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Google will match up to M in donations for Hurricane Florence relief, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/18, 21:32

Solving the mystery of sleep, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/18, 18:45

Google’s Work Insights helps businesses better understand how they work, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/09/18, 17:00

Google launches new AI initiatives in Japan, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/09/18, 17:00

TaskRabbit kicks off Canadian expansion, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 16:59

An Intel drone fell on my head during a light show, Matt Burns, 2018/09/18, 16:30

Committed to privacy, Snips founder wants to take on Alexa and Google, with blockchain, Mike Butcher, 2018/09/18, 16:25

Senate passes Music Modernization Act, Dani Deahl, 2018/09/18, 16:08

Call for smart home devices to bake in privacy safeguards for kids, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/18, 16:01

The Punkt MP02 inches closer to what a minimalist phone ought to be, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/18, 15:38

You thought Dieselgate was over? It’s not., Wolfgang Kerler, 2018/09/18, 14:46

Sen. Harris tells federal agencies to get serious about facial recognition risks, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/18, 14:35

How to Attract Luck , Alicia Adamczyk, 2018/09/18, 14:00

Evernote just slashed 54 jobs, or 15 percent of its workforce, Connie Loizos, 2018/09/18, 13:59

AMD’s new Ryzen 45W laptop chips will take on Intel’s Coffee Lake H series processors, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/18, 13:34

I’m Beth Skwarecki, Lifehacker Health Editor, and This Is How I Work, Beth Skwarecki, 2018/09/18, 13:30

Amazon Kindle e-reader and Fire tablets are discounted for Prime members, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/18, 13:21

Google releases Chrome OS 69 with new Material Theme design and Linux support, NIck Statt, 2018/09/18, 13:15

Here’s what Google’s 9 Home Hub smart display will reportedly look like, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/18, 13:07

Amplify Partners locks in 0 million to transform technical founders into people who can actually lead a startup, Connie Loizos, 2018/09/18, 13:05

The easiest way for Elon Musk to raise money for SpaceX might be tourism, Loren Grush, 2018/09/18, 13:02

Amazon is letting developers make their own Alexa Gadgets, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 12:58

Hulu’s live TV service hits 1 million subscribers, Dani Deahl, 2018/09/18, 12:44

SpaceX’s Moon loop will affect passengers’ health — here’s how, Rachel Becker, 2018/09/18, 12:38

How to Autofill Passwords Using LastPass, 1Password, or Dashlane in iOS 12, David Murphy, 2018/09/18, 12:30

Hollywood had a breakdown trying to justify itself at the 2018 Emmys, Devon Maloney, 2018/09/18, 12:26

Kayak’s new AR feature will tell you if your carry-on bag fits the overhead bin, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/18, 12:16

Microsoft is putting HoloLens to work with new Dynamics 365 applications, Ron Miller, 2018/09/18, 12:00

Microsoft launches new AI applications for customer service and sales, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/09/18, 12:00

You can now use Google Maps with Apple’s CarPlay in iOS 12, NIck Statt, 2018/09/18, 11:44

Times Newer Roman is a sneaky font designed to make your essays look longer, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 11:37

Nintendo is offering an exclusive Fortnite bundle with the Switch, Jordan Crook, 2018/09/18, 11:33

Old media giants turn to VC for their next act, Eric Peckham, 2018/09/18, 11:28

I’m Joel Kahn, Lifehacker Senior Video Producer, and This Is How I Work, Joel Kahn, 2018/09/18, 11:00

Coinbase poaches LinkedIn’s head of data Michael Li, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 10:57

Nintendo Switch Online launches today — here’s how to join, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/18, 10:48

Which artists should SpaceX send to the Moon?, Angela Chen, 2018/09/18, 10:41

Punkt made an LTE version of its super-minimalist phone, Dami Lee, 2018/09/18, 10:40

Facebook wanted banks to fork over customer data passing through Messenger, NIck Statt, 2018/09/18, 10:39

Hulu with Live TV tops a million subscribers, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/18, 10:32

Tesla’s long-awaited dash cam functionality will arrive in the next software update, Jon Porter, 2018/09/18, 10:25

The 2018 Emmys broke diversity records — quietly, with no one watching, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/18, 10:14

Netflix planning live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender with original creators, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/18, 10:14

Answering its critics, Google loosens reins on AMP project, Danny Crichton, 2018/09/18, 10:13

Apple has finished paying billion European fine, Romain Dillet, 2018/09/18, 10:07

HQ Trivia teases upcoming Wheel of Fortune-style mobile game, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 10:03

YouTube is offering its membership benefits to smaller creators, Megan Farokhmanesh, 2018/09/18, 10:02

Fortnite is not the biggest game on YouTube this year, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/18, 10:00

Nintendo Switch is getting a Fortnite bundle with exclusive items, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/18, 09:51

Peter Thiel’s argument that Silicon Valley has been ‘brainwashed’ by higher education is tired, Connie Loizos, 2018/09/18, 09:46

Instagram will use ads to help users register to vote, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 09:32

YouTube launches new gaming destination, admits that the separate app was a bust, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/18, 09:30

Early-bird sale ends this Friday for TC Sessions: AR/VR in Los Angeles, Robert Frawley, 2018/09/18, 09:30

DOJ launches investigation into Tesla, Elon Musk’s tweets, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 09:30

YouTube to shut down standalone Gaming app, as gaming gets a new home on YouTube, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/18, 09:30

Inside the pay-for-post ICO industry, John Biggs, 2018/09/18, 09:26

iRobot i7+ initial impressions, Brian Heater, 2018/09/18, 09:18

Instagram will promote mid-term voting with stickers, registration info, Josh Constine, 2018/09/18, 09:17

