New Huawei P30 Pro spec leak reveals the secrets of the 10x zoom camera

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We’re still a few days away from Huawei’s official announcement of its new P30 Pro and P30 flagships, but the steady trickle of leaks regarding the phones has quickly turned into a flood. WinFuture has revealed the full specs for both devices, along with official PR images.

The most interesting new addition still appears to be the P30 Pro’s camera, which Huawei is bumping up with a hyped camera system that reportedly promises 10x zoom. According to WinFuture, that vaunted 10x figure is achieved through hybrid zoom. Using a periscope system, the P30 Pro has a focal length equivalent of 135mm for an optical zoom of 7.8x, which is combined with software enhancements and data from the main camera sensor to achieve the 10x…

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