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To ICO or not to ICO?, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/16, 17:35

The technology industry needs to think more seriously about device addiction, Ben Schippers, 2017/12/16, 17:05

Do good companies ICO?, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/16, 11:59

Apple has a history of choosing cash over startups, Joanna Glasner, 2017/12/16, 10:15

Gillmor Gang: Golden Goose, Steve Gillmor, 2017/12/16, 10:00

Welcome to CTRL+T, TechCrunch’s podcast about tech and culture, Megan Rose Dickey,Henry Pickavet, 2017/12/16, 08:30

Netflix will look for a repeat play in 2018 after a strong year, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/16, 08:00

Video Of The Week: Colbert On Net Neutrality, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/16, 03:44

Uber accused of espionage, bribery and hacking by former employee, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/15, 20:46

Crunch Report | Go-Jek Buys Three Startups, Khaled "Tito" Hamze, 2017/12/15, 20:00

Celebrity hologram startup 8i to lay off half its staff, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/15, 17:11

Feds look to cash in seized bitcoins at record prices, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/15, 16:30

Google kills its Tango augmented reality platform, shifting focus to ARCore, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/15, 15:18

Broadband business Casa Systems up 11%, following downsized IPO, Katie Roof, 2017/12/15, 13:34

Cities do want to rethink regulations and avoid tech clashes, and here’s some proof, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/15, 13:30

Mozilla’s Mr. Robot promo backfires after it installs a Firefox extension without permission, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/15, 12:28

Don’t keep cell phones next to your body, California Health Department warns, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/15, 12:07

Apple picks up a new space drama from the creator of ‘Battlestar Galactica’, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/15, 12:05

Erik Huggers is stepping down as CEO of Vevo, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/15, 11:58

The Most Overhyped Sectors in Tech, According to Entrepreneurs, Jeff Desjardins, 2017/12/15, 11:56

Finnish autonomous car goes for a leisurely cruise in the driving snow, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/15, 11:28

UPS bets on blockchain as the future of the trillion-dollar shipping industry, Deep Patel, 2017/12/15, 11:00

Alexa skills top 25,000 in the U.S. as new launches slow, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/15, 10:55

Dog-walking app Wag may be raising a huge round of funding, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/15, 10:37

EyeEm’s new products aim to understand brand aesthetics, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/15, 10:19

Live-streaming app Spotlite raises million from Sequoia Capital to help singers make money, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/15, 10:11

Fitbit is having a bad day, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/15, 09:36

Original Content podcast: Netflix’s ‘Mudbound’ offers a somber look at Mississippi in the 1940s, Anthony Ha,Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/15, 09:16

With M in new funding, Huddly launches its smart GO camera for video conferencing, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/15, 09:05

Facebook adds a Snooze button for muting people, groups and Pages for 30 days, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/15, 07:50

SpaceX launches a reused Dragon atop a reused Falcon 9 for the first time, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/15, 07:47

Adobe had a record quarter, but still has substantial untapped potential, Ron Miller, 2017/12/15, 07:41

Alexa can now play the top songs in a city and similar tracks, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/15, 07:11

AIM is officially dead, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/15, 06:52

Equity podcast: Apple’s 0M deals, Target buys a startup and uh-oh net neutrality, Alex Wilhelm, 2017/12/15, 06:10

Watch SpaceX launch its first re-flown capsule and rocket combo live here, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/15, 06:05

Let’s meet in New York to talk token sales, John Biggs, 2017/12/15, 05:50

Pied Piper’s decentralized internet is planned for Dubai, courtesy of startup Moeco, Mike Butcher, 2017/12/15, 05:37

Stupid link tricks, Scott Davis, 2017/12/15, 04:30

Four short links: 15 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/15, 04:00

Uber Eats couriers in Europe to be offered free accident and sickness insurance, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/15, 03:19

Funding Friday: Save Gawker.com, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/15, 02:26

Australia’s Airwallex raises M to grow its cross-border payment business, Jon Russell, 2017/12/15, 01:16

Loot, the digital current account aimed at students and millennials, banks £2.2M Series A, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/15, 01:00

Google is using light beam tech to connect rural India to the internet, Jon Russell, 2017/12/15, 00:40

Go-Jek buys three startups to advance its mobile payment business, Jon Russell, 2017/12/14, 21:01

Crunch Report | FCC Kills Net Neutrality, Khaled "Tito" Hamze, 2017/12/14, 20:20

The difference between good and bad Facebooking, Josh Constine, 2017/12/14, 18:09

With just one day left in open enrollment, companies turn to Stride Health for help, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/14, 16:12

Ex-Zynga execs raise million for their new gaming studio, Manticore Games, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/14, 14:58

Ex-Zynga execs raise million for their new gaming studio, Manticore Games, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/14, 14:58

What telecoms and tech companies are saying about the FCC’s net neutrality decision, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/14, 13:44

What telecoms and tech companies are saying about the FCC’s net neutrality decision, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/14, 13:44

Apple launches its podcast analytics service into beta, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/14, 13:07

Y Combinator is zeroing in on bigger, breakaway companies with a new growth-stage program, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/14, 12:40

Uber investor Shervin Pishevar resigns from Sherpa Capital, Katie Roof, 2017/12/14, 12:37

A timeline of the FCC’s quest to destroy net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/14, 12:02

Edge Mobile Payments buys what’s left of Plastc in hopes that there’s still life left in smart cards, Brian Heater, 2017/12/14, 12:00

Apple Maps gets indoor mapping for more than 30 airports, Brian Heater, 2017/12/14, 11:52

New York attorney general announces a multi-state lawsuit challenging the net neutrality vote, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/14, 11:30

Chromecast is back on Amazon, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/14, 11:28

Taylor Swift’s new app, The Swift Life, is out now, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/14, 11:25

The FCC just repealed net neutrality. What happens next?, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/14, 10:31

