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Are algorithms hacking our thoughts?, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/20, 17:00

Nvidia’s researchers teach a robot to perform simple tasks by observing a human, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/20, 16:00

Orbital ATK is launching a cargo rocket for the ISS early tomorrow morning, Brian Heater, 2018/05/20, 15:05

After tens of thousands of pre-orders, 3D audio headphones startup Ossic disappears, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/20, 13:40

AT&T launches its LTE-powered Amazon Dash-style button, Brian Heater, 2018/05/20, 13:14

With at least .3 billion invested globally in 2018, VC funding for blockchain blows past 2017 totals, Alex Wilhelm, 2018/05/20, 11:11

Bail reform has a complex relationship with tech, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/20, 10:31

A simple solution to end the encryption debate, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/20, 10:00

Longtime LG Group chairman Koo Bon-Moo dies at 73, Brian Heater, 2018/05/20, 09:39

The Finance To Value Framework, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/20, 05:02

Shared housing startups are taking off, Joanna Glasner, 2018/05/19, 10:10

‘My Data Request’ lists guides to get data about you, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/19, 08:12

Siempo’s new app will break your smartphone addiction, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/19, 08:00

La Belle Vie wants to compete with Amazon Prime Now in Paris, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/19, 07:34

Apple started paying billion European tax fine, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/19, 07:03

Original Content podcast: ‘Dear White People’ returns to ask more uncomfortable questions, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/19, 07:00

Video Of The Week: How Play Made the Modern World, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/19, 03:47

Meet the judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/19, 02:17

NASA’s newest planet-hunting satellite takes a stellar first test image, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/18, 15:51

Does Google’s Duplex violate two-party consent laws?, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/18, 15:21

AI will save us from yanny/laurel, right? Wrong, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/18, 14:01

18 Media Technologies, Sorted by Adoption Rate, Jeff Desjardins, 2018/05/18, 13:07

zGlue launches a configurable system-on-a-chip to help developers implement customized chipsets, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/18, 13:00

Trump reportedly pushed USPS to double Amazon’s shipping rates, Brian Heater, 2018/05/18, 12:34

EU parliament pushes for Zuckerberg hearing to be live streamed, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/18, 12:30

AWS adds more EC2 instance types with local NVMe storage, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/18, 12:20

Tiny house trend advances into the nano scale, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/18, 11:41

MoviePass competitor Sinemia can’t keep up with demand, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/18, 11:33

Baidu’s top AI exec is stepping down, Brian Heater, 2018/05/18, 11:07

What we know about Google’s Duplex demo so far, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/18, 10:45

Apply today for a Startup Alley Exhibitor Package at Disrupt SF ‘18, Emma Comeau, 2018/05/18, 10:01

Lyft hires former Tesla Autopilot manager for self-driving car efforts, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/18, 09:47

Vota turns your credit card transactions into recommendations, helps you spot fraud, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/18, 09:40

Bell & Ross releases a new watch for travelers, John Biggs, 2018/05/18, 09:01

A leaked look at Facebook’s search engine for influencer marketing, Josh Constine, 2018/05/18, 08:55

Fortnite is finally coming to Android this summer, Brian Heater, 2018/05/18, 08:31

Uber’s chief product officer is out, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/18, 08:27

WARD is an app for placing fantasy bets on eSports games, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/18, 07:52

YouTube TV adds Tastemade and The Young Turks, as it expands its digital media content, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/18, 07:24

Fortnite Battle Royale’s Solo Showdown lets players compete for up to 50,000 V-Bucks, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/18, 07:20

Equity podcast: Circle raises 0, VCs hunt liquidity, and the Vision Fund’s possible twin, Alex Wilhelm, 2018/05/18, 06:00

Our second round of judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/18, 05:02

Funding Friday: Food Security for Puerto Rico, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/18, 03:19

Job search engine Adzuna raises £8M Series C from Smedvig Capital, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/18, 01:00

Four short links: 18 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/18, 01:00

Ucare.ai is using AI to make healthcare more efficient in Southeast Asia, Jon Russell, 2018/05/17, 23:07

Elon Musk details his plan to rid LA of traffic with rides on the Boring Co. ‘Loop’, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/17, 20:33

For Apple, this year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day is all about education, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/17, 17:30

LocationSmart didn’t just sell mobile phone locations, it leaked them, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/17, 16:50

House committee accepts amendment to uphold ZTE ban, Brian Heater, 2018/05/17, 15:03

Meet Alchemist Accelerator’s latest demo day cohort, John Biggs, 2018/05/17, 14:30

Technology innovation on the second half of the chessboard, David Riggs, 2018/05/17, 14:00

PayPal confirms that it is buying payments startup iZettle for .2B in an all-cash deal, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/17, 13:29

Amazon picks up Nazi-hunting series produced by Jordan Peele, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/17, 13:03

Selected’s recruiting platform matches teachers with schools they’ll love, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/17, 12:20

First speaker announcements for the Next stage at Disrupt SF (Sept 5-7), Ned Desmond, 2018/05/17, 11:47

Rackspace acquires Salesforce specialist RelationEdge, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/17, 11:45

Augmented reality display maker DigiLens nabs million, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/17, 11:42

Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller is an inspiring example of inclusive design, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/17, 11:37

EAT Club acquires healthy food startup Farm Hill, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/17, 11:25

Floyd Mayweather-backed Centra Tech ICO founders indicted for fraud, John Biggs, 2018/05/17, 11:24

Call of Duty Black Ops IIII adds battle royale mode while taking the game back to boots on the ground, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/17, 11:22

Facebook Stories reveals 150M daily viewers and here come ads, Josh Constine, 2018/05/17, 11:00

Intel starts testing self-driving cars in Jerusalem, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/17, 10:59

