The real change in Game of Thrones’ Daenerys is in how other characters see her

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Warning: spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones season 8, especially episode 5, “The Bells.”

Game of Thrones has become increasingly divisive over the course of eight seasons, but Daenerys Targaryen’s descent into becoming the “mad queen” may be its most controversial turn yet. Some viewers are arguing that Daenerys has always been a mad queen. Others say the show failed her character entirely. Even those who accept the mechanics of her fall often doubt the show earned it properly.

But Daenerys’ actions aren’t the only things at the root of the fan divide. There are significant questions about the ways the latest episode, “The Bells,” depicted her through other characters’ eyes. In some ways, Daenerys’ abrupt King’s Landing rampage wasn’t…

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