Thanks for ruining Toad and Mario Kart for me, internet, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/18, 09:15

Master & Dynamic MW07 earbuds review: truly wireless, truly expensive, Stefan Etienne, 2018/09/18, 09:14

Tesla is reportedly under criminal investigation for Elon Musk’s tweets, Andrew J. Hawkins, 2018/09/18, 09:12

How a new class of “digital martyrs” are manipulating social networks, Casey Newton, 2018/09/18, 09:05

Rent the Runway opens physical store in San Francisco, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/18, 09:05

Behold Ubisoft’s gloriously ridiculous Assassin’s Creed Amazon Echo, Brian Heater, 2018/09/18, 09:00

Spire Health Tags are now on Apple’s shelves, Sarah Buhr, 2018/09/18, 09:00

Google is giving up some control of the AMP format, Dieter Bohn, 2018/09/18, 09:00

Maison Me nabs M from Google’s Assistant fund and more for made-to-order clothes, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/18, 08:24

State Department confirms data breach exposed employee data, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/18, 08:12

Amazon’s new toolkit helps developers build Echo-connected accessories, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/18, 08:12

The lawsuit against Poppy and her creator has been dismissed, Megan Farokhmanesh, 2018/09/18, 08:09

The Gap Table: Women own just 9% of startup equity, Josh Constine, 2018/09/18, 08:08

Illumix raises .6M to build more dynamic phone-based AR games, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/18, 08:00

Lyft hits 1 billion rides a couple of months after Uber hit 10 billion trips, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/18, 08:00

Framer X design tool steps in the ring with InVision, Adobe, and Sketch, Jordan Crook, 2018/09/18, 08:00

Lyft hits a major milestone: 1 billion trips, Andrew J. Hawkins, 2018/09/18, 08:00

Lyft deploys electric scooters in Santa Monica, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/18, 07:57

Ford’s first fully self-driving car is probably going to look a lot like an SUV, Sean O’Kane, 2018/09/18, 07:52

Google’s parental control software Family Link expands to teens, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/18, 07:47

Postmates raises another 0M, reportedly valued at .2B, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/18, 07:46

Facebook named in suit alleging job ads on its platform unlawfully discriminated against women, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/18, 07:43

HQ Trivia looks to expand with HQ Words, a new Wheel of Fortune-style game, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 07:41

Shopify’s iOS 12 update adds AR shopping support for 600,000 stores, Jon Porter, 2018/09/18, 07:35

What Are Your Favorite iOS 12 Shortcuts? , David Murphy, 2018/09/18, 07:30

Netflix finally beats HBO in Primetime Emmy wins at this year’s awards, Bijan Stephen, 2018/09/18, 07:25

Logitech’s K600 keyboard is designed for your smart TV, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 07:18

Zumper raises M more to take on Zillow and the rest with its apartment rental platform, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/18, 07:08

Google partners with the world’s biggest auto group to bring Android to cars, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/18, 07:07

How NASA plans to use lunar dust to build structures on the Moon, Loren Grush, 2018/09/18, 07:00

12 years in, Techstars doubles down on corporate relationships, Danny Crichton, 2018/09/18, 07:00

Buy tickets for concerts on TV with the new Comcast and Ticketmaster feature, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/18, 07:00

Marketing data startup Singular raises M, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/18, 06:44

Google updates its Play Books iOS app at the same time as Apple’s iBooks update in iOS 12, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/18, 06:40

Captain Marvel is here to save the 90s in first trailer, Brian Heater, 2018/09/18, 06:34

UIpath lands 5M Series C on billion valuation as robotics process automation soars, Ron Miller, 2018/09/18, 06:23

ACLU says Facebook allowed discriminatory job ads that didn’t appear to women, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/18, 06:19

WayRay raises M at a 0M valuation led by Porsche for its holographic AR display tech, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/18, 06:01

The Best New Features to Try in iOS 12, Brett Terpstra, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Mozilla’s Firefox Reality web browser is now available, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Symantec offers free anti-spoofing services to US political campaigns and election groups, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Cloudflare’s new ‘one-click’ DNSSEC setup will make it far more difficult to spoof websites, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/18, 06:00

UBTECH launches a STEM robotics building kit, Brian Heater, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Indigo raises 0M, launches marketplace to help farmers get paid for quality grain, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Mabl announces million Series B to bring automated QA to enterprise customers, Ron Miller, 2018/09/18, 06:00

What if porn, but for women, Lux Alptraum, 2018/09/18, 06:00

Erectile pharmacy app Roman raises M to launch ‘quit smoking’ kit, Josh Constine, 2018/09/18, 05:59

How Trump’s tariffs will hurt US tech companies, Russell Brandom, 2018/09/18, 05:55

Watch the first trailer for Captain Marvel, Marvel’s next big film, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/18, 05:40

Ostrichpillow Hood, the latest product from Studio Banana, is no joke, Steve O’Hear, 2018/09/18, 05:00

Vizio’s first Atmos surround sound system is out now, and it’s surprisingly affordable, Jon Porter, 2018/09/18, 05:00

On-demand delivery and moving app Dolly hits million in revenue and expands into SF and DC, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/18, 04:30

Four short links: 18 September 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/09/18, 04:20

Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway, Fred Wilson, 2018/09/18, 04:09

Kelsey Hightower and Chris Gaun on serverless and Kubernetes, Jeff Bleiel, 2018/09/18, 04:05

Return to an alternate history space race with two new Lady Astronaut novels, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/18, 04:00

Review: iPhone XS, XS Max and the power of long-term thinking, Matthew Panzarino, 2018/09/18, 03:55