Boston startups may see some fresh checks as Underscore VC closes on its second fund, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/17, 10:46

Snapchat Spectacles tests non-circular landscape exports, Josh Constine, 2018/05/17, 10:31

It turns out Apple could build its new campus in North Carolina, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/17, 10:20

Another smart luggage maker shutters in the wake of airline ban, Brian Heater, 2018/05/17, 10:12

Contentstack doubles down on its headless CMS, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/17, 09:21

Hands on with the new Oculus Go and Lenovo Mirage Solo portable VR headsets – Geared Up!, Andru Edwards, 2018/05/17, 09:11

Instagram officially launches re-sharing of posts to Stories, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/17, 09:09

Facebook’s accessibility ambitions, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/17, 09:00

In the next few weeks, you can spend time with any one of these VCs and it will all go to charity, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/17, 08:58

Pluralsight pops more than 30% in its public debut, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/17, 08:28

Instagram opens a San Francisco office, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/17, 08:22

Apple brings its coding lessons to schools for students who are blind and deaf, Brian Heater, 2018/05/17, 08:19

Boosted Boards founders launch heavy-duty scooter renter Skip, Josh Constine, 2018/05/17, 08:02

Headspace gets a new CTO and head of data analytics, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/17, 08:00

With its new ‘Interests’ feature, eBay again tries to personalize its marketplace, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/17, 07:13

FCTRY wants to be a new type of startup studio, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/17, 07:06

AT&T and Verizon will carry RED’s crazy ‘holographic’ handset, Brian Heater, 2018/05/17, 07:00

Sprinklr hires former fed CIO Vivek Kundra as COO, Ron Miller, 2018/05/17, 06:00

Brexit-related concerns remain key for UK tech, says UK gov report, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/17, 03:32

What’s Going On?, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/17, 03:28

Zuckerberg will meet with European parliament in private next week, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/17, 03:07

What is a blockchain?, Mike Loukides, 2018/05/17, 03:00

Monzo, the U.K. challenger bank, finally rolls out Apple Pay, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/17, 02:41

Jirnexu pulls in M for its financial comparison service in Southeast Asia, Jon Russell, 2018/05/17, 02:13

Bossa Studios launches Worlds Adrift, the first game built on Improbable’s SpatialOS, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/17, 01:00

Four short links: 17 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/17, 01:00

Pick up some moving insights into the future of mobility with Gett chief executive Dave Waiser in Tel Aviv, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/17, 00:45

YouTube revamps its Red subscription service to offer standalone music streaming, Jon Russell, 2018/05/16, 23:14

Pluralsight prices its IPO at per share, raising over 0M, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/16, 17:13

I’m in love with Astell&Kern’s crooked, beautiful, ridiculously expensive MP3 player, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/16, 17:03

Former YouTube exec unveils Next 10 Ventures, a M fund to back online creators, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/16, 16:39

Google acquires Cask Data to beef up its tools for building and running big data analytics, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/16, 15:51

This jolly little robot gets goosebumps, John Biggs, 2018/05/16, 15:30

Bannon and Cambridge Analytica planned suppression of black voters, whistleblower tells Senate, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/16, 15:30

How ZTE became the focal point of US/China relations, Brian Heater, 2018/05/16, 15:24

After Senate victory, House announces plans to force its own vote on net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/16, 14:11

Facebook faces fresh criticism over ad targeting of sensitive interests, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/16, 13:44

The SEC creates an educational ‘token’ to stop scammers, John Biggs, 2018/05/16, 13:33

Senate votes to reverse FCC order and restore net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/16, 12:52

Food delivery’s untapped opportunity, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/16, 12:30

Watch a truly driverless car navigate city streets, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/16, 12:08

Apple reportedly looks to Virginia for another US campus, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/16, 11:36

Uber’s plan to fly you around, Henry Pickavet, 2018/05/16, 11:24

Watch every panel from TC Sessions: Robotics, Henry Pickavet, 2018/05/16, 11:12

Coinbase’s first investment, Compound, earns you interest on crypto, Josh Constine, 2018/05/16, 11:04

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong to talk the future of cryptocurrency at Disrupt SF, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/16, 10:45

OpenClassrooms raises another million, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/16, 10:17

Hulu’s mobile and web apps get the new live TV guide, better recommendations and more, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/16, 10:00

OnePlus’ latest flagship arrives May 22 for 9, Brian Heater, 2018/05/16, 10:00

OnePlus’ new Bluetooth headphones are only , Brian Heater, 2018/05/16, 10:00

A 0 Microsoft Surface may be on the way, Brian Heater, 2018/05/16, 09:59

Twitter delays shutdown of legacy APIs as it launches a replacement, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/16, 09:04

Deliveroo employees are getting shares, riders are getting nothing, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/16, 08:32

Setting benchmarks in machine learning, Roger Chen, 2018/05/16, 08:15

Alexa developers get 8 free voices to use in skills, courtesy of Amazon Polly, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/16, 07:47

Circle raises 0 million (or 13,300 BTC), Romain Dillet, 2018/05/16, 07:24

A new benchmark suite for machine learning, Ben Lorica, 2018/05/16, 07:15

Gear for getting better at your side gig, Henry Pickavet, 2018/05/16, 07:00

To make Stories global, Facebook adds Archive and audio posts, Josh Constine, 2018/05/16, 06:30

Senate votes today on rollback of net neutrality rollback, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/16, 06:15

Parsable secures M investment to bring digital to industrial workers, Ron Miller, 2018/05/16, 06:07

PicoBrew’s new machine does everything from kombucha to craft beer, Brian Heater, 2018/05/16, 06:00

Gfycat starts rolling out 360 degree GIF content, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/16, 06:00