FCC votes to repeal net neutrality, Contributor, 2017/12/14, 10:31

Google AI helped find the first solar system outside our own with 8 planets, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/14, 10:23

The FCC officially votes to kill net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/14, 10:13

A new version of Mixer, Microsoft’s Twitch rival, hits iOS and Android, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/14, 09:46

Squarespace reportedly raises about 0 million at a .7 billion valuation, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/14, 09:41

Practical applications of reinforcement learning in industry, Ben Lorica, 2017/12/14, 09:40

Assembla’s new iOS app lets developers manage their repos on the go, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/14, 09:09

Facebook pushes pre-roll ads on Watch as it stops subsidizing Live, Josh Constine, 2017/12/14, 09:04

Google adds price tracking and deals to Google Flights, Google Trips and hotel search, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/14, 09:00

Observation of interstellar object ‘Oumuamua shows no evidence of artificial signals, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/14, 09:00

CamSoda rolls our WebRTC for truly portable cam activities, John Biggs, 2017/12/14, 08:38

Instacart promotes Sarah Mastrorocco to new position of VP of Business Development, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/14, 08:08

Genalyte hires Facebook and Google exec Kevin Lo as company president, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/14, 08:05

Xage emerges from stealth with a blockchain-based IoT security solution, Ron Miller, 2017/12/14, 08:00

Snapchat launches augmented reality developer platform Lens Studio, Josh Constine, 2017/12/14, 08:00

A week on the wrist with the Alpina Startimer, John Biggs, 2017/12/14, 07:46

GPU-accelerated TensorFlow on Kubernetes, Daniel Whitenack, 2017/12/14, 07:45

Pandora listeners can now watch video ads to access on-demand music, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/14, 07:44

Apple’s iMac Pro is a love letter to developers, Matthew Panzarino, 2017/12/14, 07:11

Canary brings person detection to its cameras to help avoid false positives, Brian Heater, 2017/12/14, 06:00

Andrew Ng’s Landing.ai wants to bring artificial intelligence to the manufacturing industry, starting with Foxconn, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/14, 06:00

Disney details overarching direct-to-consumer plan possible through Fox deal, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/14, 05:40

SoundCloud Home, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/14, 05:20

Taiwanese media startup The News Lens lands deal with top video studio Dawin, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/14, 04:46

Wendy Wise on developing for virtual reality and augmented reality, Jeff Bleiel, 2017/12/14, 04:30

It’s official: Disney is acquiring Fox’s film and TV divisions for .4 billion, Anthony Ha,Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/14, 04:19

Four short links: 14 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/14, 04:10

Gingko Bioworks secures 5 million in Series D, valuing the company at over billion, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/14, 04:00

Andreessen Horowitz has a new, 0 million bio fund, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/14, 03:00

Instana raises million for its microservice monitoring and management service, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/14, 03:00

Can AI create a new game? A challenge., Mike Loukides, 2017/12/14, 03:00

Alibaba will soon begin selling cars using these gigantic vending machines, Jon Russell, 2017/12/14, 02:47

Helpster, a platform for temp job seekers in Southeast Asia, raises .5M, Jon Russell, 2017/12/14, 01:30

Finiata, the finance platform for SMEs, freelancers and the self-employed, bags €18M funding, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/14, 00:00

Paddle, the software sales platform founded by a Thiel Fellow, raises .5M, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/14, 00:00

Teabox raises M for its global tea-commerce business, Jon Russell, 2017/12/13, 23:23

China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter, Jon Russell, 2017/12/13, 22:50

Exec who reportedly said Netflix doesn’t believe Danny Masterson’s accusers no longer works there, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/13, 21:24

SoundCloud resuscitates home screen with personalized playlists, Josh Constine, 2017/12/13, 21:00

Crunch Report | Glow-in-the-Dark Plants, Khaled "Tito" Hamze, 2017/12/13, 20:00

Samsung refreshes its Notebook 9 laptop line, Brian Heater, 2017/12/13, 18:00

Wizeline expands its outsourced IT services business into southeast Asia, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/13, 16:31

The price is right! Pace raises £2.5M to automate hotel room pricing based on demand, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/13, 16:00

Plenty of Fish adds new conversation features to differentiate itself from Tinder, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/13, 15:00

Microsoft looks to make Bing results smarter with new AI-powered features and Reddit partnership, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/13, 14:31

Microsoft makes Azure Bot Service generally available for developers, Ron Miller, 2017/12/13, 14:30

The new reality of mobile AR and computer vision venture capital, Tim Merel, 2017/12/13, 14:00

Half of Amazon app users have been switched to a new, swipe-based 1-Click checkout, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/13, 13:54

PuTTY Begone! Microsoft will ship an OpenSSH client, John Biggs, 2017/12/13, 13:25

39 Senators tell FCC: “Abandon this radical and reckless plan”, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/13, 13:13

Redbox unveils its service for digital movie purchases and rentals, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/13, 13:00

Comcast reiterates a shifting promise of ‘no paid prioritization’, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/13, 12:27

Gfycat wants to fix your low-fidelity GIFs with machine learning, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/13, 12:00

Security robots are being used to ward off San Francisco’s homeless population, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/13, 11:58

INSIKT raises million to lend to low-income communities, Katie Roof, 2017/12/13, 10:56

Twitter says Russians spent ~k on six Brexit-related ads, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/13, 10:53

Here are the deadlines for all your online holiday shopping orders, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/13, 10:43

Pepsi one-ups Budweiser brewer by ordering 100 Tesla electric semi trucks, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 10:38

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso just raised venture funding for her new company, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/13, 10:36

Commission Impossible, part two: How enemies gathered around net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/13, 10:30

Google Assistant is coming to older Android phones and tablets, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/13, 10:27

The OmShow Podcast: AWS, Google Cloud, Block Chain & Edge Computing, Om Malik, 2017/12/13, 10:03

Why content crowdfunder Patreon is halting its hated fee change, Josh Constine, 2017/12/13, 10:03