BMW, Daimler, and VW probed by EU over possible cartel activity, Jon Porter, 2018/09/18, 03:51

Apple iPhone XS and XS Max review: smoothed out, Nilay Patel, 2018/09/18, 03:00

You can now ask Google Assistant to turn off your teen’s phone during dinner, Dami Lee, 2018/09/18, 03:00

Ultimate.ai nabs .3M for a customer service AI focused on non-English markets, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/18, 02:54

Instacart expands ALDI partnership, Kate Clark, 2018/09/18, 02:00

Divido, the consumer finance platform, scores M Series A, Steve O’Hear, 2018/09/18, 01:52

Audi E-tron is getting full Alexa integration to bolster its high-tech credentials, Jon Porter, 2018/09/18, 01:39

Lower prices and more access at Disrupt Berlin 2018, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/09/18, 01:00

Withings returns from the dead with Steel HR Sport watch, Brian Heater, 2018/09/18, 00:05

Withings releases first smartwatch after buying itself back from Nokia, Dami Lee, 2018/09/18, 00:00

Google partners with Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi to put Android into millions of vehicles, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/17, 23:59

Ola raises M at a .3B valuation from two Chinese funds, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/17, 22:05

Audi partners with Amazon and Electrify America to help kickstart its EV ecosystem, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/17, 21:54

How the Audi e-tron compares to the Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace, Matt Burns, 2018/09/17, 21:06

The Audi e-tron SUV is an electric shot at Tesla, Matt Burns, 2018/09/17, 21:03

Here’s the E-tron, Audi’s first all-electric SUV, Sean O’Kane, 2018/09/17, 21:00

Game of Thrones wins Outstanding Drama Series at The Emmys, Laura Hudson, 2018/09/17, 20:12

Amazon’s ‘Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’ wins big at the Emmys, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/17, 19:58

Meet Yusaku Maezawa, the first private passenger to take SpaceX’s BFR around the moon, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/17, 19:27

SpaceX will send Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa to the Moon, Loren Grush, 2018/09/17, 18:41

Elon Musk reveals updated design for future SpaceX Mars rocket, Loren Grush, 2018/09/17, 18:38

Africa’s Jumo raises M led by Goldman to bring its fintech services to Asia, Jon Russell, 2018/09/17, 18:00

Emmy winners 2018: the complete list, Bryan Bishop, 2018/09/17, 17:58

Twitter is bringing back the chronological timeline, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/09/17, 17:55

Trump expands tariffs on China by another 0 billion, threatens more, Danny Crichton, 2018/09/17, 17:34

Twitter will soon let you switch between chronological and ranked feeds, NIck Statt, 2018/09/17, 17:31

Elon Musk extends Tesla’s free supercharging for life offer, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/17, 17:22

Apple’s iBooks revamp, Apple Books, is here, Kate Clark, 2018/09/17, 16:39

Congressional bill would improve startup valuations, Arman Tabatabai, 2018/09/17, 16:29

FCC chairman says California’s net neutrality bill is ‘egregious’ and ‘illegal’, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/17, 16:09

This is what Americans think about the state of election security right now, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/09/17, 16:00

WHILL raises M to help people with disabilities get around airports and other large venues, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/17, 16:00

Mumford & Sons beware! An AI can now write indie music, John Biggs, 2018/09/17, 15:38

Amazon reportedly has an Alexa microwave and more on the way, Brian Heater, 2018/09/17, 15:26

Where to watch tonight’s Emmy Awards online, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/17, 15:07

Facebook pilots new political campaign security tools — just 50 days before Election Day, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/17, 15:01

Stripe moves into brick-and-mortar payments with Terminal, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/17, 14:49

Amazon reportedly planning Alexa microwave, subwoofer, and more this year, NIck Statt, 2018/09/17, 14:27

Not to be overshadowed by the Apple Watch, AliveCor announces a new 6-lead ECG reader, Sarah Buhr, 2018/09/17, 14:21

Amazon takes on The Honest Company with an exclusive brand of eco diapers, Earth + Eden, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/17, 14:20

Tenor gets an iOS 12 update to offer in-camera stickers, Dani Deahl, 2018/09/17, 14:00

Daily Burn plans a new line of fitness apps, starting with HIIT Workouts, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/17, 13:55

Password Autofill in iOS 12 now works with 1Password, Dashlane, and LastPass, NIck Statt, 2018/09/17, 13:33

The best third-party Siri shortcuts you can try right now, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/17, 13:21

Coke eyes cannabis-infused wellness drinks as market for CBD beverages expands, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/17, 13:17

Loot boxes face scrutiny from an international coalition of gambling authorities, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/17, 13:13

Apple Watch and other hardware reportedly spared by new Trump tariffs, Brian Heater, 2018/09/17, 12:33

Instagram Shopping gets personalized Explore channel, Stories tags, Josh Constine, 2018/09/17, 12:30

Instagram adds a shopping tab to the Explore page, Casey Newton, 2018/09/17, 12:30

Why Dolby Atmos coming to the Apple TV is a big deal, Bryan Bishop, 2018/09/17, 12:19

Lego designer combines Nintendo Labo form with Lego functionality, Dami Lee, 2018/09/17, 12:17

British cave rescuer sues Elon Musk for calling him a pedophile, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/17, 12:11

New Trump tariffs won’t include fitness trackers or the Apple Watch, Russell Brandom, 2018/09/17, 11:49

Self-driving pods are slow, boring, and weird-looking — and that’s a good thing, Andrew J. Hawkins, 2018/09/17, 11:47

Alexa will soon answer you in photos provided by Getty Images, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/17, 11:38

CDC confirms that teens are vaping weed, Rachel Becker, 2018/09/17, 11:22

Surveillance camera vulnerability could allow hackers to spy on and alter recordings, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/09/17, 11:19