Quip raises million for electric toothbrushes and dental care, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/16, 06:00

Lemonade wants to rewrite the insurance policy itself, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/16, 04:59

Tencent profit jumps 61% to .7B as its mobile gaming business surges, Jon Russell, 2018/05/16, 04:35

The Maturation Of A Market, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/16, 04:07

How will the GDPR impact machine learning?, Andrew Burt, 2018/05/16, 04:00

Crafting your mobile design approach, Paul McAleer, 2018/05/16, 03:25

Four short links: 16 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/16, 03:20

One week left to get a free ticket for TC Hackathon at VivaTech, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/16, 03:00

Dialpad gets AI injection with TalkIQ acquisition, Ron Miller, 2018/05/16, 03:00

Dashdash, a platform to create web apps using only spreadsheet skills, nabs M led by Accel, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/16, 02:33

Oxford-based MeVitae wants to scale the hiring process and remove unconscious bias, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/16, 02:32

Index and Atomico back Teatime Games, a stealthy new startup from QuizUp founders, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/16, 02:12

Announcing the TechCrunch Session on Blockchain Agenda, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/16, 01:52

Prices increase tomorrow for TC Tel Aviv, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/16, 01:18

Sign up today to get 2-4-1 Disrupt Berlin Innovator passes, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/16, 01:00

Hear from the executives of Innoviz and Oryx Vision about the eyes and ears of the new automobile in Tel Aviv, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/16, 00:30

China’s Didi pares back ‘hitchhiking’ car service following passenger murder, Jon Russell, 2018/05/15, 23:45

Aircall raises another million, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/15, 23:01

The new AI-powered Google News app is now available for iOS, Jon Russell, 2018/05/15, 22:59

Roku suffers major outage affecting Netflix, YouTube and other channels, Jon Russell, 2018/05/15, 21:36

Mercari, Japan’s first unicorn, files to raise .1B in Tokyo IPO, Jon Russell, 2018/05/15, 21:13

Amazon Prime members now get 10% off sale items at Whole Foods, plus other weekly discounts, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/15, 21:01

538 Million: Why did Facebook’s Fake Account Problem Got So Big?, Om Malik, 2018/05/15, 19:16

Watch a laser-powered RoboFly flap its tiny wings, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/15, 17:32

White House sheds cyber coordinator role, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/15, 16:04

Yes, HTC is working on a ‘blockchain phone’, Brian Heater, 2018/05/15, 15:44

Society needs the Artificial Intelligence Data Protection Act now, David Riggs, 2018/05/15, 15:15

First CubeSats to travel the solar system snap ‘Pale Blue Dot’ homage, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/15, 15:02

Super wearable WHOOP launches subscription service — wearable totally included, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/15, 14:31

Amazon’s cashier-less Go stores are coming to Chicago and San Francisco, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/15, 14:07

Tushy is the simple bidet for every toilet, John Biggs, 2018/05/15, 13:30

Verizon names Los Angeles as the second of four cities to receive 5G rollout before 2019, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/15, 13:21

Lime is reportedly trying to squeeze up to 0 million out of VCs, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/15, 12:44

Lyft also ends arbitration policy for sexual assault claims, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/15, 12:33

Twitter algorithm changes will hide more bad tweets and trolls, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/15, 11:46

Lynq is a dead-simple gadget for finding your friends outdoors, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/15, 11:27

Amazon Sumerian, a platform for building AR, VR and 3D apps, is now open to all, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/15, 11:03

Passion, Optimism and Techno-Utopianism, Om Malik, 2018/05/15, 11:00

Google’s Pixel Buds learn some new tricks, Brian Heater, 2018/05/15, 10:56

Blogger gets a spring cleaning, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 10:48

Sarah Guo breaks through at Greylock, becoming one of the first female general partners in the firm’s 53-year history, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/15, 10:20

Canal+ gives up on its cable box, switches to Apple TV, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/15, 10:12

AT&T’s DirecTV Now live TV service launches a DVR, upgrades the app with new features, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/15, 10:02

Google Compute Engine now offers VMs with up to 3844GB of memory, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 09:51

Zuckerberg again snubs UK parliament over call to testify, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/15, 09:41

MemSQL raises M Series D round for its real-time database, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 09:30

Tweetbot 3 arrives with a new look…and a reprieve from Twitter’s API changes, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/15, 09:28

Kubernetes and containers for enterprise developers, Nicole Tache, 2018/05/15, 09:20

Quarterback lets top eSports gamers and streamers create their own fan-based leagues, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/15, 09:12

Music payments startup Exactuals debuts R.AI, a “Palantir for music royalties”, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/15, 08:53

Auth0 snags M Series D, seeks international expansion, Ron Miller, 2018/05/15, 08:23

Facebook’s new transparency report now includes data on takedowns of ‘bad’ content, including hate speech, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/15, 08:12

BRD crowdraises million to build financial services into a mobile crypto wallet, John Biggs, 2018/05/15, 08:09

WhatsApp revamps Groups to fight Telegram, Josh Constine, 2018/05/15, 08:00

AI Needs Power: lots of it, Om Malik, 2018/05/15, 08:00

The Arch Mission Foundation and Astrobotic plan to send a microfiche library to the moon, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/15, 07:37

Founders Embassy equity-free accelerator aims to unlock the Valley for internationals, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/15, 07:29

HPE buys Plexxi to expand its hybrid cloud solutions, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/15, 07:20

Microsoft announces the Surface Hub 2, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/15, 07:14

Tim Cook told Trump China tariffs were the wrong move, Brian Heater, 2018/05/15, 07:07

Instagram has an unlaunched “time spent” Usage Insights dashboard, Josh Constine, 2018/05/15, 07:05