Aurora Flight Sciences demonstrates a fully autonomous helicopter in action, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 09:36

Fanchest raises M in seed funding to become the best gift for sports fans, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/13, 09:31

Lily raises M from NEA and others for a personal stylist service that considers feelings, not just fit, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/13, 09:10

Mario Bear has come to save 2017, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 08:57

Aiming to be the LinkedIn for creatives, The Dots raises £4m, Mike Butcher, 2017/12/13, 08:42

Berlin’s Joblift raises €10M to attack legacy sites, in a round led by DN Capital, Mike Butcher, 2017/12/13, 08:18

Click-to-WhatsApp messaging buttons are now rolling out in Facebook ads, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/13, 08:05

Target is buying Alabama-based same-day delivery service Shipt for 0 million, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/13, 08:01

NASA to screen ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ on the International Space Station, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 07:53

Facebook’s Brexit probe unearths three Russian-bought “immigration” ads, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/13, 07:50

How to identify metrics to assess product performance, Matthew Edgar, 2017/12/13, 07:45

EBay acquires Terapeak to provide more analytics to marketplace sellers, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/13, 07:42

ispace just raised million to launch two private moon missions by 2020, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 07:40

T-Mobile plans pay TV service in 2018 fueled by Layer3 acquisition, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 07:24

Scientists make kale plants glow in the dark with firefly enzymes, Brian Heater, 2017/12/13, 07:22

This app will help you figure out if you can fit that Costco-sized paper towel box in your apartment, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/13, 07:00

Indiegogo now lets you fund via token sale, John Biggs, 2017/12/13, 06:52

Amazon expands same-day delivery and one-day shipping to thousands more cities, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/13, 06:51

Amazon Echo’s multi-room music streaming feature now supports Spotify and SiriusXM, Brian Heater, 2017/12/13, 06:29

Events management platform Bizzabo raises M Series B, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/13, 06:24

Nvidia and construction giant Komatsu partner on AI for job site safety, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 06:08

Mixbook photo book service acquires WedPics, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/13, 06:00

NSI Ventures hits first close on new 5M fund for Southeast Asia, Jon Russell, 2017/12/13, 04:47

Blue Origin flies its Crew Capsule 2.0 for the first time, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/13, 04:36

Apple invests 0 million in TrueDepth component maker Finisar, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/13, 04:23

An introduction to regular expressions, Thomas Nield, 2017/12/13, 04:00

Four short links: 13 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/13, 03:55

Return On Hard Decisions, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/13, 03:37

Line adds unsend for recalling missent messages, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/13, 02:35

FreightHub, a European ‘digital freight forwarder’, scores M Series A, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/13, 01:00

Uber doubles down on Indonesia after hiring its first country president, Jon Russell, 2017/12/13, 00:30

Here’s what people were Googling in 2017, Brian Heater, 2017/12/13, 00:01

Payments startup iZettle raises M as it plots expansion in Europe and LatAm, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/13, 00:00

Techstars is launching its first accelerator program in Asia in partnership with Rakuten, Jon Russell, 2017/12/12, 22:02

Google opening a China-based research lab focused on artificial intelligence, Jon Russell, 2017/12/12, 18:57

New York City moves to establish algorithm-monitoring task force, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/12, 16:43

Facebook Messaging VP David Marcus joins Coinbase board, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/12, 15:25

Trump signs bill banning Kaspersky Lab software from federal use, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/12, 14:56

How hate speech crowdfunding outfit Hatreon crept back online, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/12, 14:28

Lyft goes international with Toronto launch, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/12, 14:19

Trump wants to send astronauts to the Moon on the way to Mars, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/12, 13:51

Alabama Supreme Court blocks order to preserve digital voting records, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/12, 12:40

To fix SoundCloud, it must become the anti-Spotify, Josh Constine, 2017/12/12, 12:18

More Republicans in Congress criticize FCC’s net neutrality plan, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/12, 12:04

More Republicans in Congress criticize FCC’s net neutrality plan, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/12, 12:04

Target adds an e-gifting option to its website, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 11:42

Target adds an e-gifting option to its website, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 11:42

Trump signs bill reinstating the FAA’s drone registration requirement, Brian Heater, 2017/12/12, 11:19

Trump signs bill reinstating the FAA’s drone registration requirement, Brian Heater, 2017/12/12, 11:19

HotelTonight is revamping their rewards program with infinite levels, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/12, 10:52

HotelTonight is revamping their rewards program with infinite levels, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/12, 10:52

Betting consumers are tired of bad bank behavior, Aspiration raises million for its alternative, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/12, 10:27

Betting consumers are tired of bad bank behavior, Aspiration raises million for its alternative, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/12, 10:27

Hulu adds your watchlist and picture-in-picture mode to its web app, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 10:01

Twitter officially launches ‘threads,’ a new feature for easily posting tweetstorms, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 10:00

Upstream Security reels in M Series A to protect connected cars, Ron Miller, 2017/12/12, 09:40

Mindspace raises million to launch co-working spaces in the US, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/12, 09:37

Adobe Lightroom’s auto setting is now powered by AI, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/12, 09:25

Storify’s standalone service is shutting down next year, Brian Heater, 2017/12/12, 09:15

Twitch launches an Alexa skill that plays your channels on Echo Show, offers live audio streams, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 09:08

Facebook opens AR platform and “world effects” to all developers, Josh Constine, 2017/12/12, 09:01

Box launches new consulting unit to help customers struggling with digital transformation, Ron Miller, 2017/12/12, 09:00

‘The Last Jedi’ is the most moving Star Wars movie — and the funniest, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/12, 09:00

Clubhouse nets m Series A from Battery Ventures to make software development fun again, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/12, 09:00

Facebook will no longer always divert international advertising revenue to Ireland, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/12, 08:56

Facebook bats back after a second former exec accuses it of negatively impacting society, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/12, 08:55

