any interest in the next round” – but why?
  • “We are getting a lot of inbound interest from investors” – but why?
  • “We have a lot of turnover in our engineering organization”
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Central European Summer Time (CEST)

The Gotham Gal and I have been married for thirty years this June and we are spending the next month in Europe celebrating that and all that has come from it. Blog posts will be arriving central european summer time (CEST) until the end of June.  And they will be about all sorts of things that may or may not have anything to do with technology and startups. Now off to breakfast


Nick Grossman — May 29, 2017
Regulating source code

A lake in Iceland 

You weekly moment of zen from the land that is most magical, Iceland made with FujiFilm XPro2. I edited it this morning with Lightroom, because I woke up too early and couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t feel like writing and it was too early to work out! Enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day

My two favorite holidays are Thanksgiving when we are thankful for family and food and Valentine’s Day when we celebrate love and the people we love. Love is a powerful thing, maybe the most powerful thing. And I am blessed to have a lot of it in my life.  So I hope everyone in AVC land takes time today to be with your loved ones and celebrate the love in your life. Happy Valentine’s Day

From The Archive: Employee Equity – How Much

I’m skiing this week. It’s snowed two feet in the last two days. So we will continue to dip into the archives until I come up for air, later this week. I saw this tweet exchange yesterday about my employee equity post.  So I’ve reposted it here below.

The most common comment in this long and complicated MBA Mondays series on Employee Equity is the question of how much equity should you grant when you make a hire. I am going to try to address that question in this post.

First, a caveat. For your first key hires, three, five, maybe as much as ten, you will probably not be able to use any kind of formula. Getting someone to join your dream before it is much of anything is an art not a science. And the amount of equity you need to grant to accomplish these hires is

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