Target’s next-day delivery service, Target Restock, launches nationwide with lower fees, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/15, 07:01

Instacart names David Hahn as new Chief Product Officer, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/15, 07:00

Vesper’s new microphone technology attracts millions from the biggest names in sound technology, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/15, 07:00

Lerer Hippeau raises a new 2M fund, plus M for follow-on investments, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/15, 06:41

Genoox raises M to help physicians better diagnose patients with genomic data, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/15, 06:30

BrainQ raises .3M to treat neurological disorders with the help of AI, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 06:30

Minute Media nabs M to expand its user-generated sports media platform, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/15, 06:29

Skype, Interrupted, Om Malik, 2018/05/15, 06:26

Coinbase goes after Wall Street with new services for institutional investors, Jon Russell, 2018/05/15, 06:10

Prisma raises .5M seed round led by Kleiner Perkins, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/15, 06:06

FileMaker 17 launches with a renewed focus on the basics, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 06:00

Adobe now offers a free starter plan for its XD design tool, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 06:00

Uber ends policy of forced arbitration for individual sexual assault claims, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/15, 05:47

Only 48 hours left to get early bird tickets for TC Tel Aviv, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/15, 05:16

Veridium Labs teams with IBM and Stellar on carbon credit blockchain, Ron Miller, 2018/05/15, 05:16

AppDynamics founder launches Unusual Ventures, a new 0M seed-stage fund, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/15, 05:00

Good Eggs raises M and eyes West Coast expansion, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/15, 04:30

Four short links: 15 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/15, 04:05

Off Grid Crypto Transactions, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/15, 04:03

Being a great front-end developer means being fluent in tools, accessibility, and teamwork, Laurel Ruma, 2018/05/15, 04:00

Kaspersky to move some core infrastructure out of Russia to fight for trust, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/15, 03:14

Beth Seidenberg of Kleiner Perkins is said to be leaving to start her own fund, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/15, 00:25

AnyDesk scores €6.5M for its remote desktop software, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/14, 23:00

Facebook launches Youth Portal to educate teens on the platform, how their data is being used, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/14, 22:00

Facebook adds option to report conversations in Messenger following widespread criticism, Jon Russell, 2018/05/14, 21:57

‘Welcome to the Jungle’ raises another .4 million, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/14, 21:01

Seattle passes new tax on large companies despite Amazon’s howls of protest, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/14, 17:10

Anyone could download Cambridge researchers’ 4-million-user Facebook dataset for years, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/14, 16:27

This functional pinball machine is built entirely of LEGO, Greg Kumparak, 2018/05/14, 15:48

Embark CEO says autonomous driving is the only way we’ll get to zero fatalities, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/14, 15:33

Netflix exec says 85 percent of new spending will go towards original content, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/14, 14:43

Hospitals can save billions by improving operational efficiencies; Qventus just raised millions to help, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/14, 13:36

The 8 features Amazon and Google must add to the Echo and Home, Matt Burns, 2018/05/14, 13:12

Lost In Space is coming back for a second season, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/14, 12:51

Apple’s self-driving car fleet grows to 55 in California, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/14, 12:34

What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2018?, Jeff Desjardins, 2018/05/14, 12:24

Google and Levi’s ‘connected’ jacket will let you know when your Uber is here, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/14, 11:08

You can now try Smart Compose in the new Gmail, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/14, 10:39

NES Classic loaded with classic manga games raises hopes for other special editions, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/14, 10:28

Tinder’s upcoming location-based feature seems a bit creepy, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/14, 10:05

Say hello to Google One, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/14, 10:00

A free web tool can predict your hair, skin, and eye color from DNA data, John Biggs, 2018/05/14, 09:16

AWS introduces 1-click Lambda functions app for IoT, Ron Miller, 2018/05/14, 09:14

Supreme Court allows states to legalize sports betting, opening floodgates for online gambling profits, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/14, 08:59

Didi Chuxing can now test self-driving cars in California, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/14, 08:43

Apple’s App Store redesign improved app discovery, report finds, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/14, 08:27

Exploit puts popular web and mobile apps at risk, John Biggs, 2018/05/14, 08:08

GraphPath plans to combine Knowledge Graphs with the blockchain, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/14, 08:00

TiVo adds Alexa voice control to its DVRs, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/14, 07:18

Xage introduces fingerprinting to protect industrial IoT devices, Ron Miller, 2018/05/14, 07:00

Some Thoughts on Google Photos vs Apple Photos, Om Malik, 2018/05/14, 06:51

Uber lets you rate mid-ride before you forget feedback, Josh Constine, 2018/05/14, 06:30

Ripple is going after startups to build an ecosystem around the XRP cryptocurrency, Jon Russell, 2018/05/14, 06:16

Review: 9 Boosted Mini S electric skateboard nails it, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/14, 06:02

Favstar says it will shut down June 19 as a result of Twitter’s API changes for data streams, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/14, 05:06

Nintendo’s NES Classic will return to U.S. retail stores on June 29, Jon Russell, 2018/05/14, 04:48

Facebook suspends ~200 suspicious apps out of “thousands” reviewed so far, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/14, 04:43

Three days left to save on tickets to TechCrunch Tel Aviv, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/14, 04:36

Lenovo teases a slick, all-screen smartphone that doesn’t have a notch, Jon Russell, 2018/05/14, 04:32

Great design projects start with discovery, Dan Brown, 2018/05/14, 04:15

Four short links: 14 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/14, 04:15

Building complex systems? We’ve got you covered at Velocity San Jose, Nikki McDonald, 2018/05/14, 04:00

The web is broken; let’s fix it, Laurel Ruma, 2018/05/14, 04:00

Having A Foot In Both Camps, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/14, 03:20