Instagram becomes an interest network with hashtag following, Josh Constine, 2017/12/12, 08:29

YouTube TV hits 34 new markets, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/12, 07:52

Algoriddim releases djay Pro 2 with AI-powered features, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/12, 07:43

Review: Shinola Canfield headphones are an overpriced mess, Matt Burns, 2017/12/12, 07:29

Nintendo sells 10 million Switch consoles since launch, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/12, 07:09

Clap on! Clap off! It’s Clapboss!, John Biggs, 2017/12/12, 07:00

Apple’s iMac Pro arrives December 14, starting at ,999, Brian Heater, 2017/12/12, 06:55

Tinder is testing a feed of real-time updates from your matches, including posts from Instagram and Spotify, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/12, 06:50

SEC shuts down Munchee ICO, John Biggs, 2017/12/12, 06:24

Descript gets M to make sound editing like a word document, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/12, 06:00

Homeis, a culture network for immigrants, launches and nabs m seed round led by Spark Capital, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/12, 06:00

ThredUP launches Stitch Fix competitor for try-before-you-buy clothes, Katie Roof, 2017/12/12, 06:00

Brazilian startup Creditas is revolutionizing credit in the world’s third largest lending market, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/12, 05:15

Alohomora! Harry Potter game hits your phone next year with Jam City, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/12, 05:00

Netflix reminds everyone it’s creeping on them, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/12, 04:40

Ed Lee, SF mayor who had a close relationship with the tech world, has died aged 65, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/12, 04:08

Bitwise Investments raises M to launch its crypto index fund, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/12, 04:00

Four short links: 12 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/12, 03:10

How enterprises can build a digital business platform with pervasive integration, Andy Oram, 2017/12/12, 03:00

WhatsApp business accounts will either be verified, confirmed or unconfirmed, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/12, 02:43

Call Congress, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/12, 02:28

Apple’s App Store now lets you pre-order iOS apps and games before they launch, Jon Russell, 2017/12/12, 01:53

Germany’s Penta is a new digital bank account for startups and SMEs, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/12, 01:00

Google: Southeast Asia’s internet economy is growing faster than expected, Jon Russell, 2017/12/12, 00:18

With Norrsken House, ex-Klarna executive envisions a global network of co-working spaces focused on impact, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/12, 00:15

Devialet built a car audio system for Renault’s Symbioz concept car, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/12, 00:01

Watch SpaceX launch a reflown ship on a reflown rocket live here, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/12, 00:01

Africa’s SureRemit joins the tokenized race to win the global remittance market, Jake Bright, 2017/12/11, 23:30

India’s Vahdam Teas raises .4M to bring fresher tea to your door faster, Jon Russell, 2017/12/11, 22:49

One month after denying it will exit China, AWS opens its second region there, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/11, 21:56

MyEtherWallet plans official iOS app after knockoff version is booted from App Store, Jon Russell, 2017/12/11, 20:46

Crunch Report | Apple Confirms Shazam Acquisition, Khaled "Tito" Hamze, 2017/12/11, 20:20

Soylent co-founder Rob Rhinehart steps down as CEO, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/11, 19:11

Nextdoor raised about million to connect neighbors, Katie Roof, 2017/12/11, 18:01

A venture firm focused on real estate, Navitas Capital, just raised million, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/11, 16:30

Apple GymKit is coming to a treadmill near you, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 16:18

Babierge might just be the answer to your baby gear travel nightmares, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/11, 15:15

With markets going crypto-crazy, SEC chairman weighs in, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/11, 15:13

Iron Mountain acquires IO Data Centers US operations for .3 billion, Ron Miller, 2017/12/11, 14:29

Max Levchin’s Affirm raised 0 million at nearly billion valuation, Katie Roof, 2017/12/11, 14:27

Former Gawker employees are crowdfunding an effort to buy Gawker.com, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/11, 14:13

Netflix users collectively watched 1 billion hours of content per week in 2017, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/11, 13:55

Four short links: 11 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/11, 13:35

N26 partners with Younited Credit to launch credit offering in France, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/11, 13:31

Instagram hires Twitter’s former VP of revenue product, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/11, 13:03

Google launches three new photography apps for testing experimental technology, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 12:58

Popular podcast ‘Welcome to Night Vale’ scores an FX development deal, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 12:31

Inciting a new future, Matt Burns, 2017/12/11, 12:07

Facebook is trying to make the Poke happen again, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 12:02

Is Trump a Twitter addict?, Gabe Zichermann, 2017/12/11, 11:00

Augmented reality treasure hunting app Seek pivots to become a hub for AR projects, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/11, 10:48

Zyper thinks ‘micro influencers’ are the future of online advertising, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/11, 10:22

Paris asks Airbnb to delist 1,000 apartments, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/11, 10:21

Amazon Alexa can now wake you up to music, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 09:22

Google’s new Star Wars AR stickers put Porgs everywhere, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 09:00

LiDAR autonomous sensor startup Ouster announces M Series A led by auto powerhouse Cox Enterprises, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/11, 09:00

Here is the first official Ready Player One trailer, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/11, 08:58

MakeX announces the first 3D-printing backpack, John Biggs, 2017/12/11, 08:48

Internet pioneers plead with Congress to preserve net neutrality, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 08:25

HBO and Netflix top the list of Golden Globes nominations, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 08:08

Apple to confirm Shazam acquisition today; Snap and Spotify also expressed interest, Ingrid Lunden,Katie Roof, 2017/12/11, 07:59

‘Oumuamua, an interstellar space oddity, is Breakthrough Listen’s next challenge, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/11, 07:51

Microsoft releases quantum computing development kit preview, Ron Miller, 2017/12/11, 07:37

Google’s premium Home Max smart speaker goes on sale, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 07:10

Google’s premium Home Max smart speaker goes on sale, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 07:10