Boom’s chief test pilot on the thrill and challenge of going supersonic (again), Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/17, 11:15

How to use Apple’s new Screen Time and App Limits features in iOS 12, Chris Welch, 2018/09/17, 11:01

Five security settings in iOS 12 you should change right now, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/17, 11:00

You can try Siri Shortcuts today in these iOS 12-ready apps, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/17, 10:59

YouTubers are not your friends, Megan Farokhmanesh, 2018/09/17, 10:57

Hear how Oculus is minimizing VR’s content problem at TC Sessions: AR/VR, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/17, 10:55

11 neat hidden features in iOS 12, Romain Dillet, 2018/09/17, 10:45

Lucid Motors secures billion from Saudi wealth fund to launch the Air, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/17, 10:43

Apple’s Siri Shortcuts app now available for iOS 12, Tom Warren, 2018/09/17, 10:28

iOS 12 review: the fixes are in, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/17, 10:05

iOS 12 is now available to download, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/17, 10:04

iOS 12 makes your phone faster than ever, Romain Dillet, 2018/09/17, 10:04

iOS 12 is now available to download, Romain Dillet, 2018/09/17, 10:04

How to Find Classical Music You Actually Like, Nick Douglas, 2018/09/17, 10:00

Shopify is bringing Apple’s latest AR tech to their platform, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/17, 09:47

Watch Elon Musk announce SpaceX’s first Moon passenger today at 6PM PT, Loren Grush, 2018/09/17, 09:30

I’m Claire Lower, Lifehacker Food Editor, and This Is How I Work, Claire Lower on Skillet, shared by Claire Lower to Lifehacker, 2018/09/17, 09:30

Insurtech startup Setoo closes .3M Series A from Kamet, AXA’s accelerator, Mike Butcher, 2018/09/17, 09:08

Facebook expands bug bounty program to include third-party apps and websites, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/17, 09:01

Eggplant Caviar Is Luxury In A Spoon, A.A. Newton on Skillet, shared by A.A. Newton to Lifehacker, 2018/09/17, 09:00

How to Get Apple’s iOS, watchOS, and tvOS Updates Today, Emily Price, 2018/09/17, 08:45

Pandora’s newest playlist The Drop sounds a lot like Spotify’s Release Radar, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/17, 08:39

Blippar picks up million hoping to become profitable in the next year, Jordan Crook, 2018/09/17, 08:26

PayPal’s one-touch, localised payment options go global, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/17, 08:16

Startups are giving writers and filmmakers more ways to make it in Hollywood, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/17, 08:05

Hyper announces the ‘world’s most powerful USB-C battery pack’, Thomas Ricker, 2018/09/17, 08:00

Xbox One controllers for console and PC are off today, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/17, 07:51

Amazon opens its first cashier-less Go store outside of Seattle, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/17, 07:43

MoviePass competitor Sinemia launches unlimited plan, Brian Heater, 2018/09/17, 07:33

Lucid Motors closes billion deal with Saudi Arabia to fund electric car production, Andrew J. Hawkins, 2018/09/17, 07:31

Pandora takes on Spotify’s Release Radar with its newest playlist, The Drop, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/17, 07:01

The Best Way to Meditate Is to Not Try to Meditate, Joel Kahn, 2018/09/17, 07:00

Natural Cycles contraception app told to clarify pregnancy risks, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/17, 06:56

Indian patient-doctor platform DocPrime gets M for city expansion, Jon Russell, 2018/09/17, 06:31

Amazon’s cashier-free Go store opens in Chicago, Brian Heater, 2018/09/17, 06:27

Zortrax launches a new high-speed, high-resolution printer, the Inkspire, John Biggs, 2018/09/17, 06:05

Amazon Storefronts is a new retail hub exclusively for US small businesses, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/17, 06:05

OnePlus is developing its own smart TV, Jon Russell, 2018/09/17, 06:04

Tell Us Your Singapore Travel Tips, Nick Douglas, 2018/09/17, 06:00

The Xbox 360 controller’s Xbox button masterfully solved the wireless multiplayer problem, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/17, 06:00

Altaba to settle lawsuits relating to Yahoo data breach for million, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/17, 05:56

Amazon taps Getty to provide images for visual searches on the Echo Show and Echo Spot, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/17, 05:36

Go-Jek plans to raise B more for Southeast Asia ride-hailing battle, Jon Russell, 2018/09/17, 05:08

What’s Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of September 17, 2018, Melissa Kirsch, 2018/09/17, 05:00

Apple’s AirPower wireless charging mat still plagued by overheating issues, Jon Porter, 2018/09/17, 04:37

Base10’s debut fund is the largest-ever for a Black-led VC firm, Kate Clark, 2018/09/17, 04:30

Four short links: 17 September 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/09/17, 04:10

LendInvest raises .5M to grow its P2P property finance platform, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/17, 03:34

Logistics startup Freightos raises .4M Series C led by Singapore Exchange, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/17, 03:30

OnePlus is going to start making TVs, Vlad Savov, 2018/09/17, 03:05

Creative Prompts, Fred Wilson, 2018/09/17, 03:02

Microsoft backs off from Windows 10 ‘warning’ about Chrome and Firefox, Tom Warren, 2018/09/17, 02:38

Buy your ticket to TechCrunch Startup Battlefield MENA 2018 today, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/09/17, 02:00

Tickets on sale now for TechCrunch Startup Battlefield Africa 2018, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/09/17, 02:00

Amazon launches Storefronts to give 20K small businesses a bigger spotlight, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/17, 01:54

Mobile social network Path, once a challenger to Facebook, is closing down, Jon Russell, 2018/09/17, 00:52