5 popular articles for engineering leaders, O’Reilly Media, 2018/05/14, 03:00

Researchers warn of critical flaw affecting PGP and S/MIME, Jon Russell, 2018/05/14, 02:08

Hear Liad Itzhak from Here and Oren Shoval of Via tackle autonomy and mobility as a service in Tel Aviv, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/14, 00:27

Southeast Asia’s Carro raises M for its automotive classifieds and car financing service, Jon Russell, 2018/05/13, 22:28

Southeast Asia-based mobile listings startup Carousell raises M, Jon Russell, 2018/05/13, 21:11

Walmart’s deal to buy Flipkart came with an interesting caveat, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/13, 20:46

Here are all the robots we saw at TC Sessions: Robotics, Henry Pickavet, 2018/05/13, 18:00

Broadening education investments to full-stack solutions, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/13, 15:30

Whitney Wolfe Herd doesn’t care what she’s supposed to do, Fitz Tepper, 2018/05/13, 15:00

Nike debuts its most ambitious SNKRS stash drop for the Championship Tour featuring Kendrick Lamar and SZA, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/13, 12:57

Looking for a better exit? Get out of the game early, Alex Wilhelm, 2018/05/13, 11:00

The UK and USA need to extend their “special relationship” to technology development, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/13, 09:30

Subscriptions for the 1%, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/13, 09:23

President Trump says he’s working to give ZTE a reprieve, Jon Russell, 2018/05/13, 09:17

The crypto alternative, Jon Evans, 2018/05/13, 06:00

Happy Mothers Day, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/13, 04:03

Starting a robotics company out of school? Not so fast, suggest investors, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/12, 16:58

Adobe CTO leads company’s broad AI bet, Ron Miller, 2018/05/12, 12:20

These schools graduate the most funded startup CEOs, Joanna Glasner, 2018/05/12, 11:16

Gillmor Gang: Pop-Up Shop, Steve Gillmor, 2018/05/12, 10:00

Apple hit with lawsuit over the “completely reinvented” Macbook keyboard it rolled out back in 2015, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/12, 09:51

What do AI and blockchain mean for the rule of law?, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/12, 08:36

ConsenSys Ventures invests in five companies and launches its Accelerator, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/12, 05:45

Video Of The Week: Vitalik’s Talk At Edcon, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/12, 03:43

Munchery shuts down operations in LA, New York and Seattle, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/11, 17:01

Ring’s doorbell cam allowed video access after its password was changed, Brian Heater, 2018/05/11, 16:09

Android co-creator isn’t sure whether robots will adopt a single platform, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/11, 15:22

HubSpot adds customer service tools to its marketing platform, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/11, 15:04

In a bid to corner supply, Bird locks in exclusive deals with the biggest scooter vendors, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/11, 13:25

First launch of SpaceX’s revamped Falcon 9 carries Bangladesh’s space ambitions, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/11, 13:13

Boston Dynamics will start selling its dog-like SpotMini robot in 2019, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/11, 11:22

Deep learning with synthetic data will democratize the tech industry, David Riggs, 2018/05/11, 11:11

Google Clips gets better at capturing candids of hugs and kisses (which is not creepy, right?), Sarah Perez, 2018/05/11, 10:50

Hollywood producer plans to incentivise content viewers with tokens, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/11, 09:40

YouTube rolls out new tools to help you stop watching, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/11, 09:17

Wes Blackwell joins Scout Ventures to invest in early-stage, veteran-led startups, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/11, 08:55

Cleveland offered 0 million in freebies lure Amazon to the city, John Biggs, 2018/05/11, 08:12

How successful design leaders achieve personal growth and a balanced life, Richard Banfield, 2018/05/11, 08:00

VC firm SparkLabs launches a security token to let anyone invest in its accelerator programs, Jon Russell, 2018/05/11, 08:00

Capital One acquires digital identity and fraud alert startup Confyrm, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/11, 07:58

There’s an access code for Visible in its online ad, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/11, 07:54

Why Snapchat’s re-redesign will fail and how to fix it, Josh Constine, 2018/05/11, 07:29

This three-axis tourbillon movement is a 3D printed marvel, John Biggs, 2018/05/11, 07:09

ConsenSys, Enigma, Monaco, EximChain and Benetech join TechCrunch’s blockchain event, Jon Russell, 2018/05/11, 07:00

Equity podcast: Robinhood raises, Flipkart exits and MoviePass is running out of cash, Alex Wilhelm, 2018/05/11, 06:10

China’s Didi Chuxing suspends carpooling service following murder of a passenger, Jon Russell, 2018/05/11, 03:21

Funding Friday: The Shot That Made Me, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/11, 03:20

Silver Lake makes a B offer to buy property portal Zoopla, the Zillow of the UK, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/11, 02:45

LightTag is a text annotation platform for data scientists creating AI training data, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/11, 01:00

Four short links: 11 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/11, 01:00

Xiaomi is bringing its smart home devices to the US — but still no phones yet, Jon Russell, 2018/05/10, 22:21

FCC slaps robocaller with record 0M fine, but it’s like ’emptying the ocean with a teaspoon’, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/10, 16:13

Algo-Rhythms: The future of album collaboration, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/10, 15:30

What we can learn from the 3,500 Russian Facebook ads meant to stir up U.S. politics, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/10, 14:56

SongTrust has inked deals with over 150,000 songwriters for royalties management, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/10, 14:50

Spotify removes R. Kelly from playlists as part of new ‘hateful conduct’ policy, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/10, 14:42

The many twists and turns of hardware, David Riggs, 2018/05/10, 14:14

Google Pay’s app adds boarding passes, tickets, p2p payments and more, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/10, 14:08