Google’s premium Home Max smart speaker goes on sale, Brian Heater, 2017/12/11, 07:10

Some HP laptops are hiding a deactivated keylogger, John Biggs, 2017/12/11, 07:03

Some HP laptops are hiding a deactivated keylogger, John Biggs, 2017/12/11, 07:03

Some HP laptops are hiding a deactivated keylogger, John Biggs, 2017/12/11, 07:03

The NFL and Verizon’s new streaming deal will bring games to all mobile carriers, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 07:02

The NFL and Verizon’s new streaming deal will bring games to all mobile carriers, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/11, 07:02

LimeBike, the cycle-sharing startup, expands to Europe as it hits 1M rides in the US, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/11, 06:13

Lyft partners with Guild Education to offer drivers tuition discounts, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/11, 06:00

Menlo Security secures million Series C to keep malware at bay, Ron Miller, 2017/12/11, 06:00

Menlo Security secures million Series C to keep malware at bay, Ron Miller, 2017/12/11, 06:00

Break The Internet Tomorrow, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/11, 03:12

Handling user-initiated actions in an asynchronous, message-based architecture, Arti Garg, Jon Powell, 2017/12/11, 03:00

Imgur’s take on Snapchat Stories is for people who really love GIFs, Jon Russell, 2017/12/11, 02:20

Apple let a knockoff version of one of the world’s biggest crypto wallets into the App Store, Brian Heater,Jon Russell, 2017/12/11, 00:11

The Boring Co. tops 30,000 hats sold, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/10, 20:41

Time’s up for the Ticker? Facebook appears to axe feed for tracking your friends’ activity, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/10, 17:14

Bitcoin futures are now tradable on the CBOE, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/10, 16:12

Why gear rental marketplace Lumoid shut down, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/10, 15:49

New Altered Carbon trailer thickens the plot for Netflix’s new sci-fi series, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/10, 12:10

In spite of digital transformation, 2017 did not yield the desired financial results for GE, Ron Miller, 2017/12/10, 10:06

As the federal government falters, technology is leading a rise of the rest in statehouses nationwide, Andrew Keen, 2017/12/10, 09:30

The Flying Eye and you and I, Jon Evans, 2017/12/10, 06:00

Proceed With Caution, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/10, 06:00

Net Neutrality isn’t the only thing the current FCC is screwing up, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/09, 17:00

This is the future if net neutrality is repealed; the creeping, costly death of media freedom, David Gorodyansky, 2017/12/09, 12:30

How tax changes may impact US startups, Joanna Glasner, 2017/12/09, 11:11

Gillmor Gang: Coin Operated, Steve Gillmor, 2017/12/09, 10:00

Uber settles lawsuit with woman who accused executives of obtaining medical records after she was raped, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/09, 09:38

Graphene running shoes will hit the market next year, Brian Heater, 2017/12/09, 09:17

The 5-year bootstrapped odyssey of Sno-Go, a snow bike for the everyday ski mountain visitor, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/09, 09:17

Andy Rubin is back at Essential after leave of absence following reports of improper behavior, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/09, 08:47

Video Of The Week: Samir Desai at Slush, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/09, 05:44

Google Maps will soon tell you when it’s time to get off your train or bus, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/09, 03:07

Holography-based 3D printing produces objects in seconds instead of hours, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/08, 14:01

Jony Ive is leading Apple’s design team again, Brian Heater, 2017/12/08, 13:55

Kaspersky Lab: D.C. office ‘no longer viable’ and will close, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/08, 13:49

Education technology meets its limits, Ryan Craig, 2017/12/08, 13:30

Here’s everything new Niantic just added to Pokémon Go, Greg Kumparak, 2017/12/08, 13:27

In the world of VC, harassment claims aren’t necessarily a deal killer, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/08, 13:02

Sources: Apple is acquiring music recognition app Shazam, Ingrid Lunden,Katie Roof, 2017/12/08, 12:38

Ex-Uber data chief Kevin Novak joins LA-based startup Tala in big win for LA ecosystem, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/08, 11:55

Apple’s widened ban on templated apps is wiping small businesses from the App Store, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/08, 11:01

Following controversies over kids’ content, YouTube makes several YouTube Red family shows free, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/08, 10:32

Coinbase CEO: ‘Please invest responsibly’, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/08, 10:20

These are Facebook’s internal policies on harassment and bullying, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/08, 09:00

Facebook Sound Collection lets you add no-name music to videos, Sarah Perez,Josh Constine, 2017/12/08, 09:00

Apple TV finally gets SiriusXM streaming, Brian Heater, 2017/12/08, 08:40

Researchers train robots to see into the future, John Biggs, 2017/12/08, 08:26

Meet “Genies”, the lifelike personalized avatars that reenact news, Josh Constine, 2017/12/08, 07:58

AWS has a post re:Invent surprise as it enters the single sign-on market, Ron Miller, 2017/12/08, 06:45

Shadows, Om Malik, 2017/12/08, 06:21

Spotify and Tencent agree to swap stakes in their music businesses, Jon Russell, 2017/12/08, 06:19

Equity Podcast: Lyft’s driving fast, Blue Apron’s troubles and bitcoin infinity, Katie Roof, 2017/12/08, 06:00

Amazon brings its Echo smart speakers and Music Unlimited service to 28 new countries, Jon Russell, 2017/12/08, 05:40

Amazon brings its Echo smart speakers and Music Unlimited service to 28 new countries, Jon Russell, 2017/12/08, 05:40

Four short links: 8 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/08, 04:50

Why is bitcoin’s price so high?, John Biggs, 2017/12/08, 04:04

Funding Friday: Brooklyn Cider House, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/08, 03:27

Zelda expansion, Death Stranding and other titles hyped at The Game Awards, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/08, 03:01

Nvidia’s ,999 Titan V is a 110 teraflop GPU for AI processing, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/08, 02:20

Uber lands investment from Singapore’s largest taxi operator in blow to rival Grab, Jon Russell, 2017/12/08, 01:39