Marc and Lynne Benioff will buy Times magazine from Meredith for 0M, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/16, 19:36

How to Taste Gin Like a Pro, Emily Price, 2018/09/16, 14:51

Amazon is investigating claims that employees deleted reviews and sold sales data to sellers, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 14:00

Captain Marvel: all the updates, trailers and commentary for the next big Marvel movie, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 14:00

What is the meaning of LinkedIn?, Jon Evans, 2018/09/16, 14:00

How to Watch the 2018 Emmy Awards, Emily Price, 2018/09/16, 13:39

BoJack Horseman season 5 examines the many flavors of sadness, Tasha Robinson, 2018/09/16, 13:00

The Void is adding new VR experiences based Disney and Marvel properties, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 12:31

New Lyft app will give directions to scooters, public transit in Santa Monica, alissawalker, 2018/09/16, 12:00

Amazon’s gaming controller will no longer work with the latest Fire TVs, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 11:44

Read an E-Book in Chunks Via Email With Bookman, Emily Price, 2018/09/16, 11:41

Here’s what Google Maps looks like running on Apple CarPlay, Chris Welch, 2018/09/16, 11:00

Uber’s complex relationship with diversity, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/16, 11:00

The Trump administration could announce another round of tariffs tomorrow, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 10:45

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop 2 may come in a black variant, Tom Warren, 2018/09/16, 10:42

Uber fires up its own traffic estimates to fuel demand beyond cars, Josh Constine, 2018/09/16, 10:18

Bad North is a scaled-down RTS that’s perfect for the Switch, Andrew Webster, 2018/09/16, 10:00

In Bad Blood, a pedestrian tale of heuristics and lies, Danny Crichton, 2018/09/16, 09:23

Behind the gorgeous new illustrated edition of Ursula K Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 09:00

Semblance resembles a platforming game until you start deforming the world, Michael Moore, 2018/09/16, 08:00

Streaming services have spoken with IMAX about screening their original films, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/16, 07:13

You’ll never have an ID photo cooler than these high schoolers, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/16, 07:00

How traveling abroad with kids showed me how to fix U.S. transit, alissawalker, 2018/09/16, 06:30

The 21-day bitcoin challenge, Joyce Yang, 2018/09/16, 06:11

Why do Kickstarter products take so long to ship?, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/16, 06:00

Marathon Man, Fred Wilson, 2018/09/16, 04:24

Facebook is hiring a director of human rights policy to work on “conflict prevention” and “peace-building”, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/16, 03:24

African experiments with drone technologies could leapfrog decades of infrastructure neglect, Samantha Stein, 2018/09/16, 00:30

How to Put the iPhone XS and XR’s Wallpapers on Any Phone You Want, Emily Price, 2018/09/15, 15:39

Twitter now puts live broadcasts at the top of your timeline, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/15, 14:55

A new CSS-based web attack will crash and restart your iPhone, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/15, 14:29

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This week’s best deals include iPhone XS preorders and discounted Fitbits from Amazon, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/15, 08:00

Here’s 7 new sci-fi and fantasy novels coming out this September to check out, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/15, 07:00

FEMA to send its first ‘Presidential Alert’ in emergency messaging system test, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/15, 06:53

Why the Pentagon’s billion JEDI deal has cloud companies going nuts, Ron Miller, 2018/09/15, 06:09

Apple’s new iPhone names are bad, so it’s hard to see where it goes from here, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/15, 06:00

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Facebook beats Twitter at fighting fake news, a new study found, Casey Newton, 2018/09/15, 03:00

North Korea skirts US sanctions by secretly selling software around the globe, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/09/14, 18:29

Hurricanes stalling like Florence over the Carolinas may get even more common, Rachel Becker, 2018/09/14, 18:28

This is how much VCs are paid, Kate Clark, 2018/09/14, 17:17

NASA’s climate-monitoring space laser is the last to ride to space on a Delta II rocket, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/14, 16:32

Inside Planet Labs’ new satellite manufacturing site, Anna Escher, 2018/09/14, 16:19

Three years later, Let’s Encrypt now secures 75% of the web, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/14, 14:48

California is ‘launching our own damn satellite’ to track pollution, with help from Planet, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/14, 14:44

Meet the pilots of Star Wars Resistance in a new featurette, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/14, 14:34

Senator claps back after Ajit Pai calls California’s net neutrality bill ‘radical’ and ‘illegal’, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/14, 14:18

Google’s prototype Chinese search engine reportedly links searches to phone numbers, Adi Robertson, 2018/09/14, 13:55

Watch the last flight of the Delta II rocket as it puts a laser-pulsing satellite into orbit, Loren Grush, 2018/09/14, 13:15

Twitch updates security for its TwitchCon event following the Jacksonville esports shooting, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/14, 13:00

With Predator in theaters, it’s the perfect time to revisit The Monster Squad, Keith Phipps, 2018/09/14, 12:46

UK warns of satellite and space program problems in case of Brexit ‘no deal’, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/14, 11:52

ChargePoint is adding 2.5M electric vehicle chargers over the next 7 years, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/14, 11:44

Reminder: don’t schedule your Emmys party for Sunday, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/14, 11:35

The new iPhone’s here, so Google wants to talk Pixel 3, Brian Heater, 2018/09/14, 11:31

The iPhone SE was the best phone Apple ever made, and now it’s dead, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/14, 11:29

Drone startup Airware crashes, will shut down after burning 8M, Josh Constine, 2018/09/14, 11:22

Google remotely changed the settings on a bunch of phones running Android 9 Pie, Chris Welch, 2018/09/14, 11:02

SpaceX announces plan to announce plan to send someone around the moon in planned spaceship, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/14, 10:48