Duplex shows Google failing at ethical and creative AI design, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/10, 13:27

Dropbox beats expectations for its first quarterly check-in with Wall Street, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/10, 13:13

Verizon stealthily launched a startup offering -per-month unlimited data, messaging and minutes, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/10, 12:30

RIP Klout, Jon Russell, 2018/05/10, 11:35

Apple invests M in greenhouse gas-free aluminum smelting, Brian Heater, 2018/05/10, 11:06

AI startups: Apply to exhibit for free as a TC Top Pick at Disrupt SF ‘18, Emma Comeau, 2018/05/10, 11:00

Necto looks to help individuals get their own local ISP businesses off the ground, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/10, 11:00

Researchers show Siri and Alexa can be exploited with ‘silent’ commands hidden in songs, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/10, 10:55

Medium’s latest pivot leaves some independent media in the lurch, Jon Russell, 2018/05/10, 10:53

House Democrats release more than 3,500 Russian Facebook ads, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/10, 10:09

AWS launches an undo feature for its Aurora database service, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/10, 09:28

Instagram adds emoji slider stickers to spice up polls, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/10, 09:00

Net neutrality will officially die on June 11, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/10, 08:59

IAB says online advertising grew to B last year — more spending than TV, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/10, 08:13

Companies in China are moving quickly to embrace AI technologies, Ben Lorica, 2018/05/10, 07:00

Researchers create a real cloaking device, John Biggs, 2018/05/10, 06:08

For ScopeAR, the market is finally catching up with the technology, Ron Miller, 2018/05/10, 06:05

Free stock trading app Robinhood rockets to a .6B valuation with new funding round, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/10, 06:00

Tech devices that make for great last-minute gifts for anyone, Henry Pickavet, 2018/05/10, 06:00

Background screening service HelloVerify eyes growth amid India’s digital boom, Jon Russell, 2018/05/10, 05:46

Hacker Kevin Mitnick shows how to bypass 2FA, John Biggs, 2018/05/10, 04:58

Apple pulls the plug on its €850M data center project in Ireland over planning delays, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/10, 04:39

Four short links: 10 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/10, 04:10

Uber to pop up a service in Spain’s Costa del Sol in time for summer, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/10, 03:04

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/10, 02:50

Our first round of judges for the TC Startup Battlefield Europe at VivaTech, Mike Butcher, 2018/05/10, 01:11

Nintendo’s charging stand finally fixes the Switch’s kickstand problem, Brian Heater, 2018/05/09, 18:28

Uber says its self-driving cars could return in ‘next few months’, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/09, 17:23

Uber’s aerial taxi play, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/09, 17:14

Signal for Mac users should disable notifications to keep their messages secure, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/09, 16:40

Tailor Brands raises .5M for AI-driven logo creation and more, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/09, 16:26

Tiger Global Management is killing it right now, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/09, 15:37

Google used improv rules to deal with a farting Assistant, Brian Heater, 2018/05/09, 15:13

The Changing Landscape of Business Risk, Jeff Desjardins, 2018/05/09, 14:49

Wear OS is getting a new battery saving mode, Brian Heater, 2018/05/09, 14:15

Things are looking bleak as ZTE ceases main business operations, Brian Heater, 2018/05/09, 13:52

MoviePass parent drops another 46%, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/09, 13:29

Microsoft’s Snip Insights puts A.I. technology into a screenshot-taking tool, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/09, 13:16

Google previews what’s next for Android Auto, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/09, 13:04

These uberAIR ‘Skyport’ designs are beautiful, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/09, 13:00

Senators file to force vote on disapproval of FCC’s new net neutrality rules, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/09, 12:34

Jony Ive talks about the Apple Watch, finally, Om Malik, 2018/05/09, 12:18

Monzo, the U.K. challenger bank, now lets you pay ‘Nearby Friends’, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/09, 11:57

Google to acquire cloud migration startup Velostrata, Ron Miller, 2018/05/09, 11:42

Niantic is going to crowdsource AR maps, Brian Heater, 2018/05/09, 11:20

Allen Integrated Cell is a powerful tool for visualizing biology in 3D, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/09, 10:51

Hulu launches its new live TV destination and guide, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/09, 10:36

Google is banning Irish abortion referendum ads ahead of vote, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/09, 10:31

Lyft’s monthly subscription plan gets a waitlist, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/09, 10:10

Google’s new Tour Creator lets students make their own VR tours, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/09, 09:50

Fantasmo is a decentralized map for robots and augmented reality, Josh Constine, 2018/05/09, 09:03

Outdated website software lets hackers mine cryptocurrencies at your expense, John Biggs, 2018/05/09, 08:05

Esports Overwatch League heads to hipster Brooklyn for its finals, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/09, 07:39

Walmart says Flipkart is ‘a key center of learning’ for its entire global business, Jon Russell, 2018/05/09, 07:20

Targetprocess lands Series A 14 years after launching, Ron Miller, 2018/05/09, 07:14

Brexit data transfer gaps a risk for UK startups, MPs told, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/09, 07:12

Review: Huawei’s P20 Pro is a shiny phone with a strong personality, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/09, 06:50

eBay plans to relaunch eBay India after it makes .1B selling its Flipkart stake to Walmart, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/09, 06:47

Emily Weiss and Kirsten Green will join us on the Main Stage at TC Disrupt SF, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/09, 06:41

After buying Flipkart, Walmart seeks allies to join its fight against Amazon in India, Jon Russell, 2018/05/09, 06:17

Amazon opens showrooms in model homes to demo, sell smart home products, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/09, 06:02

On Fridays, HQ Trivia will let you see your friends’ answers during the game, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/09, 06:00

StubHub bets on Pivotal and Google Cloud as it looks to go beyond tickets, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/09, 06:00