MishiPay raises £1.6M led by Nauta Capital for its mobile self-checkout technology, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/08, 01:00

Coinbase hits top spot on Apple’s US App Store despite struggling to handle bitcoin demand, Jon Russell, 2017/12/07, 19:10

Samir Arora unveils Sage Digital, a startup that’s all about accurate location data, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/07, 18:17

PhoneWagon raises .2M to track when marketing campaigns lead to phone calls, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/07, 17:46

Even if Section 702 expires, White House says warrantless surveillance is fine for a while, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/07, 16:23

6 red flags of an ICO scam, Deep Patel, 2017/12/07, 15:00

Apple issues fix for HomeKit vulnerability impacting smart locks and other devices, Brian Heater, 2017/12/07, 14:51

Salesforce is latest big tech vendor to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, Ron Miller, 2017/12/07, 13:48

Sony has sold over 70 million PS4 consoles, 2 million VR headsets, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/07, 13:32

Facebook adds support for live streaming and video chats to Messenger games, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/07, 12:51

Biosynthesis: The Science That May Unlock the Medical Potential of Cannabis, Jeff Desjardins, 2017/12/07, 12:27

San Francisco made things much tougher for robotic delivery startups this week, Brian Heater, 2017/12/07, 11:00

The price of Bitcoin has doubled in two weeks, now above k, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/07, 10:34

iPhone models dominate Flickr’s list of most popular cameras in 2017 with 54% of top 100 devices, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/07, 10:15

China’s JD partners with accelerator program Plug and Play to reach US startups, Jon Russell, 2017/12/07, 10:00

Women’s lifestyle startup Tara&Co brings on board advisory council, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/07, 10:00

Pinterest brings on a new head of corporate and business development, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/07, 10:00

Microsoft introduces Simplygon Cloud 3D object optimization for AR and VR, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/07, 09:13

Lyft hires first-ever VP of corporate development and investor relations, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/07, 09:00

The sixth wave: Automation of decisions, Amr Awadallah, 2017/12/07, 09:00

From smart cities to intelligent societies, Carme Artigas, 2017/12/07, 09:00

Impacting a nation, Ajey Gore, 2017/12/07, 09:00

Sentiment and emotion-aware natural language processing, Pascale Fung, 2017/12/07, 09:00

Mining electronic health records and the web for drug repurposing, Kira Radinsky, 2017/12/07, 09:00

Highlights from Strata Data Conference in Singapore 2017, Mac Slocum, 2017/12/07, 09:00

JD.com security intelligence and analytics: From big data to big impact, Tony Lee, 2017/12/07, 09:00

New airline rules are leaving smart luggage makers in a tough spot, Brian Heater, 2017/12/07, 08:45

Heptio teams up with Microsoft to build a better Kubernetes disaster recovery solution, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/07, 08:20

Burrow raises .3M for its modular sofa, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/07, 08:18

Google’s mobile search results now include videos of celebs answering your questions, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/07, 08:06

Spark Capital leads .3m round into Boston-based, on-demand life sciences marketplace Clora, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/07, 08:00

Netflix posts trailers for each episode of Black Mirror Season 4, plus a release date, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/07, 07:44

Drake, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Moana’ top Apple’s 2017 most downloaded list, Brian Heater, 2017/12/07, 07:34

CS Education Week In NYC, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/07, 07:19

3D home design startup Modsy raises million in Series B funding, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/07, 07:08

Instagram is testing a standalone app for direct messaging, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/07, 06:59

PullRequest pulls in .3M seed round led by Google’s Gradient Ventures, Ron Miller, 2017/12/07, 06:30

Selfie, Om Malik, 2017/12/07, 05:53

Compass gets 0M from SoftBank; real estate portal now valued at .2B, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/07, 05:45

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: Prospects, Features, Challenges, gradmin, 2017/12/07, 05:39

Echofin is Slack for financial professionals, John Biggs, 2017/12/07, 05:09

Machine learning at Spotify: You are what you stream, Ben Lorica, 2017/12/07, 04:30

Four short links: 7 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/07, 04:10

Prose raises .2 million for custom shampoo, Katie Roof, 2017/12/07, 04:00

When two trends fuse: PyTorch and recommender systems, Mo Patel, 2017/12/07, 04:00

Naspers, Innova Capital invest million more for Movile’s iFood delivery business, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/07, 03:10

How to bring fast data access to microservice architecture with in-memory data grids, Jagdish Mirani, 2017/12/07, 03:00

Who, me? They warned you about me?, Mike Loukides, 2017/12/07, 03:00

Honda is working with Chinese AI unicorn SenseTime on self-driving car tech, Jon Russell, 2017/12/07, 02:57

Syte.ai’s new API makes visual search accessible to more online fashion retailers, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/07, 02:43

Ford recruits Alibaba to help break into China’s electric vehicle industry, Jon Russell, 2017/12/07, 01:16

Chattermill raises £600K to use ‘deep learning’ to help companies make sense of customer feedback, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/07, 01:00

Patreon’s new service fee spurs concern that creators will lose patrons, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/07, 00:50

Facebook co-founder’s B Capital leads M investment in Indian payment startup Mswipe, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 23:30

WorldRemit nabs M at a 0M valuation to boost its money transfer business, Ingrid Lunden, 2017/12/06, 22:02

Bitcoin mining marketplace NiceHash loses tens of millions of dollars following hack, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 20:29

Okta reports earnings, moves headquarters and launches free service for startups, Katie Roof, 2017/12/06, 17:26

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 focuses on AI, VR and battery life, Brian Heater, 2017/12/06, 13:21

ProtonMail encrypted mail service adds support for Apple Mail, Outlook and Thunderbird, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/06, 13:12

Facebook’s former Oculus Story Studio team isn’t done quite yet, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/06, 13:04