US lawmakers say AI deepfakes ‘have the potential to disrupt every facet of our society’, James Vincent, 2018/09/14, 10:17

Google reveals Pixel 3 colors: mint, white, and black, Chris Welch, 2018/09/14, 10:05

Mobile bank Chime picks up credit score improvement service Pinch in all-stock deal, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/14, 10:03

CBS now lets All Access users download Star Trek: Discovery for offline viewing on mobile, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/14, 10:01

Apple has officially missed the boat on USB-C with this year’s iPhones, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/14, 09:19

DC Comics’ streaming service launches tomorrow, Brian Heater, 2018/09/14, 08:57

Mary Meeker, author of the Internet Trends Report, is leaving Kleiner Perkins, Kate Clark, 2018/09/14, 08:51

House lawmakers want answers from Google on censored Chinese search engine, Colin Lecher, 2018/09/14, 08:37

Cryptocurrency mining attacks using leaked NSA hacking tools are still highly active a year later, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/14, 08:30

Samsung unveils three new AKG wireless headphones, Dami Lee, 2018/09/14, 08:25

Kegel trainer startup Elvie is launching a smaller, smarter, hands-free breast pump, Sarah Buhr, 2018/09/14, 08:00

Lyft hires yet another ex-Tesla employee, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/14, 08:00

Announcing the agenda for TC Sessions: AR/VR in LA on October 18, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/14, 08:00

Framing Apple’s iPhone keynote, Dieter Bohn, 2018/09/14, 08:00

Amazon’s HQ2 location will be announced this year, Brian Heater, 2018/09/14, 07:59

3DHubs, once a community 3D printing service, is now sourcing all 3D prints internally, John Biggs, 2018/09/14, 07:55

Streaming service CBS All Access rolls out support for offline viewing, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/14, 07:37

The DelFly Nimble robot can fly like a real insect, Stefan Etienne, 2018/09/14, 07:23

What’s in your bag, Tyler Alvarez?, Bijan Stephen, 2018/09/14, 07:11

Mercedes-Benz turns to SoundHound for in-vehicle voice assistant, Matt Burns, 2018/09/14, 07:00

Samsung teases new Galaxy event for October 11th, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/14, 06:55

Google adds fingerprint support to Chrome on Android and Mac in latest beta, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/14, 06:31

How to Apologize So People Forgive You, Aimée Lutkin, 2018/09/14, 06:30

Watch this robot fly like a real insect, John Biggs, 2018/09/14, 06:30

Netflix’s newest program certifies post-production tools for Netflix Originals, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/14, 06:26

Crypto’s second bubble, Juul has 60 days and three Chinese IPOs, Alex Wilhelm, 2018/09/14, 06:10

Circuit bending: Hacking a Furby in the name of music, Dani Deahl, 2018/09/14, 06:00

Nvidia rethinks the graphics card with the RTX 2080, Tom Warren, 2018/09/14, 06:00

Nvidia brings one-click overclocking to its graphics cards, Tom Warren, 2018/09/14, 06:00

The iPhone XR shows Apple admitting 3D Touch is a failure, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/14, 05:03

Why the iPhone XR isn’t coming out until October, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/14, 05:00

A tale of two CEOs: Tim Cook demonstrates what some want from Elon Musk, Elizabeth Lopatto, 2018/09/14, 04:30

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Funding Friday: The Reflection Ritual, Fred Wilson, 2018/09/14, 03:42

Stop calling Facebook’s effort to fix itself an “arms race”, Casey Newton, 2018/09/14, 03:00

Mobility startups: Apply to exhibit for free as a TC Top Pick at Disrupt Berlin 2018, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/09/14, 01:00

Golden Gate Ventures closes new 0M fund for Southeast Asia, Jon Russell, 2018/09/13, 18:21

SpaceX says it will send someone around the Moon on its future monster rocket, Loren Grush, 2018/09/13, 17:51

A Tesla investor says he was recently questioned by US regulators about that infamous ‘funding secured’ tweet, Connie Loizos, 2018/09/13, 16:39

Nintendo finally announces some new games for the Switch, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/13, 16:38

Nintendo’s NES Switch controllers activate the nostalgia centers (and wallets) of retro gamers, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/13, 16:18

Isabelle joins Smash Bros. Ultimate, with Animal Crossing coming to Switch in 2019, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/13, 16:10

The iPhone XR is the one to get, Brian Heater, 2018/09/13, 15:53

Everything you need to know about Nintendo’s online Switch service, Patricia Hernandez, 2018/09/13, 15:51

Final Fantasy VII and other classic Square RPGs are coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2019, NIck Statt, 2018/09/13, 15:49

This terrifying graphic from The Weather Channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence, Rachel Becker, 2018/09/13, 15:46

Nintendo is launching a dedicated wireless NES controller for the Switch, NIck Statt, 2018/09/13, 15:35

Nintendo reveals Luigi’s Mansion 3 for the Switch is coming in 2019, NIck Statt, 2018/09/13, 15:15

The First Man controversy is grounded in partisanship, not patriotism, Alissa Wilkinson, 2018/09/13, 15:03

Former Uber exec alleges ex-PR chief ‘destroyed his reputation’, Kate Clark, 2018/09/13, 15:00

Twitch hires head of diversity and inclusion, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/09/13, 14:00

The second blockchain bubble is now complete – what’s next?, Danny Crichton, 2018/09/13, 13:57

How to Watch Live Footage of Hurricane Florence, Nick Douglas, 2018/09/13, 13:30

Apple’s new iPhones use eSIM technology, but only nine countries in the world support it, Shannon Liao, 2018/09/13, 13:20