ServiceNow chatbot builder helps automate common service requests, Ron Miller, 2018/05/09, 06:00

South African tech and media conglomerate Naspers made .2 billion from Flipkart sale, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/09, 05:47

The Jetsons, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/09, 05:44

The benefits of federated load balancing for cloud application resiliency, Mark Wilkins, 2018/05/09, 05:30

Some of the top female founders in the U.S. are backing the latest Female Founders Fund, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/09, 05:22

Walmart confirms B Flipkart investment, giving it 77% in India’s e-commerce leader, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/09, 04:13

Online mortgage broker Trussle raises £13.6M Series B, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/09, 04:03

Four short links: 9 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/09, 03:55

Whoops: SoftBank CEO reveals Walmart has acquired Flipkart, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/09, 03:05

Time is running out to get your ticket to the TC Hackathon at VivaTech in Paris, Leslie Hitchcock, 2018/05/09, 02:00

A Modcloth cofounder just launched an invite-only cryptocurrency, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/09, 00:25

Tame wants to bring order to conference and event planning chaos, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/08, 23:00

Job hunting service Glassdoor sold to Japan’s Recruit for .2 billion, Jon Russell, 2018/05/08, 22:21

A Google I/O conversation, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/08, 18:30

8 big announcements from Google I/O 2018, Anna Escher, 2018/05/08, 18:23

Yahoo is testing Squirrel, an invite-only group messaging app, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/08, 17:41

Google Play’s new tools will help users and developers manage subscriptions, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 17:35

Snapchat hosts first Creators Summit after years of neglect, Josh Constine, 2018/05/08, 17:24

Equifax filing reveals hack was somehow even worse than previous estimates, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/08, 16:53

Google Maps goes beyond directions, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 16:53

Cryptojacking malware was secretly mining Monero on many government and university websites, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/08, 16:50

Google’s new Android TV dongle is for developers only, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 16:29

Facebook United, Josh Constine, 2018/05/08, 16:04

How 3D printing is revolutionizing the housing industry , Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/08, 15:30

Maps walking navigation is Google’s most compelling use for AR yet, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 15:01

Google Assistant is getting support for custom and scheduled routines, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 14:56

Messenger chief leaving role to explore blockchain tech for Facebook, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/08, 14:21

Brazil’s tech startups begin to expand globally, David Riggs, 2018/05/08, 14:00

Google wants to bring multiplayer AR to iOS and Android with its new Cloud Anchors tool, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/08, 13:59

Google Assistant adds digital subscriptions and more ways to engage with Actions, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 13:41

MoviePass parent drops 31% on looming cash crunch, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/08, 13:40

Google announces an update to its website optimization tool Lighthouse, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 13:30

Facebook undergoes a huge executive reshuffle, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/08, 13:23

Gamalon scores M led by Intel Capital, Ron Miller, 2018/05/08, 13:15

Intel Capital pumps M into AI, IoT, cloud and silicon startups, 5M invested so far in 2018, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/08, 13:15

Google opens Instant Apps to all game developers, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 13:00

Google makes its Material Design system easier to customize, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 13:00

You can now run Linux apps on Chrome OS, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 13:00

Google’s new Android App Bundles promise to make apps radically smaller, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 13:00

Google’s Android development studio gets a new update with visual navigation editing, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 13:00

Android gets a Jetpack, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 13:00

Africa Roundup: Safaricom unveils Bonga, Africa’s Talking gets .6M, TechCrunch visits Nigeria, Ghana, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/08, 12:30

Google makes the camera smarter with a Google Lens update, integration with Street View, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 12:05

Uber adds another flying taxi partner, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/08, 12:04

Watch Google I/O developer keynote live right here, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/08, 12:01

Google Maps will soon give you better recommendations, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 11:34

Google launches a Partner Program and developer API for Google Photos, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 11:30

Android blatantly copies the iPhone X navigation gestures, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/08, 11:29

Android P Beta is available today, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 11:28

Google News gets an AI-powered redesign, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 11:25

Google rolls out app time management controls, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 11:24

Google’s ML Kit makes it easy to add AI smarts to iOS and Android apps, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 11:11

Android P leverages DeepMind for new Adaptive Battery feature, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 11:10

With App Actions and Slices, Google introduces more ways for users to interact with the apps on their phones, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 11:05

Slack hits 8 million daily active users with 3 million paid users, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 11:00

Google Assistant is coming to Google Maps, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/08, 10:56

The Google Assistant will soon be able to call restaurants and make a reservation for you, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 10:51

iOS will soon disable USB connection if left locked for a week, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/08, 10:46

Google brings its visual assistant to Android devices with Google Assistant, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 10:44

A Google Assistant update will teach kids to say ‘please’, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 10:42

Google’s first Smart Displays will launch in July, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 10:40

Here’s how much Uber’s flying taxi service will cost, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/08, 10:40

Gemini’s Tyler Winklevoss informs Bill Gates that actually he can short bitcoin, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/08, 10:38

Google makes talking to the Assistant feel more natural, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 10:35

Google adds Morse code input to Gboard, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/08, 10:30

Google adds six new voices and John Legend to Assistant, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 10:29

Google’s new ‘smart compose’ will help you write your emails, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 10:23

Google announces a new generation for its TPU machine learning hardware, Matthew Lynley, 2018/05/08, 10:19

Google Photos will add more AI-powered fixes, including colorization of black-and-white photos, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 10:17

After splashing out million yesterday for Tesla shares, Elon Musk’s stake is approaching 20 percent, Connie Loizos, 2018/05/08, 10:09

Walmart ends grocery delivery deal with Uber and Lyft, Jordan Crook, 2018/05/08, 10:00