As Cook and Pichai leave China, Valley confronts rising internet tyranny in world’s second largest market, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/06, 12:37

New Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen brings her cybersecurity focus to domestic defense, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/06, 11:41

Leesa mattresses are now in Pottery Barn, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/06, 10:45

Lyft’s self-driving pilot with nuTonomy begins rolling out in Boston, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/06, 09:55

9 of the most ridiculous pet gifts for your fur-loving friends, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/06, 09:43

How self-service data avoids the dangers of “shadow analytics”, Kelly Stirman, 2017/12/06, 09:35

Sonos and Ikea are collaborating on sound products for the home, Fitz Tepper, 2017/12/06, 09:26

Watch Pitch@Palace Global live right here, TechCrunch Staff, 2017/12/06, 09:00

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Technology for humanity, Steve Leonard, 2017/12/06, 09:00

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Computational challenges and opportunities of astronomical big data, Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, 2017/12/06, 09:00

Stop the fights. Embrace data, Felipe Hoffa, 2017/12/06, 09:00

Industrial machine learning, Joshua Bloom, 2017/12/06, 09:00

Responsible deployment of machine learning, Ben Lorica, 2017/12/06, 09:00

Some thoughts on the Blog Post Bribe Scandal, Om Malik, 2017/12/06, 08:41

Un-Super-Vised, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/06, 08:03

Blockchain browser Brave makes push to reward content makers and YouTubers, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 08:00

Lytro’s ‘living pictures’ cease to live, Devin Coldewey, 2017/12/06, 07:46

Gomer is a soft robot that can bother your cat, John Biggs, 2017/12/06, 07:31

Looks like HQ Trivia is coming to Android, Greg Kumparak, 2017/12/06, 07:15

Oath and Mozilla are suing each other after Firefox switches back to Google search, Brian Heater, 2017/12/06, 07:13

ClassPass will soon help you break a sweat at home with ClassPass Live, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/06, 07:00

Inflect raises M seed round to make buying internet infrastructure easier, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/06, 07:00

With the Los Angeles tech scene exploding, CrossCut Ventures raises 5 million to invest, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/06, 06:05

Pokémon GO’s gameplay will soon change based on the real world weather around you, Greg Kumparak, 2017/12/06, 06:00

PerceptIn has raised million to help robotic vacuums and self-driving cars see, Brian Heater, 2017/12/06, 06:00

Pokémon GO will get 50+ new Gen III Pokémon this week, Greg Kumparak, 2017/12/06, 06:00

Amazon Prime Video finally lands on Apple TV, Matt Burns, 2017/12/06, 05:53

Amazon launches its Prime membership service in Singapore, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 05:02

PiTunnel connects your Raspberry Pi to the world, John Biggs, 2017/12/06, 04:29

DARPA and the future of synthetic biology, Benjamin Wolfson, 2017/12/06, 04:00

Viola FinTech is a new 0M Israel-based VC fund targeting fintech startups around the world, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/06, 03:51

Rich Smith on redefining success for security teams and managing security culture, Courtney Allen, 2017/12/06, 03:50

Health2Sync raises M to expand its diabetes tracking and management service in Asia, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 03:30

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For some reason Tim Cook thinks China will allow VPNs to return to the App Store, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 02:59

Google launches a data-friendly search app for users in emerging markets, Jon Russell, 2017/12/06, 00:31

These are the 10 best tech companies to work for in the U.S., according to Glassdoor, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/05, 21:00

Microsoft shows off Windows PCs that run on Qualcomm chips, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/05, 15:19

Why America could miss out big time on India’s fintech revolution, Pranav Deshpande, 2017/12/05, 15:00

The Snapdragon 845 is Qualcomm’s next flagship processor, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 14:21

Microsoft’s collaborative Whiteboard app is now available for Windows 10 users, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 13:45

Foursquare VP of business development Mike Harkey has left for Google, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/05, 12:59

A Timeline of Every Major Disruption in Payments, Jeff Desjardins, 2017/12/05, 12:56

Intuit’s “rise of the rest” M&A strategy means large paydays outside the Valley, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/05, 12:36

As tbh popularity wanes, Facebook launches ‘Did You Know’ social questionnaire, Lucas Matney, 2017/12/05, 12:15

Apple introduces a new pay-per-install ad product called Search Ads Basic, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 12:00

You are stressing me out…. Man!, Om Malik, 2017/12/05, 11:59

Microsoft launches Windows 10 on ARM, with HP and ASUS promising 20+ hours of battery life, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 11:30

Africa Roundup: ToLet Acquires JumiaHouse NG, Facebook announces NG_Hub, Interswitch IPO Update, Jake Bright, 2017/12/05, 11:30

Google is pulling YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV, as feud with Amazon continues, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 11:15

‘Wolverine: The Long Night’ is Marvel’s first scripted podcast, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 10:59

Mashable laying off 50 people as it refocuses toward tech news after fire sale to Ziff Davis, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/05, 10:56

Shervin Pishevar takes immediate leave of absence from Hyperloop One and Sherpa Capital, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/05, 10:39

Pinterest integrates deeper with Facebook with a new bot and messenger extension, Matthew Lynley, 2017/12/05, 10:00

Lyft increases latest funding round by 0M to .5B, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 09:42

Rico-owned Henchman acquires Jinn’s app, will rebrand to ‘new on-demand concierge’ early next year, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/05, 09:21

Apple buys podcast search startup Pop Up Archive, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 09:06

Pivotal has something for everyone in the latest Cloud Foundry Platform release, Ron Miller, 2017/12/05, 09:00

Amagi launches its cloud-based TV delivery platform in the U.S., Anthony Ha, 2017/12/05, 08:55

Watch Ultrahaptics use ultrasound to let you feel imaginary objects, Josh Constine, 2017/12/05, 08:45

And the winner of Startup Battlefield at Disrupt Berlin 2017 is… Lia Diagnostics, Romain Dillet, 2017/12/05, 08:36

