Four short links: 11 March 2019

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Health Care NLP, Same Sex Databases, Apple Maps RE, and Science Articles

  1. Lessons Learned Building Natural Language Processing Systems in Health CareThe next mistake I made, like many others, was building models that “solve health care.” Amazon’s Comprehend Medical is now taking this approach with a universal medical-NLP-as-a-service. This assumes that health care is one language. In reality, every sub-specialty and form of communication is fundamentally different.
  2. Obergefell v. Hodges: The Database Engineering Perspective — discussion of the database implications of same-sex marriage. But the more interesting thing is that you just incidentally let in a whole bunch of edge cases. Up until now, it wasn’t possible for an individual to marry themself. Now it is, and you need a new check constraint to ensure that partner_1_id and partner_2_id are different. Regardless of concerns about duplicate rows/couples remarrying, you also now have to contend with swapped partners:

    marries Eve, and also Eve marries Alice, resulting in two rows recording the same marriage.

  3. Apple Maps Flyover Reverse EngineringThis is an attempt to reverse-engineer Flyover (= 3D satellite mode) from Apple Maps. The main goal is to document the results and to provide code that emerges.
  4. bullets.techThe best articles for science lovers shortened to five bullet points or less. At first, I was sniffy at the “five bullet points,” but then I realized my modal amount retained from reading science articles is 0, so…

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