Microsoft is looking to entice app developers with a better store revenue split, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/08, 09:56

The owner of the New York Stock Exchange is working on a bitcoin trading platform, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/08, 09:53

Shopify announces free customer communication and targeting tool, Ron Miller, 2018/05/08, 09:49

Now you can make reservations and buy movie tickets on Instagram, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/08, 09:48

Gmail for iOS gets Google Pay and snooze features, Brian Heater, 2018/05/08, 09:24

Panera launches nationwide food delivery service, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/08, 08:49

BotChain wants to put bot-to-bot communication on the blockchain, Ron Miller, 2018/05/08, 08:29

Google goes all-in on artificial intelligence, renames research division Google AI, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/08, 08:21

Former Medicare chief Andy Slavitt formally launches Town Hall Ventures to invest in healthcare, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/08, 08:02

XNOR raises M for its cloud-free, super-efficient AI, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/08, 08:02

Square launches restaurant point-of-sale platform, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/08, 08:00

Microsoft and Red Hat now offer a jointly managed OpenShift service on Azure, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/08, 08:00

White House will host tech industry for AI summit on Thursday, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/08, 07:35

Facebook stops accepting foreign-funded ads about Ireland’s abortion vote, Natasha Lomas, 2018/05/08, 07:20

Green Power Exchange enables peer-to-peer energy sharing, John Biggs, 2018/05/08, 06:34

Facebook Live gets new updates to simplify streaming setup for creators, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/08, 06:30

This is the first look at Uber’s air taxi concept, Matt Burns, 2018/05/08, 06:28

Netgear put a cable modem in latest Orbi wifi router, Matt Burns, 2018/05/08, 06:12

Rare Bits launches a market for digital collectables, John Biggs, 2018/05/08, 06:09

Yobe launches with .8 M seed to pinpoint a voice in noise, Ron Miller, 2018/05/08, 06:00

Dreamlines, the online travel agency for cruise holidays, scores €45M Series E, Steve O’Hear, 2018/05/08, 05:43

The River Bank is portable power for all your devices and it can even go on a plane, Jon Russell, 2018/05/08, 05:17

iZettle, the ‘Square of Europe’, plans IPO to raise around 7M, valuing it at .1B, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/08, 04:33

Four short links: 8 May 2018, Nat Torkington, 2018/05/08, 04:25

Why your next open source project may only be an interface, Eric Anderson, 2018/05/08, 04:05

Watch Google I/O keynote live right here, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/08, 03:26

Subscribing To AVC Via Email, Fred Wilson, 2018/05/08, 03:04

Alibaba buys Rocket Internet’s Daraz to expand its e-commerce empire into South Asia, Jon Russell, 2018/05/08, 00:35

Ran Krauss and Yariv Bash, leaders at two of Israel’s hottest drone startups, are joining us in Tel Aviv, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/08, 00:30

Southeast Asia’s ShopBack moves into personal finance with its first acquisition, Jon Russell, 2018/05/07, 22:54

Nintendo Switch Online costs per year and comes with 20 online-playable NES games, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/07, 18:53

Facebook, Social Media & the Social Contract, Om Malik, 2018/05/07, 17:27

‘Facebook Avatars’ is its new clone of Snapchat’s Bitmoji, Josh Constine, 2018/05/07, 17:20

Ajit Pai gives a nice nothingburger to those in Congress demanding answers on net neutrality, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/07, 17:19

Snap’s CFO is out and a veteran Amazon exec is taking his place, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/07, 15:43

Twitter has an unlaunched “Secret” encrypted messages feature, Josh Constine, 2018/05/07, 15:09

Google I/O kicks off tomorrow — here’s what to expect, Brian Heater, 2018/05/07, 14:50

Barnes & Noble teeters in a post-text world, John Biggs, 2018/05/07, 13:38

I visited a teeth-straightening startup and found out I needed a root canal, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/07, 12:42

Five reasons to attend TC Robotics this Friday at UC Berkeley, Robert Frawley, 2018/05/07, 12:39

Toward transitive data privacy and securing the data you don’t share, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/07, 12:30

Backstage Capital launches m fund to boost black female founders, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/07, 12:28

Startups, Ideas and Timing, Om Malik, 2018/05/07, 12:01

Tech watchdogs call on Facebook and Google for transparency around censored content, Taylor Hatmaker, 2018/05/07, 12:01

Microsoft Pay comes to Outlook, integrating Stripe, Braintree, Sage, Wave and more, Ingrid Lunden, 2018/05/07, 11:13

Drive.ai is launching an autonomous ride-hailing network in Texas, Megan Rose Dickey, 2018/05/07, 11:00

Uber vehicle reportedly saw but ignored woman it struck, Devin Coldewey, 2018/05/07, 10:51

Live Share in Visual Studio lets you code and debug together, Frederic Lardinois, 2018/05/07, 10:45

Microsoft shows off Alexa-Cortana integration, launches sign-up website for news, Sarah Perez, 2018/05/07, 10:24

Microsoft overhauls its conversational AI chatbot tools, Romain Dillet, 2018/05/07, 10:17

China closing in on massive new chip fund in bid to dominate US semiconductor industry, Danny Crichton, 2018/05/07, 09:57

Microsoft introduces a pair of new enterprise apps for HoloLens, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/07, 09:54

Instagram code reveals upcoming music feature, Josh Constine, 2018/05/07, 09:47

Printify, a new marketplace for custom printing, raises million seed, Jonathan Shieber, 2018/05/07, 09:31

Vegan meal kit startup Purple Carrot raises M from Fresh Del Monte, Anthony Ha, 2018/05/07, 09:26

‘Oculus Research’ is now the ‘Facebook Reality Lab’, Lucas Matney, 2018/05/07, 09:02

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