Netflix’s choose-your-own-adventure shows will now also aim at adults, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 08:18

French peer-to-peer payment app Lydia adds Apple Pay support, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 07:48

Danny Masterson is out at Netflix’s ‘The Ranch’ following rape allegations, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 07:45

Fitbit’s Ionic smartwatch is getting 60 new apps including Yelp, Uber and Deezer, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 07:11

Instagram lets you Archive and Highlight your favorite expired Stories, Josh Constine, 2017/12/05, 07:03

Hope grows that a larger SEC crackdown on ICOs is coming — and soon, Connie Loizos, 2017/12/05, 07:01

Nissan will kick off self-driving Leaf EV taxi service test in March, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 06:46

CoreOS Tectonic 1.8 makes it easy to plug external services into Kubernetes, Ron Miller, 2017/12/05, 06:11

Volocopter: Expect our flying taxis running for real in “two to three years”, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/05, 06:07

Assa Abloy finalizes purchase of smart lock maker August Home, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 06:00

Consumer spending across app stores worldwide to top 0 billion in 2018, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 06:00

The company behind Dots is changing CEOs, Matt Burns, 2017/12/05, 06:00

XPrize’s million AI competition is down to 59 teams, Brian Heater, 2017/12/05, 06:00

Joy raises M for a smart photo album that will cost you 9, Katie Roof, 2017/12/05, 06:00

Earny raises M to refund your purchases when prices drop, Katie Roof, 2017/12/05, 06:00

Nvidia’s Shield TV offers Wii and GameCube games in HD in China, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 05:50

Pi Charging raises .4 million to fix wireless charging, Greg Kumparak, 2017/12/05, 05:44

Intuit acquires time-tracking service TSheets for 0M, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 05:30

Revolut merges mobile banking with cryptocurrency trading, Josh Constine, 2017/12/05, 05:21

Former Disrupt Battlefield competitor Coronet automates security for SMBs in latest update, Ron Miller, 2017/12/05, 05:05

ResearchGate CEO denies scraping accounts from rival site to generate sign-ups, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 05:05

Kespry lands M Series C as industrial drone business use cases continue to expand, Ron Miller, 2017/12/05, 05:03

IBM’s new Power9 chip was built for AI and machine learning, Ron Miller, 2017/12/05, 05:00

Intel and Hyper partner with the OpenStack Foundation to launch the Kata Containers project, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 05:00

Disqus and Zeta, Fred Wilson, 2017/12/05, 04:43

With your help, Code First: Girls wants to teach 20,000 young women to code by 2020, Steve O'Hear, 2017/12/05, 04:13

CEO of automation company ABB says we shouldn’t fear automation, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 04:01

Zeta Global acquires commenting service Disqus, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 04:00

Transfer learning from multiple pre-trained computer vision models, Yehezkel Resheff, 2017/12/05, 04:00

Four short links: 5 December 2017, Nat Torkington, 2017/12/05, 03:50

Digital ethicist James Williams talks about the rise of bad social media, John Biggs, 2017/12/05, 03:08

Amazon brings its Handmade items to Prime Now through the holidays, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 03:00

3 reasons why you should submit a proposal to speak at Fluent 2018, Tammy Everts, 2017/12/05, 03:00

The menopause is on our roadmap, says Clue’s Ida Tin, Natasha Lomas, 2017/12/05, 02:02

YouTube promises to increase content moderation staff to over 10K in 2018, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/05, 01:52

GM launches Marketplace for in-car shopping and reservations, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 01:42

N26 launches a premium credit card for ‘the digital customer,’ partners with WeWork, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 01:27

Parity CEO is confident that 0M in frozen Ethereum isn’t lost forever, Frederic Lardinois, 2017/12/05, 01:15

Boom partners with Japan Airlines on supersonic commercial flight, Darrell Etherington, 2017/12/05, 00:22

Watch Disrupt Berlin Day 2 LIVE right here!, Jordan Crook, 2017/12/05, 00:01

Spotify’s Wrapped feature is now live to break down your 2017 listening habits, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/04, 23:38

Steve Case’s 0M Rise of the Rest seed fund launches with an impressive roster of investors, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/04, 23:18

Google’s lightweight OS Android Go launches as Android Oreo (Go Edition), Brian Heater, 2017/12/04, 23:01

Two Democratic senators donate funds from Shervin Pishevar to charities for women, Catherine Shu, 2017/12/04, 20:02

SEC’s new cyber unit takes its first action to halt an initial coin offering ‘scam’, Sarah Buhr, 2017/12/04, 16:07

Apple Pay Cash starts rolling out to iPhone users in the US, Brian Heater, 2017/12/04, 15:47

Can Predictive Data Revolutionize Capital Markets?, Jeff Desjardins, 2017/12/04, 12:44

The loss of first check investors, Danny Crichton, 2017/12/04, 12:30

Meet the five finalists at the Disrupt Berlin Startup Battlefield, Anthony Ha, 2017/12/04, 11:30

Sheryl Sandberg says we need access to computer science education, Megan Rose Dickey, 2017/12/04, 11:23

New York Attorney General joins 27 senators to call for a delay of critical net neutrality vote, Taylor Hatmaker, 2017/12/04, 11:02

Target launches its own mobile payments system with debut of ‘Wallet’, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/04, 10:54

You can now import your Instagram contacts into Messenger, Sarah Perez, 2017/12/04, 10:23

Consensys Ventures has made its first four investments, Jonathan Shieber, 2017/12/04, 10:00

House of Cards will resume production on final season early next year without Kevin Spacey, Brian Heater, 2017/12/04, 10:00

Kinin puts aromatherapy in your mouth, John Biggs, 2017/12/04, 09:47

Ten predictions for digital media in 2018, Peter Csathy, 2017/12/04, 09:30

Watch every panel from Disrupt Berlin 2017 Day 1, Anna Escher, 2017/12/04, 09:27

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