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It’s the end of crypto as we know it and I feel fine, John Biggs, 2018/09/13, 12:55

Boring Company gets approval to build a tunnel connecting a garage to a hyperloop, Dami Lee, 2018/09/13, 12:25

Self-driving delivery startup Nuro releases its voluntary safety report, Andrew J. Hawkins, 2018/09/13, 12:17

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Microsoft acquires Lobe, a drag-and-drop AI tool, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/09/13, 12:08

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Now You Can Download 10,000 Spotify Songs, Nick Douglas, 2018/09/13, 10:30

Facebook’s new ‘SapFix’ AI automatically debugs your code, Josh Constine, 2018/09/13, 10:29

Online used car startup Shift raises 0 million, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/13, 10:19

Moment releases first Mfi battery case for the iPhone X, just as it’s being discontinued, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/13, 10:16

Hyper launched a Qi wireless charging adapter for your AirPods, Stefan Etienne, 2018/09/13, 10:11

US lawmakers warn spy chief that ‘deep fakes’ are a national security threat, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/13, 10:09

Snap opens up crowdsourced ‘Our Story’ content to news organizations like CNN and NBC News, Chaim Gartenberg, 2018/09/13, 10:07

How expensive is the most expensive iPhone XS around the world?, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/13, 10:06

The Easiest Way to Clean Baby Bottles, According to Our Cleaning Expert, Jolie Kerr on Offspring, shared by Jolie Kerr to Lifehacker, 2018/09/13, 10:00

OnePlus will ditch the headphone jack on its next phone, Brian Heater, 2018/09/13, 10:00

Uber is investing 0M in Toronto to expand self-driving car efforts, Kate Clark, 2018/09/13, 09:50

Walmart relaunches Jet with three-hour deliveries to take on Amazon Prime Now, Dami Lee, 2018/09/13, 09:46

Website builder Strikingly raises M Series A+ to continue growth in China, Catherine Shu, 2018/09/13, 09:45

Women’s pockets are the only reason to buy an iPhone XS, Megan Farokhmanesh, 2018/09/13, 09:44

NASA is trying to squash conspiracy theories about the space station leak, Loren Grush, 2018/09/13, 09:41

Apple’s 3D Touch seems to have been a ‘huge waste’, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/13, 09:39

YouTube Kids adds a whitelisting parental control feature, plus a new experience for tweens, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/13, 09:38

The Future of Collaboration in the Artificial Intelligence Era, Jeff Desjardins, 2018/09/13, 09:38

Economist Tyler Cowen launches a fellowship and grant program for moon shot ideas, John Biggs, 2018/09/13, 09:25

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How to pick between the new iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, Chris Welch, 2018/09/13, 09:17

Vergecast: post-Apple event coverage, Andrew Marino, 2018/09/13, 09:04

Jeff Bezos is going to create schools where ‘the child is the customer’, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/13, 08:57

Jeff Bezos launches billion fund to finance preschools and help homeless families, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/13, 08:56

US carriers introduce Project Verify to replace individual app passwords, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/13, 08:55

The first teaser for Netflix’s Sabrina asks, ‘What if Riverdale, but also Satan?’, Devon Maloney, 2018/09/13, 08:50

Dish’s AirTV box now lets you watch and record live TV, access recordings through Sling TV, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/13, 08:46

iHeartMedia is acquiring HowStuffWorks, Anthony Ha, 2018/09/13, 08:32

The BBC’s His Dark Materials series just got a second season, Andrew Liptak, 2018/09/13, 07:34

Polar’s new fitness watch will measure the wattage of your exercise, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/13, 07:32

Uber drivers in Denmark could face fines for every ride they offered, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/13, 07:30

Hurricane Florence has scientists packing up their labs and hoping the power stays on, Rachel Becker, 2018/09/13, 07:24

Hybrid cloud data specialist Datrium nabs M led by Samsung at a 2M valuation, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/13, 07:22

Hacera creates directory to make blockchain projects more searchable, Ron Miller, 2018/09/13, 07:00

Facebook rolls out photo/video fact checking so partners can train its AI, Josh Constine, 2018/09/13, 07:00

Walmart to acquire Mexico & Chile-focused grocery delivery service Cornershop for 5M, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/13, 06:58

Ring’s Video Doorbell 2 is discounted to 0 on Amazon, Cameron Faulkner, 2018/09/13, 06:48

Rothy’s, whose ballet flats for women are already everywhere, just launched a sneaker, too, Connie Loizos, 2018/09/13, 06:33

LG’s five-camera V40 will be announced on October 3rd, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/13, 06:32

The Moto Z keyboard Mod has been canceled, Ashley Carman, 2018/09/13, 06:29

Google Street View rival Mapillary collaborates with Amazon to read text in its 350M image database, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/09/13, 06:27

iPhoneXsMax, now that’s a tongue twister, Om Malik, 2018/09/13, 06:24

PlayVS taps League of Legends in launch of high school esports platform, Jordan Crook, 2018/09/13, 06:23

The 3 best and worst features of the iPhone XS and XS Max, NIck Statt, 2018/09/13, 06:16

Walmart’s Jet.com relaunches site with focus on urban shoppers, same-day grocery delivery, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/13, 06:09

Snapchat enlists 20 partners to curate Our Stories from submissions, Josh Constine, 2018/09/13, 06:03

Brazilian startup Yellow raises M — the largest Series A ever for a Latin American startup, Kate Clark, 2018/09/13, 06:00

How to build a killer custom PC, Stefan Etienne, 2018/09/13, 06:00

The new Nintendo Labo vehicle kit is the best one yet, Andrew Webster, 2018/09/13, 06:00

