Japan unveils robot assistants for 2020 Olympics

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<img alt="Toyota’s Human Support Robot (HSR) will help spectators and staff members at the 2020 Tokyo games. " src="https://cdn.vox-cdn.com/thumbor/UhwOMx43fT7s4BDJUVV15bPWc2A=/0x0:1024x683/1310x873/cdn.vox-cdn.com/uploads/chorus_image/image/63243043/GettyImages_1130615815.0.jpg" />

When the Olympics came to London in 2012, the organizers relied on a legion of unpaid volunteers to herd the crowds and help them find their way. But when the games come to Tokyo in 2020, it’ll be robots taking on some of those same duties.

Today, the organizers of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics unveiled two robots and a powered exoskeleton that will be deployed to help workers and attendees at the games.

The robots, made by Toyota, will direct people to their seats, provide information, and carry food and drink. There’s the Human Support Robot (HSR), which has a built-in arm for picking up trays and baskets, and the Delivery Support Robot (DSR), which looks more like a mobile waste bin but can also ferry items around. Sixteen…

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