Fantasy author Myke Cole talks about writing novellas and ending an epic fantasy series in The Killing Light

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Two years ago, fantasy author Myke Cole announced The Armored Saint, the first book in a new trilogy that would break pace with his usual work, switching from writing modern, military urban fantasies to something more in the vein of George R.R. Martin or Joe Abercrombie, with all the swords and sorcery that one expects in a modern fantasy book.

Spoilers ahead for the first two books in the Sacred Throne trilogy.

The first two installments of the series — The Armored Saint and The Queen of Crows — were two of our favorite reads from last year, in which an oppressive theocracy known as the Order ruthlessly hunts down magic users. A chance encounter with the Order leads to 16-year-old Heloise to start a rebellion against them when her…

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