A.Human is a sci-fi fashion show about changing your body instead of your clothes, Adi Robertson, 2018/09/13, 05:50

Why you need customer development, Cindy Alvarez, 2018/09/13, 04:40

Using machine learning to improve dialog flow in conversational applications, Ben Lorica, 2018/09/13, 04:35

UK’s mass surveillance regime violated human rights law, finds ECHR, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/13, 04:15

Chinese electric vehicle maker Nio makes bumpy start following B IPO, Jon Russell, 2018/09/13, 04:10

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Voting, Fred Wilson, 2018/09/13, 03:02

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Instacart links up with Walmart Canada to expand its same-day delivery service, Kate Clark, 2018/09/13, 02:59

Indonesian fintech startup Moka raises M led by Sequoia India, Jon Russell, 2018/09/13, 02:58

Alibaba’s Ant Financial denies stealing from Equifax, Jon Russell, 2018/09/13, 02:05

The benefits of exhibiting in Startup Alley at Disrupt Berlin 2018, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/09/13, 01:00

Kano’s latest computer kit for kids doubles down on touch, Natasha Lomas, 2018/09/13, 01:00

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Discover Sono Motors’ vision of the electric car at Disrupt Berlin, Romain Dillet, 2018/09/13, 00:28

Master & Dynamic’s first truly wireless earbuds cost 9 and come in four colors, Stefan Etienne, 2018/09/12, 21:01

Security flaw in ‘nearly all’ modern PCs and Macs exposes encrypted data, Zack Whittaker, 2018/09/12, 21:01

Nvidia launches the Tesla T4, its fastest data center inferencing platform yet, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/09/12, 20:00

Apple’s Watch isn’t the first with an EKG reader but it will matter to more consumers, Sarah Buhr, 2018/09/12, 18:01

Detroit’s StockX raises M from GV and Battery to expand marketplace internationally, Matt Burns, 2018/09/12, 18:00

Fintech investment powerhouse Ribbit Capital aims for 0 million with its latest fund, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/12, 17:46

Beats did announce something today, after all, Brian Heater, 2018/09/12, 17:08

Uber is getting a new look, Kate Clark, 2018/09/12, 17:03

The 7 most egregious fibs Apple told about the iPhone XS camera today, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/12, 16:44

Tesla just lost its head of global finance, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/12, 15:50

Airbnb hosts are offering free rooms to people fleeing Hurricane Florence, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/12, 15:20

Apple reveals new prices for iPhone battery replacements that go into effect January 1st, Chris Welch, 2018/09/12, 14:52

Apple Watch Series 4 up close and hands-on, Brian Heater, 2018/09/12, 14:50

Breitbart posted a leaked video of Google’s first all-hands meeting after the 2016 election, Casey Newton, 2018/09/12, 14:36

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Introducing Rapide E, Aston Martin’s first electric sports car, Kirsten Korosec, 2018/09/12, 13:52

Beats headphones get new colors to match the iPhone XS and XR, Jacob Kastrenakes, 2018/09/12, 13:48

Spotify raises limit for offline downloads to 10,000 songs per device, Chris Welch, 2018/09/12, 13:44

Business school grads and quants are winning the battle to create the next P&G, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/09/12, 13:30

Apple starts offering optional loss and theft protection for new iPhones, Chris Welch, 2018/09/12, 13:17

iPhone XS Max up close and hands-on, Brian Heater, 2018/09/12, 13:14

Reddit’s QAnon ban points to how it’s tracking toxic communities, Bijan Stephen, 2018/09/12, 13:13

Reddit calls EU copyright directive ‘a significant blow to the open Internet’, Russell Brandom, 2018/09/12, 13:10

Tesla’s global finance head is leaving the company, Sean O’Kane, 2018/09/12, 13:09

Snapchat shares hit all-time low as search acquisition Vurb’s CEO bails, Josh Constine, 2018/09/12, 13:07

Apple Watch 4 hands-on: bigger is better, Dieter Bohn, 2018/09/12, 13:01

Here’s how Apple’s stock fared during today’s big hardware event, Kate Clark, 2018/09/12, 13:00

Fry Herbs and Seasonings Directly in the White of Your Egg, Claire Lower on Skillet, shared by Claire Lower to Lifehacker, 2018/09/12, 13:00

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The missing piece, Cassie Kozyrkov, 2018/09/12, 13:00

AI, ML, and the IoT will destroy the data center and the cloud (just not in the way you think), DD Dasgupta, 2018/09/12, 13:00

The answer to life, the universe, and everything: But can you get that into production?, Ted Dunning, 2018/09/12, 13:00

Leveraging the best of the past to power a better future, Drew Paroski, Aatif Din, 2018/09/12, 13:00

Reddit has banned the QAnon conspiracy subreddit r/GreatAwakening, Adi Robertson, 2018/09/12, 12:57

New iPhones courageously ditch including a free headphone dongle, Lucas Matney, 2018/09/12, 12:51

XS, XR, XS Max? The difference between the new iPhones, Josh Constine, 2018/09/12, 12:49

HQ Trivia nabs Target to sponsor game with biggest ever single winner prize of 0K, Sarah Perez, 2018/09/12, 12:48

The Apple Watch Edition is dead, Chris Welch, 2018/09/12, 12:36

Watch Apple’s ‘Mission: Impossible’ style spaceship HQ tour, Devin Coldewey, 2018/09/12, 12:30

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Here are the first videos of the Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS and iPhone XR, Matt Burns, 2018/09/12, 12:15

Apple Music is easier to use and has more personalized features in iOS 12, Micah Singleton, 2018/09/12, 12:15

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Apple’s tvOS 12 will be available on September 17th, Micah Singleton, 2018/09/12, 11:52

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