This techno album was made on a Sega Genesis, and you can buy it in cartridge form

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Old music technology has been making a comeback with sales for vinyl, cassette tapes, and analog synths increasing over the past few years, but one musician is leaning into our collective retro embrace in an unusual way. Serbian techno DJ Remute’s forthcoming LP, Technoptimistic, was programmed entirely using the sound chip for ‘90s game console Sega Genesis. And, it’s being released on a Sega Mega Drive cartridge.

This isn’t Remute’s first foray into unusual music-making constraints. In 2017, he released half of his techno album Limited on floppy disk as a way to exercise working with severe space constraints. Speaking with Magnetic Magazine, Remute says saving the music in .mod format allowed him to compress songs down to about the…

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