Ikea’s ‘affordable’ Sonos-powered speakers to be revealed on April 9th

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<img alt="&lt;em&gt;Prototype Ikea speaker attached to the wall above a Sonos Play:5.&amp;nbsp;&lt;/em&gt;" src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/jzmS2TjA8h3fKsXn1nv6XQs0NOw=/0x0:920x613/1310x873/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/63242776/IMG_9551.1528368212.0.jpg" />

You’ve seen the prototypes, but now Ikea has set the date to show off its first Sonos-powered Symfonisk speakers. The “products” (plural) will be revealed on April 9th in Milan, before they’re expected to go on sale in August.

“Ikea and Sonos have showed a prototype to the world,” reads the Ikea press release, “a book-shelf speaker that will give customers a great connected speaker that enables a multi-functional usage in the home, at an affordable price.”

The cheapest Sonos speaker — the Play:1 — currently sells for $149.

A teaser video posted by Ikea, shows two digitally masked speakers: one hanging on the kitchen wall (or is it perched on a shelf?) and another next to a sofa on a side table….

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